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Update emerges on Wayne Rooney’s future amid Derby County crisis

An update emerges on Wayne Rooney’s future amid the crisis facing Derby County and interest in the manager from other clubs.

The Rams have been in administration for over six months and are still to announce a preferred bidder in a takeover saga that has played out for months on end.

A statement was issued by the joint administrators on Thursday night said they still claim that they not yet in a position to announce details of that preferred bidder and there are ongoing discussions with interested parties which have progressed significantly in the last 10 or so days.

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At Rooney’s pre-match press conference prior to the Rams’ Championship fixture against Preston North End on Saturday, he was questioned on his future.

He said: “Honestly, I don’t know. That is me being honest. I don’t know where the club is going, I don’t know if the club is going to be here next season. That is a genuine answer.

“I don’t know what the future is for this football club, or for myself actually because I don’t know what the plans are.

“I can only work on a game-to-game basis. We have got seven games left, I’ll give everything, the players will, the staff will.

“In terms of the future, I don’t know where the future lies for the club. So obviously I tie myself in to that, I don’t know where my future lies on the back of that. I need answers, the same way the fans need answers, the players need answers. I need answers as to how I can move forward working for the club.

“I have said before, I am committed to this club but as I said a few weeks ago commitment works both ways.

“I know the administrators are trying their hardest to get a deal over the line but there comes a point where you are working in a working environment that is almost impossible.

“First of all we need players [for next season]. Where we are at I think we have got five players contracted in the summer, two of them are options which in this position them options can’t be taken up, and that leaves three players.”

Asked if he had considered quitting, Rooney responded: “There is no way I am walking away, I am finishing the season, 100%, and then I really do have to consider how I move forward, how the club moves forward, and the only way to do that is to get things in place with the club. It is the only way we can move forward.

“I am fully committed myself to this season, to finish this season, and then we have to sit down. I love this club, I love the fans, I love the staff. I have had a great experience and I want it to continue, I really do but there has to be things in place. I need to be able to do my job.

“If I can do my job, great, I will do everything I can . If I can’t, then I’ll feel I wouldn’t be doing myself or the fans justice.”

Rooney has also sent a message to potential new owners of the club with there being parties interested in rescuing the Rams from administration but still, the wait for that all important announcement goes on.

The Man Utd legend has again stressed the need for a resolution to be found due to the worrying situation the club finds itself, and says he would like the opportunity to speak to preferred bidders.

“Ideally, I would like to sit down with the preferred bidders and explain this to them and stress to them, whichever one it is coming in, these are the issues, this is what we need to sort out quickly but I haven’t had the opportunity to do that, so I am almost working blind,” Rooney said at his pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday’s home game against Preston North End.”

Questioned if there had been contact between potential new owners and himself, Rooney replied: “No, and that is frustrating because you want to know who your are working for.

“I know they are not in, I get that, but I think we are at a matter of urgency now and you want to know whoever comes in wants you to remain as manager, wants you to relay your plans to them.

“I would like to know the ambitions of the owners coming in, and just try and push it through a bit quicker because we need to move quick otherwise it is very worrying the situation the club is in.

“I know it is difficult. I know the administrators are trying their hardest to get a deal done but we are at a stage where it has to happen now.”

Meanwhile, Stan Collymore has defended the crisis-hit club by insisting they should be protected at “all cost” as their takeover saga continues to rumble on.

He wrote: “If you celebrate Derby County potentially going into liquidation, don’t expect support from the football “family” when your time comes, and it will.

“Protect Derby County at all cost. One of 12 clubs that should have had cultural legal protection as founders years ago.”

Mike Ashley is thought to be very interested in a deal after it emerged his representatives held talks with North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen earlier this week.

Bridgen has told Telegraph Sport: “I met with representatives of Mike Ashley on Wednesday, who detailed their actions over the previous few months. Obviously Mike Ashley is still interested and is a very credible bidder so I would urge the administrators to engage with them as it’s quite clear a deal needs to be done as quickly as possible.”

There was plenty of reaction as an update emerges on Wayne Rooney’s future amid the Derby County crisis…

@mztty: Our manager 👏🏻

@Gems171: This man has more integrity in his little finger than some people linked to DCFC have shown in all the time they’ve been here. We will be with you and the players 100% as always. 🐏

@robski1964: To Morris… this is what a hero is all about, absolute legend

@DiMilner: Bloody love him 🐏🐏🐏

@robclacko: Gone in the summer

@JackGriffiths44: Read this as I’m leaving in the summer 😭

@TheLukeBeck: Best thing about the club atm. 🐏🖤🤍

@PrincessPink_86: And we love you @WayneRooney 🖤

@Kian_DCFC_Ohara: He’s gone once we play cardiff then, nice to know 😂

@Rams_Chat: Love him for his commitment and the fight he has instilled in us, togetherness with fans and his team of staff and players has been phenomenal. Will miss him when he inevitably moves on

@cossie1973: Dignity, respect and loyalty… you could learn a thing or to from this guy Mel Morris #clubkiller

Absolutely love Wazza.
Acted with pure class the whole way through.
He will forever have my respect. 🖤🤍

@Lewisdcfc1: My Manager 🖤🤍

@bunts_sam: Some manager 👏👏

@Chelkinsxx: We do not deserve this man. There’s not many football managers out there that wouldn’t have stayed through this circus. Have so much respect for Rooney. This being his first managerial job and he has handled it incredibly. Appreciate every last moment we get with him. 🖤 #dcfc

@JimmyDCFC: It’s weird that we’re in the darkest times the club has ever experienced and yet we’ve got one of the greatest ever strikers in football saying that he loves this club.

@LewisWa20891294: My manager 😍 shame He’ll walk in the summer

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