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Update given by family of Rotherham fan in medical emergency as Steve Evans sends support

An update has been given by the family of a Rotherham fan who was in a medical emergency at a match as manager Steve Evans sends his support.

The game between Rotherham and Birmingham was stopped in the crowd, prompting the referee to temporarily suspend the Championship match in the ninth minute.

As the fan was treated, both teams left the field while the emergency was being addressed. Medics swiftly arrived to provide assistance to the affected fan, who was later taken to hospital. After a brief warm-up period, the match recommenced with 11 minutes remaining on the clock.

In his presser, Steve Evans gave his thoughts and made a heartfelt gesture once the fan comes through for the better.

“Hopefully I’ll get the chance in the next few weeks to go and have a cup of tea and a chat with him,” the boss said. “I look forward to meeting him.

“We wish him a good recuperation. Sid, if you’re reading this … everyone is with you, Pal. Keep going, be strong.”

“I’ve said it many times: once a Miller, always a Miller,” he added. “If one Miller bleeds, everyone bleeds. That was seen last Saturday.

“The players were off the pitch for what seemed like an eternity and people were just praying in support of the medical staff in the hope that they could keep him with us.”

Sid’s son Lee said: “Hi, just a quick update on my dad Sid Barraclough, he’s now awake and has left intensive care.

“He’s still not out of the woods yet but the fantastic staff at Rotherham general hospital have done an amazing job with him so far.

“On behalf of my dad and the the rest of my family we would just like to say a heart-felt thank you for the kind words that have been said through the social media platforms.”

Josh, his grandson, said that Sid had been in ICU and was in an induced coma but was breathing on his own with family hopeful he would make it through.

Rotherham United issued a statement in the week, saying they would like to ‘extend its gratitude to everyone present at AESSEAL New York Stadium for their support during the incident involving supporter Sid Barraclough, who fell seriously ill during the match against Birmingham City.

Their statement continued: “With the permission of his family, we are providing an update on his condition.

“In the 11th minute of the game, Sid suffered a heart attack, and thanks to the quick response of fellow supporters and the prompt action taken by St. John’s Ambulance, medical professionals, volunteers, and staff from both clubs, he was able to be taken to the hospital.

“Sid is currently in critical care, and we are thankful for the heroic efforts that were made to assist him.”

Lee Barraclough, Sid’s son, has shared the following message on behalf of the family on social media: “For the fans concerned about the fan who collapsed yesterday, it was my dad ‘Sid’ he suffered a heart attack and is in critical care.

“I would like to send a heart-felt thanks to the paramedics, medical staff, stewards, and the fans for their patience while my dad was attended to and to the lady who looked after our son, Noah, who was with my dad at the match.”

Rotherham add: “It goes without saying that our thoughts and prayers remain with Sid and all of his family at this incredibly difficult time and we politely ask that their privacy continues to be respected.

“Once again, we would like to remind those same medically trained individuals, the stewards, the Police and every single fan inside the ground of our gratitude for their efforts and compassion in inconceivably distressing circumstances. The response to a fellow football fan falling ill yesterday was, in our eyes, a credit to the game.”

Fans gave their heartfelt reaction as an update is given by the family of Rotherham fan who was in a medical emergency as Steve Evans also sends his support…

@astley_darren: Best wishes from a blues fan that was there no one gave a jot about the game after the man’s health comes first hope he pulls through and makes it back to the stadium to see the team he loves

@tere19164: Get well Sid and speedy recovery to you 🙏🏽 keep right on

@rich78murph: Fantastic, i hope he knows he’s got 10s of thousands of football fans from both Rotherham and Blues rooting for him

@MAFUWTU: My gaffer #rufc

@Pafc_rsfsonley: Always knew I liked Steve Evans he was so supportive to us fans when we had the shooting and now this big respect there bud and all the best in @SkyBetLeagueOne next season #rufc

@FPL_BCFC1875: Good news from Rotherham. #GetWellSid

@Craigh34567: What a guy

@sheppiiiii: Once a miller always a miller.

@Dyl_lyD: My gaffers back ❤️ #rufc

@KimmyQuickslice: For chuff sake, the downside of being pregnant is the heightened emotions. What a lovely interview from Steve ❤️ someone pass me a tissue 😭❤️ sending big well wishes to Sid also 🤗 #rufc

@SarahOgden85: Keep fighting Sid #rufc

@a_stxx: Can say what you like about this bloke but he really is Millers through and through, love him

@1875KC: Brilliant to hear he’s responding and pulling through. Every blues fan wishes Sid all the very best ♥️ KRO

@rgredgdkc: Get well soon Sid wishing him a speedy recovery from a blues fan ❤️💙

@rich78murph: Fantastic, i hope he knows he’s got 10s of thousands of football fans from both Rotherham and Blues rooting for him

@PapaFoledog: Keep Right On Sid! 💙👊🏼 Thoughts with the Barraclough family, especially young Noah, must’ve been really scary for him to witness his Grandad like that 😔 To the medical responders & the fans who alerted them, your swift, heroic actions have hopefully saved Sid’s life! #Legends 👏🏼

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