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Under-pressure Paul Cook ENDS interview with reporter early over questions asked

Under-pressure Chesterfield manager Paul Cook ENDS an interview with a reporter early over questions asked ahead of this weekend’s last game.

Today was press conference day with the Spireites boss, and plenty needed asking considering he chose not to speak with the media after the loss to Torquay.

His side currently sit 7th in the National League table, three points ahead of 8th place Dagenham who sit just outside the playoffs and face Wrexham in their season finale.

Chesterfield have now lost three games in a row and clearly, with the form not looking good, their hopes of even winning promotion through the playoffs leak rather bleak right now.

Rob Staton said that he “tried to ask Chesterfield manager Paul Cook some questions today on the reasons behind their current form and the Torquay game (he didn’t give a post match interview).”

Of what he did actually say in Friday’s press conference, he stated that the Spireites need to make the supporters proud with a big performance when Woking visit the Technique Stadium on Sunday.

Speaking to the media, he said: “They’re a very organised team, they’ve got some good players and good threats. All the teams in the league now are very well managed.

“The players in the league are a lot fitter, a lot hungrier. Woking, like everybody else, will come here to a lovely stadium with a packed crowd and will want to do well.

“We’ve got to make sure that we control everything that we do. We need to put in a performance that makes our supporters proud.

“For me, the most important thing is winning on Sunday. All I will do, that our supporters know, is I will be making sure I cover every blade of grass in pursuit of getting that right.”

“The first thing we have to do in games is fight and run – some qualities that don’t cost a lot. Unfortunately, at the minute, we are lacking in some games,” Cook said.

“Going forward for me and the players, we need to put in performances that the supporters can relate to.”

He added: “I think it means everything. From my time here last time, to where we are today seems poles apart. The club has gone through really indifferent years.

“The last three months under my tenure has been painful. Previously to that, the club was in a great position.

“The reality for us is that we still have a great opportunity to make them happy. But to do that, we must first of all go into Sunday’s game and play well for long periods. That way, the supporters can join the players in making the atmosphere better.”

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Twitter users reacted as an under-pressure Paul Cook ENDS the interview with a reporter early over questions asked…

@GoalShort: I see journalists berated in this county for not asking questions fans want to hear answers to. There is some truth behind that I feel. But not from Rob. Heard him challenge managers many times, just as he should.

@SteelMarshian: I thought he’d got a bit more class about him than that but obviously not. He’s like a petulant child.

@deedaadonna: You were put of order to be fair pal. You asked 4 negative questions. He was polite and answered and asked you to move on. There’s nothing wrong with a few questions but he asked you to then concentrate on the upcoming game.

@aidenhorton16: He’s lost 3 games on the bounce not much positive to ask tbf

@Matt_Smith_1983: Nice bloke! Well done for standing your ground Rob.

@lukeCFC25: It’s a shame that he seems to have gone down this route. Why couldn’t he just repeat some wishy washy answer like premier league managers do instead of creating a storm that would create more publicity? Either way us fans would like to hear about Sunday like he wanted… Repeated negative questions even if he hasn’t answered them don’t serve anyone well, especially a club which still needs to secure a playoff place. Last week was last week, we move on.

@owl_leonardo: What a horrendous interview from Paul Cook. Great journalism Rob, getting in on the questions the Chesterfield fans want answering and giving PC the opportunity to do so and put a positive spin on things. Good work Rob and no backing down. Excellent

@kevin_hurst: Well done rob I’m an Ipswich fan btw this interview sounds so familiar. Fantastic from yourself sticking to the questions I’m sure chesterfield fans want those questions answered

@Strettyupper: Great journalism? He got 4 answers and nothing else 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. The last 70 odd seconds were back and forth about nothing. Complete waste of both peoples time.

@NW1Stephen: As an ITFC fan who was happy when PC arrived its tough to see him like this, but we saw the direction of travel just was not the same manager since Richardson left to go to Wigan, How the mighty have fallen, all managers need to be accountable to fans.

@Moby83665661: Agreed Stephen. Sad to see his struggles continuing. A nice bloke but just wonder if his methods are standing the acid test. Hope he turns it around, but watching this must make the folk who think he was sacked too soon by us have a second think.

@AbladeRay: Wow how rude of him! Think he has lost the plot, you are only doing your job Rob, so keep on asking questions the fans of all our clubs want to hear, well done Rob.

@IpswichCulture: Paul Cook at ipswich was like one of them relationships where you keep convincing yourself it’ll work out but you end things, look back, an release thank fuck I got out of it.

@dcherriman1980: The guy has been found out. Leam Richardson was the brains of the partnership. Since they gave not worked together, the Ipswich job went south and Chesterfield were in a great position but have dropped. Plus he needs to cut down on the Peroni 😂

@pompeyrabbi: The day football managers and communication officers start deciding what questions they want to answer is the day you journalists cease to exist. Well done for reserving the right to ask what you want and reminding PC of it.

@Dingledog: Not his finest hour, you are absolutely correct to ask whatever questions you think relevant. PC gone all Putin on you there, the phrase is ‘ not able to tell the truth to power’, I think. Well done

@pompeyshaun1986: This is typical Paul Cook. I remember he used to happily give interviews about previous games if winning but would go at the local radio guys if losing and asked awkward questions at Pompey. He cannot handle pressure, is being exposed as not that manager everyone thought he was

@DarrenMarshall4: Wow, bet he’d be only too happy to answer questions when things are going well. You were doing your job, you have no bias and he elected to terminate the interview. Managers have to take the rough with the smooth.

@SpireiteAlex: Appreciate you tryna get answers Rob but he made it clear he wanted to talk about Woking as it’s the presser for that match. Once it’s clear he isn’t gonna answer that line of questioning move on. As much as we wanna hear about those things we also wanna hear about Woking game.

@Marksto32834170: Paul Cook came out with the same sort of rubbish at Ipswich every week. He came to the club Told most players they were not in his plans got a whole new squad and ended up worse than when he started.

@RSSWFC: Under pressure! His methods are not working for Chesterfield, his record since coming back is poor, yes there’s injuries but form has suffered since his return, and his bonus’s muted for promotion could breed this behaviour! Could be last chance saloon!

@JoeTimmins89: Not good on both parts for me. Rob has every right to ask the questions he wants but in my opinion one or two negative questions is enough, Cook wants the positivity building for Sunday to help get the result we need so he won’t like answering those questions.

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