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Unrest grows at Watford as staff and players fume with wages reduced in details released

Unrest grows at Watford as staff and players fume with wages being reduced in details released by media outlets this week.

Watford players and staff were furious when the Championship club took money from their wages, without their consent, to pay for food at the training grounds.

Last month, employees were shocked to find out that their monthly wages had been cut by up to £300. This was because the club believed they should contribute financially to the food at London Colney headquarters.


Players and staff haven’t been informed about the impending deductions to their wages and have been left far from happy.

‘We wouldn’t mind as much if the food was nice, but it’s miles off,’ said one source.

‘Meanwhile, the McDonalds round the corner has seen their profits go through the roof!’

This news won’t come as a surprise to Watford fans with Ben Foster previously talking about this and what goes on behind the scenes at the club, via his YouTube podcast back in 2022.

When asked, ‘what about nutrition, like are you having protein shakes daily is it depending on your session’ he replied: Yeah protein shake every single day but again it’s it’s very much determined by how intense the session was so if it’s a really hard session you’ll have more protein powder in your shake than what you would on like a Thursday or something because the Thursday’s an easy day because you’re building into the game but earlier in the week they’re harder sessions a lot more running a lot more physical you need more protein to replace it um so yeah the the protein shape will be based around that and not only that as well the food that you get in the canteen so what they did at Watford was every plate was individually portioned ready to just take one and go.

He said: “Like they they take their nutrition a bit too seriously I’d say at Watford it was a bit too um just mundane to be perfectly honest it’s really good food and it’s cooked really well yeah but there wasn’t many sauces it’s not really kind of enjoyable um which can work for you and can work against you because when you want the players to come in and eat food and you know I mean replenish themselves after a hard training session you want them to come in if the food’s not up to scratch or appealing enough or enjoyable enough, there’s a McDonald’s Round the Corner quite literally like two minutes ago I’ve been in there yeah so that’s the worry if you don’t make it sort of enticing enough players will just disappear”

Tubes asked: But would there be someone on watch if they did a me for instance because I love all the food at a football club if I kept going it’s like hang on Ben’s gone there four times… would they be on a serious note would they go you’ve had four plates of food what are you doing

Foster replied: Yeah the the nutritionist guy will stand behind the counter with the chefs so he will stand there and he’ll watch and I’ve seen him do it where he’s got a little like black book and he’s got all the players names and he’s just and he’s making a note of what dish we take so that’s for me that’s intriguing yeah

“It’s a little bit kind of intrusive yeah intrusive unnerving really I don’t like the fact that somebody’s watching everything that I do it’s a bit weird

Tubes: So you’re going out for the ice cream and jelly like oh yeah

Foster: That’s what I’m saying about the food at Watford the food of Watford was always just a little bit kind of to me it just felt like it was a little bit over the top um, too professional too clean too not me there’s not enough like enjoyable food not enough not enough ketchup or cheese or do you know what I mean, even just stuff like that sometimes I think you can have a treat you can have a treat day where like say on a Monday where it’s a really hard session and you are dying to death when you walk off the training picture I think they’re the days you want, boom give me a pizza give me a burger give me some chips

When asked if he had to pay, Foster replied: “So at Watford we paid 100 a month for food, that ain’t bad to be fair like if you think that’s what three quid a day just over three quid a day that’s all right isn’t it, to be fair I’ve always had to pay no matter where I was really I was going, at West Brom, Birmingham, I can’t remember, I think even at Man Utd.

Asked ‘do any of the tight ladS take loads home’, he replied: Oh yeah a lot of the labs take food home with them, he replied: Yeah younger lads will take plastic pots like you would not believe you know like the little Chinese Takeaway pots yeah they basically because they’re they’re young they they don’t know how to cook and not only that the the club want them to take it home because they don’t want them sitting at home being bored and just getting deliveroo up they don’t want them to do that so they’ll be like they will almost tell them you take that home and you eat that tonight so there’s always three different options there’ll be a fish there’ll be a meat it’s probably two meets and there’ll be a veggie option right they’ll say they’ll so the nutritionists will watch this young lad eat eat a chicken for lunch here he’ll have the chicken dish for lunch and then as he’s about to leave he’ll be like right so have the salmon and take the veggie one with you as well and have that for dinner yeah don’t order the deliveroo basically.

Click on the video below to listen to the chat…

This is what fans said as unrest grows at Watford while staff and players fume with wages reduced in details released…

@CW_Wells_2000: utter shambles of a football club.

@walter_walper: Next they’ll be docked for the cost of transport to matches 🤣🤣

@JoelJackson89: Reminds me of when certain rail contract companies charged me for PPE and the use of a work van and I even had to pay for a digital payslip laughable

@GroundsmanG: Its not April already is it 🧐

@jimmyboynastri: Surely that’s an illegal deduction of wages

@elliotmaddisonn: What a mess of a club

@SpursScotsman: Didnt Ben Forster say on his pod that they did this when he was there and that it was well worth it?

@DanRear1984: Such a badly run club!

@fawcett_dan: Surely a player on 20000 a week wouldn’t notice 20 quid a week being deducted a week for food costs. On the other hand rather stingy of watford

@WAFCLouis: I bet John the kit man on 40 grand a year does though

@fawcett_dan: In fairness i get paid less than 40k a year and I don’t get my lunch paid for so sod John I have no sympathy

@Josh73426623: What a joke 😂😂

@DanSFC94: Watford are one of those ‘yo-yo clubs’ that deserve to be relegated into lower league obscurity. Waste of space.

@djstevemcgrath: Don’t let Levy see this.

@Thegeordiefaith: You thought we were run badly under Ashley. This is next level, awful.

@rhysmfc_: Chris Wilder looking for another club already as we speak

@DPFWalker: Banter club

@sinJonesy98: This is where the new uk governing body set up for football should show their might by putting pressure on Watford ownership/management over this

@nufcdominic96: Imagine the Ben foster video on this if he was still there

@JPJoker01: Hahahahahhaha is there anything this club can actually do competently anymore 😭😭😭

@_LewisStant: It’s all kicking off at Watford

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