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Update given on Rochdale player who collided into hoarding at Fylde with manager in disbelief

An update has been given on Rochdale player Jesurun Uchegbulam who collided into a hoarding at AFC Fylde with the club’s manager in disbelief.

After Danny Ormerod netted two goals in four second-half minutes, Uchegbulam needed lengthy treatment being being taken to hospital in a stable condition.

There was a lengthy stoppage in the National League fixture on New Year’s Day with Uchegbulam colliding with the advertising hoardings and was treated by medical staff.

James McNulty and all of the Rochdale squad stood with him to show their support before the winger was stretchered off and taken to hospital after treatment, following which the players returned to the pitch.

McNulty said after the game: The latest is that he’s in the ambulance and he’s stable on his way to the trauma unit at the local hospital, that’s the very latest the stages that he’s gone to before that, or gone through the ones that I’ve seen and my time at the side of the pitch there with him seeing him was very concerning and just, I’ve you know talked about zooming out before and it’s yeah it just it just gives some perspective that’s all it really matters to me today to be honest but yeah he’s that’s his current state and then uh you know when I leave here I’ll be going to check on what the latest current state is

Interviewer: And just kind of a word on everyone from a staff point of view a plays point of view going over to see him the fans cheering his name um great support for Jez obviously a vital member of the team

McNulty: Greg I couldn’t mean this anymore when I say it it’s symbolic of where we are right now from me the staff the team and the fans togetherness on days like today they’re tough days given where we are situation wise how thin our playing squad is how down we are in injuries one pro on the bench today 16y old and a 17y old other than that there’s no other situation like this in the National League and underneath all that we’re all humans and I just think there’s a recognition and there’s a togetherness that you know it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck and I just told the play players that that the togetherness in that moment of the fan base with the players and me and the staff is um unlike anything I’ve had before and I’m proud to lead it I’m proud to lead it and trust me when I tell you this now Greg um there’s no games in what I’m saying our situation’s very difficult where it is right now I’m actually I’m in disbelief of it almost I can’t I can’t believe it’s got to this um we’re so short so short it’s almost dangerous um and it’s tough but all we’ve got in each other all we’ve got is each other and the only silver lining I have to the situation is that together us that you’re identifying as well which you know that’s amazing for me and we couldn’t need it any more than that we need it right now we couldn’t need the fans and the togetherness of this team anymore than we need it right now because if I think about football just for a moment Greg which is hard today I said to the team we’re all humble enough to accept that there’s days that we don’t play well we’re humble enough we can’t batter everyone picking up wins for us me picking up points in the situation that we’re in is is remarkable if I’m being honest but we have to be humble enough to accept it some days are tough we don’t have good days and we just go on to the next one and give our all because where we are now Greg, anything other than togetherness and giving our all is going to hurt us because you know it’s the most difficult I can remember

Interviewer: Another play you were missing from the start today George never um what’s kind of the update on on on him because Gabri might be missing for a while now as well

McNulty: I want to give you better news Greg I do I want the tone to change I want the situation to change I want the tone to change I don’t this isn’t I don’t want to be in this state of mind right now but George I feel like we’ve done this every time we’ve done an interview recently mate I’m sorry for that but George um hit his ankle in the last game and um he’s damaged his ankle ligaments uh with that scan he’s going to be eight weeks which is a blow for him for us for the for the club for you know for everything but yeah it is what it is and I don’t know Greg

Interviewer: I guess one thing just to note though is that yourselves the staff and the players that you do have available will’ll be giving it absolutely everything that they’ve got as they have been doing over these next few days we’ve could have in in mind on Saturday

McNulty: They will, they will, all of them will, like you guys are I know you are um like the amazing fans were today that seen an incredibly disappointing 2-0 loss that we deserve to lose Fylde are really good they peppered us one of the worst we’ve been um individual errors skills all over the place just said to all the team you can count loads of them today loads of them but that again was there I think and it’s most importantly um it’s there from the fans were amazing I’m so glad that Jez was close to them when when it happened and no matter what we think about today my mind only goes back to Jez to be honest and I’m sorry but it it does I’m really glad that the fans were there with him and you know the players wanted to be over there with him I did and the game was irrelevant when that happened and the Jez in that moment is special like it’s something I’ll never forget

Twitter users gave their reaction with an update given on the Rochdale player who collided into a hoarding at Fylde with the manager left in disbelief…

@DylanHussain7: The worst part is the Referee checking the Fylde lad and not even looking in Jezzes direction, should be sacked

@HedgeyHedgehog: Jeez that had to hurt, does that not happen a lot there? Looks like an accident waiting to happen

@ianham08: Obviously a huge issue with the pitch surrounds there which needs investigation, but anyone that says thats “not even a foul” and the defender has no culpability does not know the game.

@LRbix: I hope the league investigates this. The state of referees in this league is a abysmal and this just shows it by playing on as he gets clattered by the post and he is seriously injured due to it.

@murpho78: Thats a disgrace and how they are allowed those barriers as safety is beyond me. No protection for the players from incidents like this or protection from the crowd! The ref should be questioned about why he didn’t stop the game immediately! @Vanarama #safety

@WillB_2003: Awful watch, ref surely has a duty of care to show to the players and doesn’t do nearly enough when it’s clearly a horrific impact?

@Mcgoo_84: At a risk of getting absolutely pelted, the outcome of these things always serves to make the act worse than it is. I’m not even sure it’s a foul. What’s more of a question is how the hell Fylde get away with those metal railings around the pitch. They’re so dangerous

@BradleyKnowles1: Don’t think there’s anything up with the challenge the problem is with Fylde and their barriers

@stringer_oafc: We need to change this mentality of blaming the ref for everything. It’s not “literally assault”. It’s a push, maybe a yellow card at worst. What needs investigating is Fylde’s barriers. I’m not convinced they’re legal as is, but if they are that needs to change. Rapidly.

@ArchieOReilly4: Awful challenge, but who’s idea was those death trap fences around the pitch 🫣

@tobihutch10: Said this last year with the guy from Bath. Deliberate push into pitch side barriers should be a straight red violent conduct. I’m not exaggerating when I say it could kill someone.

@Luke_s18: There’s no wonder Marc white hates referees, this is horrific and just sums up officiating in the national league perfectly.

@joembeebam: Joke of a ref. As well there is no chance that stand has been classed as safe when the barriers barely touch peoples knees and wouldn’t be surprised if this has happened before but less serious. Pray for Jez 💙

@ThisIsOllie_: Absolutely horrendous. Those barriers are not safe. The ref is an absolute clown for checking up on the Fylde player pretending to be injured but not even going to check on Jez then playing on for 5 minutes. Cowardly push by Ustabasi too, knew exactly what he was doing.

@laticsJLB: Sorry but @AFCFylde need investigating for the safety of that metal frame behind that goal. Horrific that. Happened to a Fylde player in our game and I’m sure they’re not the only times either.

@cfcjb_: National league referees are an absolute disgrace, to carry on playing after that. Get well soon @JUchegbulam 💙

@Wfcalex2: As bad as this is, how is this the referees fault. Probably a foul at most for a push in the back, but the defender is just trying to see the ball out to win a goal kick. Amazing how no one is addressing Fylde about why they’ve got a small metal barrier so close to the pitch. 🤷

@sambingham2708: That’s a straight red. Standard of refereeing in the national league is getting worse. Also, league needs to be sorting those boards around the pitch. They are a safety hazard and could cost a player his career. Improvements needed.

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