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Two fans stabbed in pub brawl and man hit by police car after Euros final

Reports have emerged, stating that two fans ended up getting stabbed in a pub brawl and a man was hit by a police car after the Euros final.

Two males were taken to hospital with stab wounds after a large fight broke out outside a pub in Derby on Sunday night.

Police were called to the Kingsway Hotel, in Mackworth, at around 11pm on the 11th of July – moments after England‘s penalty shootout defeat to Italy in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley.

Several police cars and vans rushed to the scene and could be seen parked up near the pub on Brackensdale Avenue and Humbleton Drive at around 11:30pm.

Officers say two men suffered stab wounds during the large disorder, and were taken to hospital for treatment for injuries that are thankfully believed not to be life-threatening or life-changing.

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: “Officers were called to reports of a large disorder at 11pm at the Kingsway Hotel, Brackensdale Avenue, Mackworth, yesterday (July 11).

“Reports from those at the scene state that a fight between a large number of people broke out outside the pub and two men received stab wounds during the disorder.

“They were both taken to hospital where they received treatment for injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening or changing.

“The investigation into the incident is in its early stages and officers are keen to speak to anyone with information or footage of the incident.”

Anyone who can help with enquiries is asked to contact Derbyshire police by calling 101, quoting reference 21*387852 in any correspondence.

You can also contact the force via their social media channels or anonymously contact the independent charity Crimestoppers, on 0800 555 111 or by visiting www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Meanwhile, a male was hit by a slow-moving police car as officers broke up a fight near a nightclub also coming after the game.

Police and an air ambulance were called to the fight at Pier Gardens in Gorleston with the culprits blocking the road at around 11pm on Sunday.

The punch-up saw people bizarrely taking to attacking a police car, with one man requiring hospital treatment after being hit by the vehicle.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance was called to the scene as a precaution and the man was taken to hospital for treatment after suffering bruising in the impact – but police were able to break up the fight without the need for any arrests.

New footage coming from another incident in England shows the moment that a crowd in Watford town centre began to attack police vehicles.

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Earlier in the day the atmosphere was very relaxed, however after a night of drinking and watching England losing on penalties, multiple small fights broke out in the area, and as crowds got larger, the police became a target.

At around 11.15pm, a police vehicle was kicked by crowds who later fled the scene. Scuffles also broke out with officers before fans began to disperse.

During the fight, many people booed police and began to swear as they then decided to chuck items in the air.

At least two police vans were seen rushing into Watford from other areas of Hertfordshire to support officers.

Chief Inspector David Partridge, who led the constabulary’s policing response to Euro 2020, said: “As per previous fixtures throughout the tournament, there was a substantial policing operation in place across Hertfordshire for last night’s Euro 2020 final and we worked closely with our partners and licensed premises to ensure everyone enjoyed the game safely.

“It was very busy compared with the previous England fixture and while the majority of fans acted in a responsible manner, sadly there were a few people who let the side down. We had 30 reported incidents throughout the evening, with five arrests.”

The constabulary estimates that 400 people were at the town centre after the match, with other smaller scale fights and violent actions breaking out (30 in total), resulting in a woman taken to hospital after being hit by flying glass, and a man knocked unconscious during an altercation.

He continued: “While we fully understand the disappointment that many people will have felt, there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Follow up enquiries are being conducted at this time and those involved will be dealt with accordingly.”

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Social media users reacted after reading that two fans were stabbed in a pub brawl and a man was hit by a police car after the Euros final…


@ChairmanHuntJnr: The Hertfordshire Massive. Such a tough group of guys…

@vivjones10: Why did the Police drive away, the thugs were running after them. Need much tougher policing on these idiots.

@RLambden1: Hope none of them are Watford FC fans. Shameful. If they are, ban them from the club for life @WatfordFC

@AlexJ_Wright: Morons, all of you

Annette Elizabeth Millward: Those that attacked police and damaged property should have a prison sentence. Perhaps then people will think twice.

Samantha Woods: The majority look like they should have been at home watching cbeebies with a happy meal …..

Cathy Kohi Cottrell: I heard this and all the sirens. It is a shame some people cannot behave in a decent manner, there is no need for this. I hope everyone is ok though.

Emma Swan: Feel sorry for the people trawling through the cctv in the next few days. Hope they identify as many as possible and throw the book at them!
Absolutely no need for that behaviour, if you can’t control your self on drink, then don’t bloody drink!

Jan Stevens: Diabolical behaviour. I hope some of them can be identified from this footage

Chris Honour: 12 year olds with lemonade, shocking. Polices fault all they had to do was whack one of them and they would have run. Soft pathetic policing

Sonia Nighah: Disgusting behaviour

Lorraine Harvey: It’s so embarrassing, absolutely no shame 😒

Joanne Atkins: Wtf is WRONG with people!!

Laura Hay: Guaranteed it won’t happen at a rugby event, embarrassing, frustrating and despicable to say the least, taints the whole event 😤

James Anthony: Brave little cowards in a group. Bottlejob nobody’s really aren’t they.

Clare Faulkner: Oh dear….such pathetic individuals. I feel sorry for them, they are incapable of handling their booze and/or emotions. 🤦‍♀️ How embarrassing for them and their families that have to see their behaviour.

Dee Duffield: Shameful

Nicola Mitchell: Little boys who can’t handle their drink, but what did you really expect when bars were open at 12 and game was at 8 🤷🏻‍♀️


Stefan Taylor: There is always something g happening outside that pub

Debbie Parker: Glad I don’t go in there anymore

Les Carnie: Only cowards carry knives.

Theresa Walsh: Doesn’t surprise me at All used to be a lovely pub

Sukhjit Bains: I’m big I carry a knife

Dawn M Hargreaves: Never going in again after last night

Jayne Sloman: Imagine going to a pub to watch a football match and checking your pockets… Wallet, phone, keys and KNIFE….. Why? Cowards! Vile despicable humans!

Helen Murphy: Lock them up and throw the key . Can’t be man enough to settle their differences without the use of a weapon. Total cowardly act which can have devastating consequences

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