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Troopz hits back at fans furious by his angry rant at his wife during Arsenal live stream

Troopz hits back at fans left furious by his angry rant at his wife during the Man City v Arsenal live stream on Wednesday.

Viewers have slammed Troopz, real name Aumar Hamilton, during the Gunners’ 4-1 defeat to Manchester City, when he launched into verbals towards his partner.

These days, he ain’t got much to do with AFTV, but is still a regular online presence for Arsenal, and works now for Barstool Sports.

Troopz became angry after Kevin de Bruyne gave Pep Guardiola’s side a 1-0 lead after only seven minutes on the clock.

As he reacted to the Belgian putting on past Ramsdale, Troopz lost his cool and appeared to shout in the direction of his partner as he said: ‘No man this f***ing woman walks in then they f***ing score. Nah cut bruv, nah I’m being deadly f***ing serious, don’t smile at me.

‘I’m being deadly serious leave the room. Leave the room. Don’t laugh at me, leave the room. Leave! Leave! Leave babe! Leave you’re not watching it. How can you walk in here and they f***ing score?

‘What do you mean you’re going to watch it? Nah leave, leave! You’re cursing my team.’

Barstool Sports had shockingly originally shared the clip with the caption: ‘TROOPZ HAS LOST IT WITH THE MISSUS,’ accompanied by several laughing emojis, before later deleting the tweet.

Twitter users David Challen, a campaigner on domestic abuse, came across the clip, and wrote: ‘Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse but it can trigger existing abuse. The abusive behaviour displayed by Troopz towards his wife highlights how football can create a period of more intense control and fear, exacerbating an existing problem.’

‘This behaviour is not normal, acceptable nor should be seen as entertainment to be live streamed to countless young men and boys who watch his content. There is no place in society for this behaviour. It is abusive and controlling.

‘Troopz’s young son was also in the room and verbally attacked for his team conceding another goal. So, not only did his son witness his mother be verbally abused, he was himself too. Children are victims of domestic abuse in their own right. This is awful.

‘Apparently a friend of Troopz’s family has contacted me on Instagram to say this isn’t domestic abuse and that they engage in this behaviour for views. So, orchestrating acts of domestic abuse for views and in turn perpetuating male violence to young men and boys is okay???’

After discovering the backlash, Troopz has since issued a video, in it saying: ‘This is my only reply, yeah, so screenshot it, record it, do what you want with it, yeah, the only thing I beat up is the pussy, respectively, I lie babe?’

Se replies ‘No’ while laughing.

He adds: ‘You get me? Like 18 years we’ve been together you get me? You lot don’t know that life. You understand? That bond is different. And… she’s a Tottenham fan, who now is a Man City fan.’ She laughs again. Troopz goes on: ‘Who came in trolling me, so football banter yeah, you get me? That’s what it is. But domestic violence and trigger warning, nah go look over somewhere else blud, with all them people with them fuckery I feel for them but nah blud, I only beat up the pum-pum.’

To which David Challen has since added: ‘Young men and boys are expected to ‘understand’ his relationship with his partner, Troopz says responding. Somehow this validates perpetuating abusive behaviour, or ‘banter’, online?’

In a shocking rant, Troopz (left) shouted horrifying abuse at his wife (right) during the video

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Here’s how Twitter users responded as Troopz hits back at fans left furious by his angry rant at his wife during the Arsenal live stream…

@therealadamcous: See this agree with 1000% we can have the footie banter allday but there’s a line you don’t cross #respect

@Gazzbcfc: The man is a tosser

@CarlaLinford: My stepdad used to shout and scream like this during a match. The mood for the day would be set by whether or not his team won, I never did get it. It’s a game, not life or death.

@DeclandThomas06: Just seen this and it’s disturbing. The fact that she didn’t cuss him out! Her silence spoke volumes, as her words could have triggered him even more. She knows who he is. I like Troopz, but this behaviour could cost him his viewers. No place for this at all.

@da_vids19: What an actually c**t he is.

@TheLawless: If you don’t know someone’s relationship you can’t jump to conclusions. If people saw how me & my girl talk to each other they’d think we hated each other but it’s been nearly 15 years & that’s our banter. I met your Mrs, she’s not a pushover she gives you as good as she gets 😂

@BluebirdLoki: What a fucking prick.

@RobbieWardlaw: If I never see a video of that Troopz guy again I’ll die a happy man. Never seen or heard someone so insufferable in my life, if you went into a pub to watch a game and he was in there it would be an instant 180 out the door

@JitterbugJaz: My partner used to work on CCTV cameras in a police station on nights, watching a city centre. He said it was horrific how violence spiked after a lost game, but the worst was when they got home to their girlfriends/wives.

@tom_walton79: You’d hope @Arsenal will come out and condemn this behaviour from @TroopzAFC and totally disassociate themselves from him – it’s not what we want as representative of our club – he’s already waving it away as ‘banter’ – classic Tate wannabe.

@JayPacman49: People love to judge… Do your ting broski.. Me and my ting have wild banter, if people walked in or heard something for a couple of minutes, you would think why are they together 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love is shown different in different relationships

@pacmanMCFC: Imagine this is your dad 😂😂😂 son is watching that video absolutely horrified

@CFC_VS: Weirdo, talking about this when he’s kids have social media and are around him

@NGoodrichHsg: This is neither normal, nor acceptable behaviour. Men, do better.

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