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Very drunk man breaks into Cardiff City player’s house with surprise heartfelt twist

A very drunk man breaks into a Cardiff City player’s house, confirmed overnight, but the story comes with a surprise heartfelt twist.

Jak Alnwick’s wife took to her Instagram profile to reveal that she thought her home had been broken into when a drunk elderly male, only for it to turn out that he turned up lost at the wrong house.

Shayna Alnwick said she believed she was being robbed and even picked up some wood from the spare bedroom so that se could protect herself with the Championship keeper threatening to call the police.

She posted details about what happened via her socials, saying: “My husband and I were home getting ready for bed and someone was at our front door trying to break in! We were yelling at them to go away and realised it was just an older gentleman who was drunk and somehow thought this was his house!! So we tried to figure out his name and where we lived but he couldn’t really speak properly.

“He was freezing and must have been wandering around late last night trying to find his way home! He kept saying his street name over and over and we Googled the street and it was 10 minutes away by car! It was so cold so we got him in the car and drove him to the street he said and as soon as we got on his street he yelled MY HOUSE and walked himself right inside.

“Moral of the story – don’t drink and walk home or you’ll end up at someone else’s house for Christmas!”

Very drunk man breaks into Cardiff City player’s house with surprise heartfelt twist

She said the couple asked the drunk man around 10 times if he had any kind of ID before he remembered he had it.

“When we got in the car, he remembered he had his ID on him after we asked him 10 times if he had any ID and he showed it to us so I wrote down his name and called my phone from his to make sure I could message him today and check in on him.”

On Monday morning, she shared to her users the message she sent in a text to him which read: “Hi [blank], My husband and I live in [blank] and you tried to get into our house last night around 11.30pm thinking it was yours. We didn’t know where you lived and it was freezing outside so you showed us your ID and we drove you home so you wouldn’t freeze wandering around in the dark.

“I wanted to text you and make sure you were okay today and safe? if you need anything please give me a call! Wishing you all the best.”

The elderly gentleman replied: “Thank you very much. I should know better at my age!”

She added: “It was just this little old man thinking he’s trying to get inside his house just trying to get some warmth.”

In a minute video she uploaded, she says: “So moral. The story old man’s, safe and sound.

“But I don’t know if you’ve ever been robbed before. I hope you haven’t been robbed before, but when you think that you’re being robbed like I did last night, you instantly go into, like, fight or flight mode.

“And what did I do? So I was like ready to go. I was freaking out.I was like, okay, something’s happening.

“Guy’s coming in. He’s in the house. What’s going on?

“So I was looking for a piece of wood. Don’t know why I thought wood was a good idea. So I went to the guest bedroom, and I’m about to rip off the mattress and get the wooden slap from the bed.

“And I’m like, ready to go with my piece of wood.

“And my husband’s like, ‘Get away, get away.’ I’ll call the police.’

“It was crazy. And then, sure enough, it’s just this little old man just thinking he’s going inside his house, just trying to get some warm and go to bed.

“And here I am with my wooden mattress flat like, let’s ready to rumble, baby.”

Social media users reacted on the story a very drunk man breaks into the Cardiff City player’s house only for it to come with a surprise heartfelt twist…

@KeepingKen: Just goes to show high profile footballers have compassion too. Well done Shayna and Jak.

Gemma Jones: Nice of them both to make sure he got home safe. ❤️

Jennifer Dunstan-Furniss: Aw how adorable! Bless them

Gwyndaf Roberts: Well done you 2

Nathan Lee: glad it had a nice end, bet the poor drunken sod felt well embarrassed in the end

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