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Two fans get into pathetic fight with each other before England v Bosnia at Newcastle

Two football fans get into a pathetic fight with each other before the England v Bosnia friendly at Newcastle United.

A video has surfaced on social media showing the two males bizarrely trying to have it out, with passers-by baffled as to what was going on in the isolated incident outside St James’ Park stadium.

The clip was uploaded at just after 7pm, nearly 40 minutes before the Three Lions’ warm-up friendly for Euro 2024.

One fan in an England home shirt goes in with a flying kick right into the front of the other male, who subsequently tries to grab his leg, to which the man in the England shirt falls to ground on his arse, they wrestle each other on the side of a busy road, one of them can be heard saying “give us a kiss”, while one female on-looker says “what the hell are they doing?!” before the video cuts off.

The game itself played out to a 3-0 victory for England, with Cole Palmer penalty opened scoring after Konsa pulled back at corner.

Then Trent Alexander-Arnold’s sweet volley doubled the Three Lions’ lead with five minutes of normal time remaining in the second half.

With a minute of the 90, England went short with a corner and it was pulled back to Jarrod Bowen from eight yards, his strike looked to be going into the corner, only to be blocked by Konsa, denying Bowen a first England goal, then the ball was still loose, Kane got on it and drilled it past Vasilj, who couldn’t stop it from going over the line.

“It’s a great feeling to get my first England goal,” Cole Palmer said on Channel 4.

“Of course he would have taken it if he had been on the pitch,” Palmer says smiling at Kane when asked about the penalty.

England captain Harry Kane and Chelsea’s Cole Palme, speaking on Channel 4…

Palmer on his first England goal: “It’s a great feeling, my first goal for my country. When it went in, it was buzzing.

On the penalty he scored: “Of course he [Kane] would’ve took it, it was just before he came on. Thankfully, I took it.

Kane on Palmer’s season: “For him to do what he’s done in his first season, credit to him. Delighted for his goal. Going to need all players to chip in with goals throughout this tournament.

Kane on his fitness: “I’m feeling good. A lot of the end of season was precaution. It was a good chance to get a good break at the end of the season. I feel fine. I’m sure I’ll get some minutes on Friday.

“It’s always worked in my favour, it’s about getting minutes. I’m not someone who takes too long to get sharp.”

Palmer on if he’s done enough for the squad: “I hope so. Tonight wasn’t my best game, finding my feet on my first start but hopefully, I’ve done enough.”

Twitter users gave their reaction after seeing two fans get into a pathetic fight with each other before England v Bosnia at Newcastle…

@agbnufc_: Imagine ye da scrapping at the England friendly.

@Bradders4711: Bloody England fans 🫣

@kirsty_h86: What the hell

@The_GeordieFox: Don’t allow mackems into Newcastle

@JLNUFC892: Embarrassing as fuck this like England fans are shite in all honesty no wonder we get chinned abroad

@womanfounddead: Giz a kiss hahahahaha

@CarltonBarrass: Hahahahaha up the boys

@RichOnStream: “Giz a kiss mate!” 💀💀

@dudulives24: that 1 guy has been watching cobra kai and drinking too much. 🤷‍♂️

@Reddevil19721: I’d be the same if I’d of watched that first half dross

@chrisprodromou: The fucking state of these gammons

@SteveManU60: Neil of them could fight their way out of a wet paper bag 🤔

@Smiiint: Always the same lot.

@Johnkey07519934: Age of them 🤣🤣

@chrishodgson090: Dread to think what it will be like in Germany

@mjr_eazy: Gis a kiss 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@molly__molloy: Brilliant 😂

@broony1987: England get battered. Everywhere they go

@dtr2527: Simon vs Jay in the inbetweeners movie

@ZacSaleski: Sunderland has made it to st James’ 😂

@EastwoodGreig: Someone collect their dads.

@KrissNufc83: Giz a kiss giz a kiss. Giz a fucking kiss 😂😂😂

@Memecastle_Utd: Mackems on day release #NUFC

@OwenPea11442805: yer husbands fight at friendlies

@FrigidNinja78: Mackems on tour 😅😂

@craiggrant1988: England fans are embarrassing as fuck man 🤣

@Joe081223: Fuck sake man 😂

@afterglowlovato: “giz a kiss giz a kiss” wtf 😭😭😭

@__JS192: Jay and Simon in Malia

@GraemeRchardson: Who’s these two tits

@GeorgeSmileyOBE: The beautiful game…

@andrew_meichan: Get a room!

@kevjbee: Obvs thought a horse was there

@Thomasb42776327: @Davies0831 too many sherbets 🍻😅⚽️

@newbyoes: Love newcastle me

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