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Update given on Wealdstone player after collapsing on verge of full time and taken to hospital

An update has been given on Wealdstone player Corie Andrews after collapsing on the verge of full time and taken to hospital.

The Wealdstone club chairman Rory Fitzgerald provided a positive statement on Corie Andrews the morning after with hospital tests all back clear.

Corie will be unavailable for Saturday’s National League game away at Southend and begins a controlled return to play programme.


After the worrying events of last night’s game, Corie Andrews was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

The Hospital carried out several tests which thankfully came back clear. Corie is now at home resting; he will be unavailable for the remaining game away at Southend whilst he begins a controlled return to play programme.

We wish Corie a full and speedy recovery, I would like to also thank all medical staff for their speedy response and the care shown to Corie.

Rory Fitzgerald



Wealdstone tweeted: “We thank our own medical staff and of course the @SolihullMoors staff for their rapid response and understanding yesterday evening.

“And we of course send our well wishes to @Corie_a97 on a speedy recovery and hope to see him back banging in the goals soon! πŸ’™”

Solihull wrote: “The game ends bang on 90mins and in unnerving circumstances, a stretcher is called as a Wealdstone’s Core Andrews falls to the pitch with no one around him.

“Thankfully he is now back on his feet and the immediate heart in the mouth moment has subsided.

“Corie Andrews is now receiving a rousing round of applause as he exits the field of play surrounded by his teammates.

“An uplifting sight to see!”

Assistant Manager James Quinn said on the fallen ill player: “You know everything is perspective when that happens and you know it was right at the end and we’ve seen out of the corner of our eye him fall over.

“Obviously there was no one near him and you know years you lose your breath thinking about it and straight away we’re all up you know alerting the ref and um yeah it’s terrifying when something like that happened.

“Thank god I see him get up um you know and that was fantastic and he’s managed to walk off at the end so fingers crossed you know there’s obviously he needs to get looked over and what have you I’m sure he will and um we’re just we’re just thankful that he’s managed to to walk off the pitch.”

Fans reacted with an update given on the Wealdstone player after collapsing on verge of full time and taken to hospital…

@NickDuGard1: Excellent, honest, interview. Away from the much, much bigger picture of Corrie’s collapse I felt he was rather harsh on his players – Stones were irresistible tonight.

@_Mr_Fumble: Hope Corrie is ok, traumatic stuff for all involved to see this happen and sounds like the way it was handled was excellent

@ThomasELyons2: Class touch. The response from the Solihull players was consummate. Well done lads πŸ‘πŸ»

@KieronCrossan2: Your players reacted brilliantly to the situation!

@Wfcalex2: So much respect from everyone at Wealdstone that the manager and players called it early. Class from a great club with great supporter

@megafonemick: Class stuff from the football family πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’m a Stones fan, but when something like that happens the result is immaterial. Thank you.

@J_Stonesss: absolutely class at the end lads, all the best

@ade_rawden: Good Luck with the recovery X πŸ’ͺ🏻

@LeeRumball: Thank god πŸ™

@TomMarshall94: Great news

@AllEnglandFlags: Excellent news that

@OscarQPR1: Great news cos that was scary

@Gallifrey5: That’s really good news. Thank goodness for swift action by all the medical staff. My very best wishes to Corie for a full recovery β™₯ πŸ’™ ❀️ #AlwaysAShot

@lowermead: Respect from Sulihull. Thank you. Glad to hear @Corie_a97 is back home

@beespod: Sounds very serious. Fingers crossed for a speedy and full recovery. πŸ™

Best wishes for a full recovery to Corie…
Scary moment but hopefully all will be well…
Great work by all involved by sound of things…
Solihull players getting ref’s attention, medical staff, & ref blowing for FT as 90th min…
Thoughts are with Corie, family, & club… 🀞

@GossanPhil: Absolutely fantastic response from Solihull players to shout at the ref straight away, medic team so quick on too. Ref blew for full time best decision. Thoughts and prayers with him and his family, hope he’s ok

@nicholas89patel: Speedy recovery to the lad awful to read. Hope he is okay πŸ™

@megafonemick: Good to see Corie come round quickly, very scary moment πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Get well soon

@SportsRehabMark: Speedy recovery Corrie.

@CarlinEwan: speedy recovery corie β€οΈπŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

@77darce: Hope you’re OK @Corie_a97 🀞

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