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Update given after incidents at Farsley with allegations of keeper spat at by Darlington fan

An update has been given after a number of incidents at Farsley Celtic with allegations of keeper spat at by a Darlington fan.

The Quakers fell to a 3-1 defeat to their relegation threatened opponents, but remain 5th place in the National League North standings.

Alun Armstrong’s side fell behind in the 11th minute when the ball was given away, and played through the Darlo defence by Kian Scales for Theo Williams to slide past Taylor.

The hosts got a second goal shortly before the half-time break. Darlington lost possession at the edge of their area.

After Taylor had partially stopped Ubaezuonu’s effort, Williams sent the ball into the roof of the net.

Alex Purver got one back after 69 minutes. A patient build up to the right led to Rivers pulling the ball back for Purver, who sidefoot his second goal for the campaign.

Farsley then went 3-1 up on 71 minutes. The ball was played down the middle to Mulhern, who sent Chris Atkinson on his way to seal the win.


Incidents at Tuesday’s game

The club was informed by the match referee after the end of the game that he will be reporting two incidents involving Darlington fans to the FA.

The first was after 70 minutes when a Darlington fan climbed the pitch barrier, ran on to the pitch and joined in the celebrations of the goal.

The second was after 75 minutes when the Farsley goalkeeper alerted the referee to objects being thrown at him, as well as being spat at. The referee stopped the game and alerted the Farsley stewards.

Darlington FC condemns these incidents, and urges anyone who witnessed them and can identify the perpetrators, to write, in confidence, to ray.simpson@darlingtonfc.org

Update — we have been contacted by several Darlington fans with accounts of the two incidents, we need more, plus we have footage. You can e mail us in confidence on ray.simpson@darlingtonfc.org.

If you can help identify the people involved in these incidents, then please mail us.

Twitter users reacted as an update is given after incidents at Farsley with allegations of a keeper spat at by a Darlington fan…

@darlo_paul12: Darlo fans are unbelievable!! 😡😡 There’s just no need !! Getting beat or bad performance or not there’s no need for this behaviour 😡 You can’t handle your drink stay off or simple as that 😡

@marcmurley: The vast majority of the travelling fans were great and supported their team to the end. The minority though were disgraceful

@janinewilson136: There is no need for this behaviour at all

@mullet69uk: We’ve got some proper little wankers in our fanbase. Personally I see nothing wrong with the celebrating bit so much, but we have some seriously bad losers that follow us. Little corner full of scroaty cunts 2nd half.

@theellerton: Shocked but not surprised darlo scum

@JoshCollier96: darlo for ya running on the pitch aye fair enough but spitting 🤢

@8rhtz: Pathetic behaviour really but i’m sure it’s not all fans, just some in particular. I hope Darlington do the right thing for the safety of the players. We’ll see what happens 🤷🏼‍♂️

@Logan14Cameron: Don’t give a fuck what anyone says, Spitting is disgusting and should warrant a lengthy ban.

@FootiePrint: Utter morons. They should be ashamed.

@QuakerPete: In conjunction with behaviour at the Scarborough away game, this could become serious for the club. Beats me what these morons think they’re achieving.

@AndrewSlaughte1: As per, the small minority who act like idiots, spoil it for the rest. Spitting, lowest of the low that 🤮 Worst thing is. All clubs have them! Hope they are caught and banned for life.

@JoblingKieron: Every other week with these lot

Andrew Metcalfe: Nothing like promoting our fan owned club in a positive light… what is wrong with people.

Dave Arrowsmith: Another fine inbound

Jay Roberts: What a joke, this happens WAY to often

Andrew Blakeburn: Embarrassing

Mark Throw: If it isnt the team throwing away a play off place by any means possible, the “supporters” are also doing all that’s possible. Typical moronic football “supporters”.

Susan Shaw: And how many times has Tommy had things thrown at him? including coins, didn’t see or hear of him whinging to the Ref.

Paul Giles: Darlo fans are unbelievable!! 😡😡 There’s just no need !! Getting beat or bad performance or not there’s no need for this behaviour 😡 You can’t handle your drink stay off it!! It’s as simple as that 😡

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