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VIDEO: Accrington chairman apologises for derogatory comments at Sam Morsy

Accrington Stanley chairman Andy Holt apologises for making derogatory comments at Ipswich Town player Sam Morsy this week.

The remark ‘shithouse’ which had left many unhappy, was tweeted out by Holt following his side’s 2-1 League One defeat to the Tractorboys on the 22nd of January.

Holt didn’t like one particular incident in which Morsy appeared to raise his hands towards the face of Accrington captain Ethan Hamilton. He has subsequently been banned for four matches. 

‘He’s a s**t house is Morsy,’ Holt tweeted after the match, but he has since looked to apologise for the offence caused. 

Holt, who remains defiant that he is no way defending the actions of Morsy, said in a statement to the club’s official website that he was wrong to voice his opinions as he did. 

He said: ‘On Saturday, I lost my patience and made a derogatory remark about an opposition player on my Twitter account.

‘I am not for one minute defending what he did. I am however apologising for any offence I may have caused him, his club or others by my public remarks.

As a chairman of a football club (that I don’t want to be), I am allowed to have opinions, but I accept I should not voice them as I did.

‘In the end though, I am what I am, no excuses. These situations have come with the territory with me all my life.

‘I didn’t want to own a football club and I am used to saying things as I see them. I do not claim to be always right but at the time of making statements I always think I’m right.

‘I hope I don’t do it again but cannot make any promises. That’s how I roll.’

Morsy’s ban comes as a huge blow for Ipswich and their boss Kieran McKenna reiterated following a midweek win over AFC Wimbledon that there was ‘nothing malicious’ in it from his captain.

McKenna told reporters: ‘Look, I saw the incident live and I trust my eyes. I know you can slow things down on video and make it look different, but I saw it live from a couple of yards away, as did the fourth official, and to my eyes it was nothing malicious, nothing dangerous.

‘I thought he tried to move past his marker, got a tug on the arm and he threw his arm out to shake free of his marker and he caught him on the neck. There’s no danger, there’s no malice, there’s no intention.

‘I think it’s extremely harsh. I’m disappointed for Sam. He’s a very important player for us, an important leader, but we can’t change it now.’

Reacting to his ban, Morsy tweeted: ‘Really disappointed with this charge, minimal contact and the referee saw it as a coming together. I will be back stronger then ever!!’

Twitter users reacted as Accrington chairman Andy Holt apologises for derogatory comments aimed at Sam Morsy…

@IpswichCulture: Apology not accepted

@hashtagwilbert: He should be encouraged to return to twitter. Understand why he doesn’t want to be here, but his openness and interaction is far more often a positive to football than a negative.

@Johnnyproudlove: Andy your account is one of the best on Twitter…. I’m a Preston fan but follow your views on the game outside the Greed League with interest and support. I’ve been to a few Stanley games on your watch and love what you’ve achieved…. we’ve all typed what we thought now & again!

@tractorboy1608: Apologise directly to @sammorsy08 as now he has a 4 match ban !!!!

@Jordan____wafc: I respect someone willing to speak their mind and not just be a media robot. Fair play Andy.

@dexterbexterdog: To be fair Andy you were absolutely right about him. There’s nowt wrong with the truth

@Berkstractorboy: That’s no apology just squirming as hopefully the FA are coming for you as they rightly should. Try again being more sincere and I hope you have privately apologised to Sam and Ipswich Town, but I honestly don’t think you will do that.

@MartinS67891121: Too late for this pal. @fa will be in touch… hope you are ready to pay a fine… you simply can’t say stuff like this

@LarryClaret1: You’re probably right with the way social media has gone now, and society in general, all woke and offended at everything. You can’t be honest anymore.

@mark_L67: This is a shame, will miss you honesty and passion, but you’ve obviously given this much thought. Can’t keep a good man down, see you at marquee 🍺. Keep talking to the fans Andy!!!⚽️football needs people like you 👍

@Mickh10: We all make mistakes Andy. Forget it and move on…

@JodyRic14958478: Took him long enough, although the apology is welcome I still believe the @EFL should intervene and give him and his club a reprimand. Staining his name and his clubs name by calling players names. Unacceptable

@garymhawes: Not much of an apology. Maybe you should be apologising for the behaviour of the #asfc players for falling all over the place (until they were behind, mind) – their footings got a whole lot better when they needed a goal. #cheats

@RobbieCatling: Possibly the least sincere apology I’ve ever read! Would be more use if he got his own team to stay on their feet and play the game properly!

@markwithamuk: Glad your apology is so sincere. Bet youre proud managing to get a player a 4 match ban for next to nothing which was not even seen by officials.

@andy_beard: Whilst you are chairman I think you need to represent your club within football in a professional way. Directly verbally abusing another teams player on a global social media platform is not right. Only my opinion.

@AJWoody_3: Well that’s not an apology is it. I’m so glad we beat your piece of shit club

@borehamblue41: The fact you aired your grievances on social media to stir up shit makes you a shitty little cry baby for something that was nothing there was not a mark on your player so why he went down like he was punched by AJ is comical. All your players were trying to con the ref cheats.

@JulieBloomfie11: Call that an apology?! I believe in Karma and hope it comes right back at you to bite you on the arse after your awful comments and our guy now having a 4 match ban.

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