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Two non league matches abandoned after serious medical emergency and horror injury

Two non league matches were abandoned on Saturday after one player endured a serious medical emergency and another with a horror injury.

AFC Dunstable took the lead against Hertford Town 16 seconds into the second half, but the match was stopped halfway through the second half with the footballer needing CPR before being taken to hospital.

A series of tweets were issued by Hertford: “Match abandoned today. Formal update will follow once the welfare of the player has been established and his relatives informed.

“Hugely distressing scenes today that you never want to witness on a football pitch or anywhere, but fortunately some good news. Our player is stable and talking in hospital and his family are on the way.

“Huge thanks and respect to AFC Dunstable, their physio Nikini, our physio Paige and @alasann4 who performed CPR on the pitch. The Air Ambulance crew said that those guys and the fact our defibrillator was yards away on our bench have saved a life today.

“And if it really needs saying, if you don’t have a defibrillator at your club, GET ONE! Cost is irrelevant when they truly can and do save lives, both on and off the pitch 💙”

Credit: @90minutesehr

The chairman of AFC Dunstable Simon Bullard said: “I’d like to thank everyone involved during todays incident especially our player Alasan Ann, Niki our physio and Paige Hertford’s physio for their quick response and to all the players, spectators and staff of both clubs who witnessed it today.

“We hope the player will make a speedy recovery and will be back playing again soon.”

AFC Dunstable add that: “In consultation & agreement with the Southern League, Mondays game at Thame United has been postponed.

“After the events of yesterdays match against Hertford the club and the league took into account the distressing scenes & felt it in the best interests not to play so soon after a fellow footballer nearly lost his life on the pitch.

“We thank Thame United for their understanding at this time and look forward to seeing them later in the season.

“Our thoughts remain with the player and Hertford Town at this time. 💙”

The player, Potchu Mendes, is on the road to a full recovery in a statement issued on Monday.

Another match was also abandoned, Willand Rovers v Lymington Town stopped in the 19th minutes.

Lymington player Freddie Bullard looked to be in real discomfort after a coming together with Willand keeper George Burton.

It took a while to move the footballer due to the nature of the injury, with an ambulance called and arrived around 30 minutes later.

Lymington wrote an update: “We would like to give a massive thank you to everyone for the messages about Freddie. He has just had a successful operation after breaking 4 ribs and a punctured lung after a horror clash with opponents keeper. He will now be on the road to recovery…”

It turns out that Freddie Bullard, is the nephew of AFC Dunstable chairman Simon Bullard. The club tweeted: “We’d like to wish our chairman @afcRusty’s nephew @fredjbullard a speedy recovery after suffering serious injury yesterday. Good to see him in good spirits. 💙”

Social media users sent in messages of support after two non league matches abandoned amid the serious medical emergency and horror injury…


@hashtagutd: Good to hear. Sending our best 👊

@walthamstowfc: Sending all our best 💙

@jhowes17: Never underestimate the importance of a defibrillator. Hope the player in question makes a full recovery 🙏

@louisrose8: Hope the lad makes a full recovery, thoughts are with him 💙

Amazing news – so glad to hear that your player is doing well.
Huge respect for the amazing effort of those that saved his life.
Fingers crossed he continues to get better ❤️

@ChrisJFoy: So pleased the player is stable and talking. Wishing him a speedy recovery. To all the medical staff involved thank you

@Antni_b: Sounds like there were some hero’s on standby! Well done to those involved In saving this life!
Best wishes to the player and hope they recover well. CPR/first aid should really be part of the curriculum in the UK. It can make such a difference.

@AttiJemScout: So glad the player is stable and talking. A massive well done to everyone who helped him, hope they are ok. Best wishes to the player from NUFC.

@canarykeeper: All the best to the player and family in question. Still believe that defibs MUST be a requirement at every football club in the land.

@nicolecooperrxx: Shows the importance of having defibrillators at every venue. So glad to hear the player is doing well. This should be a wake up call for those that haven’t done BLS training, get it done! It really can save a life when you least expect it. Sending my best regards to all involved

@CUSSLEWIS: Sending my best wishes to the player and his family and obviously great news he is stable and talking. It just goes to show how vital having these defibrillators around is. It should be mandatory at every club and needs to be funded by the Premier League.

@swilcox321: Wish him the best in his recovery, but it was the person who knew and was comfortable fitting the how AED that saved his life. Easy machines to use please everyone try to get training on these life saving machines


@zakpickett: Up the Bullard! Speedy recovery nipper 🔥

@b_executive: Wishing Freddie a speedy recovery

@Dan4Miami: Wishing a speedy recovery, massive thanks to those involved

@justyl0ve: Get well soon! Sounded horrific and not what anyone ever expects or wants to see!

@Ryan_Andress: Sending you best wishes @fredjbullard

@Pricey48: Speedy recovery Freddie

@kingham24: @fredjbullard Keep positive Freddie your be back In no time mate.

@KimKim260259: Oh man hope Freddie’s okay 😱😱💜💜

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