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Trailer for ‘Gate Money: Inside Non-League’s Funding Fiasco’ documentary is released

The trailer for a new documentary called ‘Gate Money: Inside Non-League’s Funding Fiasco’ is released and it’s got people talking.

It all looks back on the global pandemic, a £10 million government grant and 66 non league football clubs. What could possibly go wrong?

The doc, which will be fully released later this year in November 2022, features the likes of Tracey Crouch, Kieran Maguire, Ben Clasper, Nigel Huddleston, Donnacha Harte, Jim Green, Chester, Dorking, Dulwich, Maidstone and Tonbridge, while Fred Atkins is the presenter and it’s director is Jasper Spanjaart.

The trailer begins showing a £10m lottery grant that was going to have to be distributed, but when it got distributed in the way it did, it had many baffled.

Some won the jackpot while others were pushed to the brink and what should have been a feel-good story, turned into something very worrying.

A question is heard in the video: “Can I ask the minister, to confirm that the distribution formula will be based on lost gate receipts?”

To which the reply was: “It will be based on those most in need. It will absolutely be focused on gate receipts.”

The concern however was the lack of governance, with one talking about the conflicts of interest, with questions raised over who was really benefitting from it the most.

The following quotes can be heard in the trailer…

“Yes. National League board. Yes. National League board. Yes. National League board. And look, they’re all in green.”

“According to independent assessments, board members clubs ended up with almost half a million pounds more than they should have done.”

“Double check that on a calculator.”

“Well, I’m out by two quid now.”

“That should not have therefore meant that some clubs would have been better off financially had the pandemic not taking place.”

“The issue was, they placed this football club at risk.”

“Just makes it feel like there is something odd and not quite right if the report isn’t published.”

“These little old pals acts, maybe when there wasn’t social media and stuff like that, you could get away with them a bit more. It was horrific.”

“It’s the most remarkable story I’ve ever covered when it comes to sport. I found it astonishing.”

“We’re here in spite of the National League, rather than because of.”

“I got the feeling that they were looking for Inspector Clouseau, though, and they got Sherlock Holmes.”

“If they don’t, then what they know now, they possibly wouldn’t have asked me.”

This is what Twitter users said as the trailer for ‘Gate Money: Inside Non-League’s Funding Fiasco’ documentary is released…

@Killerkline1: Really looking forward to watching this. I suspect/hope there are some individuals feeling very uncomfortable about its release.

@DonWindlesham: This looks unmissable!

@liddle_4_ever: I’m looking forward to seeing this! See how we were screwed over with the distribution of the grants.

@BakeCFC: The truth will be outed. Criminal proceedings should follow

@prog_head: This is going to be interesting.

@Deep_Blue_Me: This looks like a must see

@Stevewxm85: Funny how some of the teams with the lowest average attendances got some of the highest cuts 🤔 #gatemoney

@JoeFromCymru: Would imagine the chairmen of Boreham Wood and Solihull are getting twitchy arses at this.

@CorinCFC2: About time the NL got exposed

@trevk37: Might put a few cats amongst the pigeons this 👀

@lukew_87: This is gonna be very embarrassing and uncomfortable viewing for the National League and for some individuals I suspect.

@5c0tty99: Looks like it’ll be an interesting and relatable watch even for those lower down the pyramid ⚽️

@stevegals: Will be an interesting watch – shocking corruption and self interest when lower league game was on its knees

@wayneedwards77: Do your thing @VancityReynolds

@CTonComms: Absolutely can’t wait to see this and find out what exactly went on. Where did all that money go? Who benefitted? Who should have benefited and didn’t or who did and shouldn’t have?

@DanWrexham: Also, does ANYONE know which teams are represented on the National League board? I tried looking into it a few weeks ago and there is VERY little info on who’s on the board anywhere on the internet

@bostonutdstats: This looks like it could become a hugely significant investigation into the covid money farce endured by the NL clubs. The strange grant cut – offs (x number of clubs in each league receiving more) , the lost minutes of meetings and the unpublished review into it all.

@NLBIBLE4: This will be interesting because it was an absolute fiasco. No one is sure if anyone was there to minute take the meeting which is supposed to happen in every government meeting especially when giving away such large amounts of money.

@benstonesfc1: Can’t wait to see this! About time the league get put to shame and it finally shows them for what they are

@stevedeltasix: This will rightly open a can of very dodgy worms 🐛 of which they must be squirming already, can’t wait. Heads will roll ⚽️⚽️⚽️

@samkrowlett: It’s this level of shit show why the national league will never get 3 up 3 down from the EFL. Self serving Turkeys voting for Christmas, utter bunch of pricks

@gmapleth: Good grief, this is going to be embarrassing

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