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Troubling scenes as FA Vase tie sees police try to stop Stourport and Worcester fans fighting

There were troubling scenes at the weekend as an FA Vase tie sees police try to stop Stourport and Worcester fans from fighting.

Reporter Marcello Cossali-Francis (@Mcossalifrancis) writes: “In regards to the incident behind the goal during the second-half of the Stourport vs City game this afternoon, I have approached both clubs & the West Mercia police given they had to intervene. Will provide an update when I have responses. @worcesternews

“I was towards the other end of the ground but I saw liquids thrown from both sides over the fence which seemed to spark it off. Social media videos then show some more unsavoury scenes. Shame as it’s always a minority & not representative of either club’s support.”

Daniel Turner (@puffpuff65) tweeted: “Bunch of degenerates who can’t handle a few beers, thought there should’ve been more stewards considering the crowd numbers. There were loads of old bill in the town afterwards 🚨”

The game itself saw Worcester advance through to the FA Vase quarter finals with a 5-1 victory in front of nearly 2,000 fans at Stourport.

Kirk Layton was up at the front post and headed a corner home to put Worcester ahead on 25 minutes.

Jamie Insall headed home from close range to make it 2-0 on 40 minutes, before Kyle Belmonte made it 3-0 on the verge of half time, staring the goalkeeper dead in the eye and lobbed him from the edge of the box.

With 30 minutes left on the clock, Belmonte lashed home from six yards to make it four, and then Liam Lockett was there to poke home shortly after.

Ben Tilbury got on the end of a lofted cross and found the bottom corner to grab a consolation goal for Stourport as the game came to an end.

B Tilbury (87′)

K Layton (25′)
J Insall (40′)
K Belmonte (45′), (59′)
L Lockett (63′)

Stourport: Emery; Harland, J Hanson, E Hanson, Birch, Meddows, Canavan, Slevin (C), Eke, Tilbury, A Hanson.

Subs: Murray, M Hanson, J Hanson, Tivey, Bailey, Glenister, Pratt

Worcester: Whitcombe; Stoddart, Layton, Knight, Mace (C); Monteith, Lymn, Belmonte; Lockett, Hartley, Insall.

Subs: Stockton, Sheehan, Batchelor, Reid, Evans

Worcester boss Chris Cornes said, per Worcester News:

“Yeah I am delighted. All the talk of the pressure being all on us and being the favourites, but we went out there and showed that we didn’t feel any pressure. We played the same way we have for 30-odd games this season.

“The lads were terrific today from start to finish. You cannot ask for any more. A couple of blocks were needed in the first half but on a boggy pitch, we have played some fantastic football and scored some really good goals.

“We had a game plan and we identified their weaknesses and exploited them, especially from set-pieces. We got in down the wide channels where we thought they were a bit weak and Kyle Belmonte and Elliot Hartley did really well with that. Jamie Insall ran himself into the ground, again.

“I spoke to these players before the game and I told them they would score today. I know these big players will turn up in these big games.

“I thought we would win 4-0 and we won 5-1 so I got the four-goal deficit correct so I will take that!

“We turned up in the big occasion and won it.”

Social media users reacted to the troubling scenes as FA Vase tie sees police try to stop Stourport and Worcester fans fighting…

@bertiebenbow: What the hell is going on here? @StourportSwifts @WorcesterCityFc 🤦

@deminimismusic: Proof, if it were ever needed, that non-league football rivalries are every bit as passionate, bitter and important to their fans as any of the so-called ‘biggest’ English rivalries.

@RussWWFC: People should be banned if they can’t act in a civilised manner. No doubt they will be out supermarket shopping today.

@GaryBreville1: My local football club and we also lost 1-5 , not the greatest day we was expecting

@beechy8642: Sad state of affairs. What should have been a great game ended like this. What a disgrace.

@Fordamous: Love the Vase! What a competition 😍

@WesleyJoyce13: @WorcesterCityFc gonna get to Wembley and the club are going to be forced into giving banning orders to anyone involved in the trouble yesterday 🤣🤣🤣 couldn’t write it lol

@Lamby023: Absolute weirdos

builder__phil: not sure saying “Stop It” from a window is really going too do that much 😂😂

rushy_lad_33: Football only football 🤦🏼‍♂️

wallyhfc: It interesting that the old guys go for it, while the younger 1s just throw things and film 🎥 it all 😂

ol.luke17: Gowan even the grandads going at it 😂😂😂

yg.alfie0: “stop it stop it” 😂

hazardfletch22: I was there it was bad there were smoke bombs being thrown just before everyone left

yg.alfie0: chap with the walking sticks on 1leg 🤣

smdphotog: Ffs even the old boys having a go, wait until the Mrs finds out 😂 embarrassing

joners2410: Behaving like that over non league football – knuckle dragging dead legs – grow up

jonnysimp85: Big bald guy giving it big bollocks soon shits it and runs off

tommajorsradio: Ffs grow up lads. This is non league not the glory hunting of the PL.

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