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Update given after Sunderland fan gets attacked by Newcastle supporter in pub

An update has been given after a Sunderland fan gets attacked by Newcastle supporter in a Preston-based pub for the playoff final.

The Black Cats came out winners of the League One showpiece, however while it was a day many fans of the North East outfit won’t want to forget in a hurry, for one it was tarnished by a troublemaker who beat him up.

A post emerged on social media site Facebook with user Paul Crossley saying that his eldest was left hurt and his retro looking club shirt was left with blood splattered across it.

Paul Crossley wrote: “My eldest couldn’t get a ticket for the game today & watched it in a pub instead in Preston.

“What should of been an unforgettable day for him, has turned into a forgettable one for him as he was attacked by Newcastle fans.

“He thinks he’s broken his nose & teeth sadly, but he’s more gutted at having his shirt ruined.

“If anyone could help him find a new one I think that would lift his spirits, thank you.”


My eldest couldn’t get a ticket for the game today & watched it in a pub instead in Preston.
What should of been an…

Posted by Paul Crossley on Saturday, 21 May 2022


After getting a huge amount of comments of support, Paul added: “Thank you so much for this.

“Just a quick update.

“Just one of the Newcastle fans attacked him from the back/side got some punches in & then ran off like a coward.

“Thankfully, no broken nose or teeth, just badly bruised, cuts & swelling.

“The Police are now involved as my son has footage of the lowlife & the pub should have footage aswell.

“Sadly for him, his abiding memory of yesterday will be this sickening, gutless & cowardly attack.

“No one should be attacked because they wear different colours.

“The other handful of Newcastle fans helped him & saw he was ok, sadly the coward ran off after the attack.

“If the blood doesn’t come out of his shirt that he is wearing & anyone has one for sale in an XL they are selling please message me, thank you everyone.”

May be an image of text that says "SUNDERI AND VAUX"

Facebook users reacted as an update is given after the Sunderland fan gets attacked by one Newcastle supporter in a Preston pub on Saturday afternoon’…

Nathan Robinson: That’s uncalled for fair enough have some rivalry, Chuck abit of verbal abuse there way but no one deserves to be physically hurt over supporting a football team, hope all is well lad, from a newcastle fan

Kevin Gray: Horrible bastards hope they get caught

Martin Henderson: My god mate, hope he is ok. You can’t go anywhere nowadays without having to watch your back 😒

Paul Higgins: A lad I know is down Blackpool for the weekend and he said there was 100s of Mags down there but it didn’t stop him celebrating while watching the game

Matty Peterson: Steep it in cold salty water then scrub should come out hope your son ok

Brenda Adamson: Typical Newcastle supporters can’t go anywhere without causing trouble

Maureen Henry: Cold water and washing up liquid on stain then normal wash , works on nose bleeds . Hope your son feeling better.

Keith Sandra Bittel: So sorry to hear this poor lad pleased he is not as bad as you thought hope they get the one who did and your son get a new Sunderland shirt bless him xx

Lynn Marr: They’re not fans they’re just cowardly little scroats, that spoil the games for everyone else.

Jason Lee: Absolutely disgusting to see, hope he’s alright like

Suzanne Scotter: Hope he OK its disgusting when you can’t support your own team anywhere without a brainless jealous thugs who probably do even like football just like causing trouble 🤬

Paul Edwards: Some sick people about, rather nice however to see other Newcastle fans try and help the Sunderland supporter

Gary Coles: Really a shame that the lad will have to live with the memory of being beaten up instead of celebrating his club winning promotion

John Hardman: Paul, wear it with pride and show these little tossers you won’t be intimidated. So sorry it happened in my hometown tho I have lived in Sunderland for the last 46 years.

Dale Mcparlin: Absolutely vile creatures hope your ok

John Richardson: Fkin vermin

Julie Cheal: Omfg hope he gets sorted horrible twats 🤬

Jamie Donnelly: Paul Crossley I’m sure there a lad on here who been selling that top, it maybe one the other safc fan group, I will have a quick browse for ya mate cos doing nout ATM waiting for the rest the people I’m with t get up in the hotel so we can go back out in London lol

Catharine Kershaw: Paul Crossley sorry to read what has happened to your son, hope he’s on the mend soon. I don’t know anyone selling but you could try using napisan to wash his shirt with. Leave it to soak first in the napisan and the blood should come out 🤞🤞

Joanne Wake: Paul Crossley so sorry to hear about what has happened to your son. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. I know you’ve had a few recommendations already, but you could give bambino miofresh a try. It’s a nappy cleanser that I use on my little boy’s clothes and it’s lifted all sort of stains.

Jay Hutton: Paul Crossley hi bud , so sorry to hear this , I have an extra large Sunderland jersey he can have from the Keane era , I work in Preston so he can collect it if you want me to take it in tomorrow? It’s no bother

Harry Braley: Sorry to hear this son wrong place at the wrong time swift recovery x

David Merrington: So sorry to here your day was ruined by these thugs , chin up lad x

Chrissy Esders Martin: Omfg poor lad. What is wrong wiv people. Pure evil xx

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