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Truro City plan a brand new stadium in Cornwall and could return as soon as next season

Truro City plan a brand new stadium in Cornwall and could return as soon as next season, finally getting them back to where they should be.

The Southern League Premier Division South outfit are currently playing their games at Plymouth Parkway’s Bolitho Park since the summer of 2021 after selling Treyew Road.

Truro now look to building a 3,000 capacity ground on the site of the Stadium for Cornwall on Truro’s outskirts that had originally been intended for 10,000.

According to a report by BBC Sport, it will be paid for by money the club has from the sale of Treyew Road that has been held by Cornwall Council.

Below is a picture of a ‘Stadium for Cornwall’, followed by a photo of the proposed new one….

Work could start on long delayed Stadium for Cornwall next year - Cornwall  Live
Stadium for Cornwall
Truro City Football Club has plans to build a small 3,000-seat stadium where the Stadium For Cornwall should have been built at Langarth on the outskirts of Truro
Proposed new Truro City stadium

If plans for a new stadium can be approved, Truro City may return to the Duchy. 

After the club was forced to leave its historic Treyew Road ground in Truro, it has been playing their home games at Plymouth Parkway’s Bolitho Park.

Since then, a new Lidl supermarket has taken its place. The plan was to share the Stadium for Cornwall with the Penzance-based Cornish Pirates rugby team.

However, that idea was canceled when Cornwall Council declared there was no money to fund the S4C scheme. 

BBC Spotlight has revealed that the Southern Premier South club plans to build a stadium at Langarth, on the exact site where the Stadium for Cornwall was to be built.

However, it will have a smaller capacity of 3,000 than the original 10,000. 

After the sale of Treyew Road, the club claimed that the money it has to pay for the ground will come from the buyers’ contributions.

Truro City’s consultant Alex Black said: “It’s going to be massive for the club. At Treyew Road they had great atmosphere, but I think everybody did recognize that stadium was probably getting a little bit tired.

“But it was still by far and away the best football ground in the whole of Cornwall, and what we’re going to be building now will be a much better version than that, it will actually be one of the best football facilities in the South West, so it’s going to be great for us.

“It’s great that the team are doing well and are the top of the league, but we really want to be doing that in front of some good crowds and our fans, and that’s what we’re doing it all for.”

Truro have had a nomadic life of late – they initially shared with Torquay United in 2018 before returning to Treyew Road early in 2019 after work to turn the ground into the Lidl was delayed. But once work started in the summer of 2021 the club moved to Bolitho Park and have played there ever since.

Mr Black added: “Obviously it was disappointing when we had to leave Treyew Road eventually, but one of the big positives of that was that we banked the money which was required for the football club shareholders to build a new facility. That’s been sat with the council since we went, who’ve obviously been protecting it, being safeguarding it for us, and now we’re ready to spend it on a new home.”

The consultant said there is hope that the club’s new facility – if approved – could grow in the future to a size which would be suitable for Premiership rugby, which needs at least a 10,000 capacity.

“It’s going to be built in such a way that it can be developed into the future to be something much grander,” he added. “Obviously funds need to be in place to move that up to 5,000, and should everything fall into place this could still potentially become the 10,000 seater stadium that everybody hoped for and has been trying to get for such a long time.”

Truro City currently sit top of their league (7th tier), 11 wins from 14 games, 36 points, one ahead of Weston-super-Mare.

Social media users reacted as Truro City say they plan to move to a brand new stadium in Cornwall and could return as soon as next season…

@WeldonHilary: Brilliant news 👏👏👏

Ray Eley: Brilliant now we to know when work will start and I might start to believe

@Elmhart: Sensible solution.

Nigel Dilley Dilley: Get it built!!!

Rob Richards: Can’t wait

@KingBobIIV: It’s about time. It’s shocking, when Rugby is our National sport, when we have such talent, our facilities are so atrocious. However, why its not in Pool, with 3 X A30 exits, a direct train line, is beyond me. Truro simply doesn’t have the infrastructure.

@torpointboy: Excellent decision to cast aside the rugby and concentrate on Truro City with Truro City money

@dicaniojames: Lets hope for all the Truro City FC fans it does happen! Theres been so many delays ive almost given up hope of ever watching Truro play in Truro ever again! Lets get it started 👍🏼⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Will Clift: A positive step forward!

@IanMcDo06417525: Great news, fingers crossed it happens

@zandiethornton: Let’s hope this happens 🤞

Alfie Bale Morris: At last 😍😍

Jerry Booker: Is it April fools?

Brendan James Wilkins: Could it be?!

Adam Geary: I’ll believe it when I see it

David Bickerton: How many years in the pipeline 🤦🏻‍♂️

Craig Evans: Good Luck to them , seems to have been going on for a while. been to the City of Truro a few times, great place. Be good to see Cornwall have an established team in the football League one day.

Malcolm Mutton: Sounds intresting lets hope it goes ahead

Dave Holmes: This has to be great news for Truro City and the Cornish Pirates. We’ve been waiting a long time. That Cornwall Council didn’t include it in the levelling up bid is a scandal.

Trevor Thomas: Lets hope Cornwall Council have looked after the money. 🤔

Mark Frain: Much more sensible than a 10k capacity stadium! Pirates only average about 1500 crowds and the last time Truro were in the conference south, they were getting less than 500! That massive stadium would have killed both clubs!

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