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Troy Deeney mocks Luton fans while Nathan Jones slams Birmingham’s time-wasting

There was some shithousery from Troy Deeney as he mocks Luton fans while Hatters boss Nathan Jones slams Birmingham’s time-wasting.

The Blues had an encouraging start to life under new boss John Eustace as they avoided defeat at last season’s beaten Championship playoff semi-finalists Luton.

In a game of few chances and quiet spells, Birmingham managed just one shot on target, however Eustace, who only took over at the beginning of July and is expected to be given a chance to impress incoming owners, saw his side come away with a point.

Blues have twice done the double over Luton in the past three seasons, yet 28 points separated Birmingham, in 20th, from 6th-placed Luton last term, Blues won the two meetings between them 8-0 on aggregate, starting 11 months ago with a 5-0 win at Kenilworth Road.

Luton came close to opening the scoring when, from James Bree’s early free-kick, new Blues keeper John Ruddy cleared with his legs – and Jordan Clark blasted the rebound over, and then summer signing Luke Freeman tested Ruddy again with a scuffed shit.

Juninho Bacuna dragged an effort wide for away side, who went close with Maxime Colin’s drilled effort parried away by Luton keeper Ethan Horvath, and the latter had to punch out an in-swinging corner from underneath his own bar. Horvath also dealt with the Blues’ best effort, a dipping shot from 22 yards from another of their new boys, Przemyslaw Placheta.

Bree saw his chance go wide with a 25-yard free-kick before Carlton Morris took too much time after being sent away by Elijah Adebayo.

Morris threatened when making his debut, out running his marker before bending a shot that flew inches wide, and then tested Ruddy from distance.

Luton midfielder Allan Campbell was denied when Bree’s cross was taken off his toes by Ruddy and then substitute Harry Cornick sent then ball into the side-netting with the clock running down.

After the game, Nathan Jones said he has ‘no idea’ of the rules of the game anymore after Birmingham City’s time-wasting tactics weren’t clamped down on.

Speaking afterwards, an exasperated Jones said: “I don’t know the rules of the game anymore, I’ve got to be honest with you, and they’re very educated refs now on answers and to be fair, it’s just baffling.

“If you kick a ball away now it’s not a booking, it used to be a booking, but as long as it doesn’t delay the restart, so that’s open to interpretation.

“As when you boot it up on the net, apparently, as long as someone can retrieve it in the next week or so, it doesn’t matter.

“But I don’t know the rules of the game, I honestly don’t know.

“The offside rule now, I don’t know, if it has a deflection from a defender that’s not intentional, but comes off and goes sideways, then it’s not.

“It’s crazy, and they’re just covering their backs, but it’s mental.

“We try and play as pure and as honest as we can, we try and get the ball back in play, we try to go from A to B and score goals and that’s what we do.

“But I’ve got be honest with you and you can quote me on this, I have no idea on the rules of the game.”

Although new rules have been issued for this season in an attempt to deal with the amount of time-wasting during a game, Jones didn’t think there was any evidence of them coming into play.

When asked if he had been made aware of such directives, he continued: “We have, but they can change them all they want, it’s crazy.

“When you go and speak to a referee, the interpretation and what they say, they’ve always got an answer, and for me, it’s plain and simple.

“You kick a ball away, you’re wasting time, you can clamp down on that.

“I spoke to the referee at half time, the same player did it twice extra.

“I think one, they’ve got a tough job, but two, nothing’s simple anymore and it’s ruining stuff.”

Luke Freeman, who made his Luton debut, impressing during his 70 minutes on the field, was of the same opinion as his manager as well, saying: “You could see right from the start, they were time-wasting which was frustrating as we were trying to get that momentum going.

“But you could see they were time-wasting, almost from the first five, 10 minutes, so it shows how far we have come from.

“We’ve been told that (new rules) as well.

“As the gaffer has said it’s a tough job for them, but if they’re making a thing over that, I think they’ve got to start showing that they’re trying to make the effort.

“We’ve had meetings about this, it’s a tough job for them, but they don’t seem to be acting on it.

“For me personally, I know it’s tough, hats off to them for doing it, they’re making a big thing of it but it doesn’t really seem to be taking action as such.

“That’s our opinion though, people might watch that and say differently.”

Troy Deeney also mocks Luton fans while Nathan Jones slams Birmingham’s time-wasting, see what social media made of it below…

@AntEvans1: I watched the Game Simply to see what stick they gave to Troy. The Comms said, Deeney being Booed cos he came from those Down the Road 😂😂 Deeney will always be a Legend 🤛🤛🤛

@WFCMumsy: Once a Hornet….

@DNSYE_podcast: He’s one of our own. 😂😂😂👏👏👏

@Callys_Disco: Deeney for life @SHITONLUTON #WatfordFC

@JaaackHarding: He handled it well tbf. Much better than the reaction from Bacuna, seeing a grown man manhandle himself and thrust is a sight I could’ve gone without on my Saturday afternoon

@cian40930353: Watford through and through

@miyaarose_: That’s my King right there 😂💛

@thehoff102: Love it! That’s how to get the hatters mad!

@emma_wfc: Once a hornet, always a hornet 😂🐝 #watfordfc

@wfcmichaeI: My skipper 🐝💛🖤

@DanBrown2001: Shock Nathan Jones is still a whining little virgin #bcfc #ltfc

@BrummieTom: Love the fact that Nathan Jones goes to sleep at night, angry at Birmingham City. Really makes me smile #BCFC

@jackbcfc_: Nathan Jones has to be the angriest man alive, like a little gremlin on the touch line all game

@jackwilsonbcfc: Nathan Jones what a fucking melt all bloody game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@COYB_Official: Birmingham City live in Nathan Jones’ head rent free. 😏 #BCFC #LTFC

@beechishere: We have Nathan Jones on strings 😂😂😂 #bcfc #ltfc

@benwilsonn29: Can’t stand Nathan Jones

@MarkWatson1875: Is this time wasting just to wind Nathan Jones up, an attempt to slow Luton down or just the natural pessimism that comes from playing for Birmingham City? #BCFC

@SamPhillips40: Cheer up Nathan Jones #BCFC

@SwannyHypno: Woah Nathan Jones? Moaning? Naaaaaaaaahhhhhh god he’s insufferable

@Raw0909: Openly admits to not knowing the rules of the game, yet moans about the rules of the game as he understands them.

@SWhithouse: This guy man 😂 stands on the sidelines biting his nails and moaning at the most petty things which overshadows his ability to coach a decent side

@MrBrightside_32: Nathan Jones Tears 💉😂

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