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Tranmere Rovers sack manager with club in League Two playoffs

Tranmere Rovers have chosen to sack their manager Keith Hill with the club preparing to take part in the League Two playoffs.

Next week, the Super White Army are to face Morecambe in the playoff semi-final and former Pool coach Ian Dawes will now take charge.

The club finished 7th in the League Two table, taking 73 points from 46 games played for the 2020/21 campaign.


Tranmere Rovers Football Club can today confirm Keith Hill has been relieved of his duties as first team manager with immediate effect.

Chairman Mark Palios said: “Despite success achieved on the pitch in the form of securing a place in the Play-Offs and reaching the Papa John’s Trophy final, in the Play-Offs an entire season gets distilled into two or three games.

“I have to do what I think gives us the best chance of achieving promotion in those games and I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that means making the change before the semi-finals begin.”

Ian Dawes will take charge for the Play-Offs and will be assisted by Andy Parkinson.

The Club will be making no further comment.

It comes just days after Keith Hill insisted that he was enjoying the challenge of managing Tranmere.

When asked about his future by the Globe, the 51-year old was relaxed and upbeat about the situation.

He said: “The future’s bright for me individually, for the club and for this group of players.

“I don’t really want to talk about anything really other than concentrating on what it is that we’re trying to achieve.

“We came here with an agreement that we would try our very best collectively to get promotion and that is still the aim.

“With respect to myself, I’m totally comfortable with the current situation that I find myself in, which I’m really enjoying.”

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Fans reacted after seeing Tranmere Rovers sack manager with the club in the League Two playoffs…

@jackbuchanan172: I might be missing something massive her, but why sack him before the Poffs? (Bristol City fan btw, so don’t know a lot about the situation)

@petemcardle: We have looked hopeless in the last 15, a shot on target if we’re lucky, in that time Keith has made minimal effort to change things and blamed the fans in the process, 95% of the fans had lost hope in him

@zzzoooman: Well done. Hopefully the club can move forward TOGETHER. Best of luck to Dawes & Parky… At least we are having a go

@LukeyRoberts: 100% the correct decision and a ballsy one. Into these games with full togetherness now as a club. EVERY BALLS A WHITE BALL

@joembeebam: Wow aren’t yous in the playoffs?

@coltow1974: If the season was another game or two long we’d be finishing in 8th or 9th. Never seen a team limp into the playoffs so unconvincingly. Positive move.

@andyyou91316135: What fantastic news, can look forward to the playoffs now

@Chris_RedPT: What a time to be alive. Up the 25 shots on target white. Thank god that is over with.

@johnrtrfc: Season back on track, his car crash of an interview didn’t help.

@Myles_Trfc: The best decision you could possibly make, thank you for listening to the entire fan base, it simply couldn’t continue, now let’s go and attack them playoffs, up the swa

@philbadger83: And there it is, the tweet that signed me up for another season ticket

@JohnDrakeWriter: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Respect to @markpalios1 and @NicolaPalios. I didn’t think they’d do it, but fair play to them. 100% the right call

@Ant_olsson93: That post match interview looks to have sealed it. “They” “The club” He never understood it all did he

@Gidsentinel: Forza Palios!!!

@RichardBrady2: One of the best decisions you’ve ever made Mark!! Just me who thinks we can win the playoffs now?

@thebernieb: Thank you @markpalios1 @NicolaPalios it was more than needed after his most recent post match interview! Big decision and you made it to give us a chance in these playoffs. I’m well up for next Thursday now c’mon whites!! SWA

@DaveRidgway2: It was the only decision possible given the recent performances & press-conference debacles. Well done Mark. That could turn our season & give us confidence. Two season tickets will definitely be renewed. #SWA

@AaronJohnson___: Unbelievable Jeff

@georgeredfern16: Just before the play offs 🤯

@APR77571: Had to be done mate the players and fans lost faith…even if we lose in the play offs we’ll at least have the chance of keeping the players who didn’t want to play under Hill

@RedVRover: Turmoil at the club, no pressure on Dawes and Parky. Morecambe may well underestimate us. The return of The Deadly Sub!

@cabletastic: Tremendous news. And ballsy decision from the guvnor. Well done Mr and Mrs P.

@TroupyTRFC: The right decision. Whatever happens in the play-offs, this is the right decision #swa #trfc

@miketolley2008: Win or lose in play offs, 100% right decision.

@NBarham70: Common sense prevails….up the whites

@stevieteelo: Brilliant, brave decision from the Palioses

@CJtheSmitty: As a Walsall fan I get it. When we lost Dean Smith to Brentford we brought O’Driscoll in and we would have dropped out of the playoffs if he’d been given the full season. Yes we still didn’t go up, but not having him in charge gave us a better chance than having him in charge.

@SimonCrabtree17: All fans must be behind this decision. The games under Dawes and Parky were the catalyst for the season turnaround. Hill just bounced into a winning team and when shit got tough he just had a go at the fans and players. Big boost going into the play offs. Viva MP NP SWA
Blue heart

@stpauliwhite: Wow, the Paliosi definitely have big balls that’s for sure. Sad really but inevitable, turning on them players and the fans during a run of poor form was only never going to end well.

@JutterManning: Right decision. Have more hope for the playoffs now than if he was still in charge. Hopefully we will start to play to win again

@jharv1988: Thank God for that. Now feel a bit of optimism for the playoffs.

@JoshDezza: We’ve got our club back

@garytweeter: Should have done it 5-7 games ago when it was obvious, would probably have gone up automatically, too little too late, just hope this galvanises the squad and we secure play off promotion but I think it’s too tall an order. Cmon Dawes and Parky, work that magic!

@P_Carruthers: Should have got rid a long time a go, but might have a chance of winning the play offs now

@OhBirkenhead: Massive relief. Massive release of positivity ahead of 3 huge games. Thanks @markpalios1 @NicolaPalios for taking a difficult but decisive step.

@BennyMaths: At last! The dross he was serving up on the pitch should have made his position untenable, but that final post-match interview was unacceptable and unforgivable. I suddenly feel optimistic going into the play-offs. At least we know Dawes & Parky will have us attacking the games.

@roverkopite: The correct decision. The only question is why it took so long after Saturday’s car crash? Onwards and Upwards now!

@WestYorks_SWA: Promotion incoming

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