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Troy Deeney lists attributes where he believes he’s better than Harry Kane in viral video

Troy Deeney lists attributes where he believes he’s better than Harry Kane in a video that has gone viral on Twitter overnight.

His take had led to quite the divided reaction from fans after revealing aspects of football he feels he’s better than the current England international and Bayern Munch player.

Deeney, 35, these days finds himself in the role of a player-coach at League Two outfit Forest Green Rovers following a stint at Birmingham City.

He spent much of his career, a total of 11 years, at Watford, netting 140 goals over 419 appearances along with 165 appearances in the Premier League.

He also played against Kane, and revealed he could’ve joined Tottenham when Jose Mourinho was at the time was in charge of the club.

He appeared on the Winners Talking Podcast, and thought there were areas where he thought he was better than the Spurs’ all-time record scorer.

Deeney said: “Is Kane a better footballer than Deeney? F****** absolutely, I’d be f****** naive to say he’s not. Is he a better finisher than me? Yes.

“Can he head a ball better than me? No. Can he control a ball better than me, like look after it when there’s two men on his back? No.

“So when you’re winning a game in the 85th minute and you need someone to come on because he’s getting a bit tired or whatever, he can’t do what I can do.

“If I was gonna go in at Spurs, that would have been my role. That’s it, that’s what I’m talking about. But apparently that was a weird thing to say.

“But also, here’s something that I will say, and anyone that knows me and anyone who’s played with me will say this, can he be honest every single day and say he outworked Troy?

“If he can say he can, he’d be f****** very, very good. If you can’t, I’m there, innit? Because one thing that anyone knows is, I outwork everybody because I’m not as good as them, do you get what I’m saying?”

This is what fans said as Troy Deeney lists attributes where he believes he’s better than Harry Kane in the viral video as seen above…

@mralexthfc: Jesus Christ tell me your head is big without telling me your head is big 🤣 There’s a reason why one captains his country and why one plays for Forest Green Rovers

@nb1928: All I’d say is…he’s a professional athlete. He hasn’t got to where he has without being the hardest worker in the room. So that isn’t a crazy thing to say imo. He’s also chosen 2 specific parts of his game (altho I disagree with him). I kind of get what he’s getting at

@500milesforGRiT: Harry Kane who works harder than anyone else to be better than anyone else, to be England’s record scorer, to be Tottenham’s record scorer, to move to Bayern Munich… But if only he’d worked as hard as Troy Deeney.

Two takeaways from this…
1/ his yes men are even struggling to agree with him.
2/ once he refers to himself in the 3rd person everything he says is void!

@deanmerrick: One of kanes greatest attributes is his game management. Holding onto a ball and winning a foul in the dying moments of a game, also his heading is world class.. 😂 Troy Deeney

@ConnorOwen2: Who the fuck does he think he is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@ddoublepivot: This is why some ballers are always destined for relegation levels. Strikers as kids love the attention and praise of scoring goals; narcissistic. At big clubs, this kind of mentality harms team ethic and harmony.

@wbafc_alex: I’ll give him it he’s good in the air & with his back to goal but Jesus Christ, he looked like a carthorse plodding about up top for blues last season, proper hard work that, blokes ego is through the roof

@Dewb1878: Again on todays episode of should footballers head the ball.

@halliday_9: Loads of professional footballers when they retire see themselves as a much better player than what they actually were mind

@LynnoJay: Worst take I’ve ever heard 😅 he plays for forest green rovers in league two whilst Kane is playing champions league football for Bayern & still captaining England 🤣

@MartynHobbs12: He’s the most deluded person I’ve ever seen 😂🤣😂🤣😂 In his interview with Simon Jordan he said I’ve got some big options at some huge clubs and in Saudi stay tuned. He then announced Forest Green

@samuelJayC: Kane is better in every single way. You’re stratospheres away mate. Just accept it. How is this even a conversation. #Kane #Deeney

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