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UEFA threat to take Euro 2020 final away from Wembley and move it to Hungary

UEFA threat to take the Euro 2020 final away from Wembley and move it to Hungary unless the Government provides a quarantine exemption.

England are due to host the tournament’s semi-final and final stages of the tournament at their national stadium – with the latter taking place on Sunday the 11th of July.

However, UEFA are discussing their options given the current quarantine restrictions in the UK and have said they are prepared to change the venue if the hosting city are under Covid restrictions that could prevent fans, officials and important corporate guests from attending the games.

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According to The Times, British ministers are now in talks at a proposal to exempt UEFA and FIFA officials, politicians, sponsors and broadcasters from having to self-isolate.

As it stands, a ten-day isolation is required for people arriving from countries that are on the amber or red list, and to make matters worse every team in the European Championship is currently on the UK’s amber list (apart from Turkey who are on the red list).

However, the exemption would allow 2,500 VIP’s to attend games at Wembley during the knockout stages, meaning they will be allow them to watch each team’s training sessions and attend UK government meetings without undergoing a period of isolation.

England found themselves in a similar situation for the 2020-2021 Champions League final.

UEFA decided to move the game from Istanbul after Turkey was placed on the UK’s red list of countries – and travel was only permitted in exceptional circumstances.

England was named as one of the favourite to host the relocated final after Manchester City and Chelsea qualified for the all-important fixture.

However, UEFA, government officials and the Football Association were unable to agree on quarantine exemptions for sponsors, VIPs and broadcasters, seeing London miss out to Porto.

As a result, the Champions League final took place in Portugal with 6,000 fans from each club able to attend.

The Government were bitterly disappointed about missing out on that opportunity and are eager to avoid the same fate with this summer’s international tournament.

However, should ministers decide against the exemption, UEFA will have no choice to move the Euro 2020 final to Budapest in Hungary as they will have no border restrictions within the Schengen zone as of next week.

Budapest would also have the ability to fill stadiums to their max capacity and entertain fans from all across the globe for the final taking place in July.

Wembley, however, would only be at 50 per cent of its 90,000 capacity for the semi-final and final this summer, and that’s regardless of the exemption.

UK minister are eager to stop the relocation of the Euro 2020 final and are said to be discussing the public health risks in relation with the relaxed measures.

The Government are said to be particularly focused on the Delta and Indian variant of the virus and will look into the affect the relaxed measures may have before agreeing to any forms of exemption.

The exemption would boost England’s 2030 World Cup bid as it would allow Boris Johnson to meet senior figures from UEFA.

It would provide the Prime Minister with the opportunity to secure the required backing and could potentially see the country host their first international tournament since 1996.

The decision to relax restrictions for Euro 2020 could also cause controversy among the British public after having their holidays restricted for the past year.

Fans reacted as UEFA threat to take the Euro 2020 final away from Wembley and move it to Hungary…

@BockVale: Final should definitely be moved, wembley can’t host it whilst under the current restrictions. One of best cities I’ve been to Budapest, great weather, cheap beer, full stadium… no brainer really

@BenTalbot1994: Understandable. Full capacity stadium for final.

@markybtree: Wouldn’t blame them at all!!!

@CptOats90: Agree it should be moved to Hungary, let’s take it to a country where the most fans possible can attend the final

@Wyn18028668: Yes thats a great idea why not.

@sjcollins78: Er 67k in stadium or 22k in stadium, no brainer, UK restrictions are to blame, I’d move it elsewhere too

@RhysEva95689348: Why not? Budapest can have a full stadium, makes sense.

@brooklynflyer: Only one reason: money. I suppose two reasons actually. The other, linked to the first, is that Budapest will be allowed to be full to capacity and no quarantine restrictions to speak of. Full House = full UEFA coffers.

@Paul_Elmore: I’d rather see a full stadium, than a nanny state mandated 40,000. We won’t be there anyway

@dan_clubbe: Not thinking about fans but Hungary is the only stadium to have full capacity? 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🧐

@DaleMc87: Translation: UEFA have seen the full stadium in Hungary and the dollar signs started rolling in their heads. The only reason Wembley got it in the first place was because it makes the most money.

@Lesley067: Move it to Hungary, their attendance is the best

@jonbody: It’ll take something petty like this to make the government realise the current state of play in this country is pathetic.

@ruddlesneil: Aha-same thing that meant we couldn’t play the all-English Champions League at Wembley and it had to be in Porto, not letting UEFA’s VIPs in through the Covid back door. I suspect the Govt will find a way this time…

@StevenBushboy: Give it to Hungary. Be great to see a packed stadium again

@tompatt1989: Uefa thinking of the fans again I see 🤣🤦‍♂️😩

@TheNo1JB: UEFA threatening to pull the plug on Wembley Euro 2020 and take it Hungary cuz they rightly have no stupid restrictions? Watch BloJo and Co suddenly make it full capacity and no quarantine for UEFA Delegates….

@couldntgivea: UEFA showing themselves for what they really are. Corrupt from top to bottom!!

@walkeradam1: Let them take it……

@airstripone_: Let them move it. Maybe it will force our shambolic decision making government to rethink the flawed & nonsensical quarantine rules.

@rng4960: @UEFA It is disgusting you think a few thousand , most likely corrupt , UEFA VIP’s have the right , in the middle of a pandemic , to flout all guidelines and put other people’s lives at potential risk. Shame on you

@PeterJa33073678: It be better in Hungary with full stadium and better atmosphere

@vinceninn: @UEFA @EURO2020 up yours!

@Sussexblues: Just like they did with the Champions league final. @UEFAcom are not interested in fans only lining pockets of their VIPs

@hilton_ian: More evidence that covid regulations are only for the little people.

@JackF96_: Rules for thee and not for me

@Fordi86: Different rules for the upper end.

@KLGlcfc: So do as I say not and not follow the rules themselves. Ahahaha

@Big__AL007: It will be a full house in Hungary, it should be there

@allan_law7: Tickets should be gong to fans anyway rather than thousands of corporate wankers. Remember when UEFA were crying about the ESL saying it was taking football away from the fans. Hypocrisy

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