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Trailer and gameplay drops for Copa City, the ‘first football tycoon’ video game

Trailer and gameplay footage drops for Copa City, which has been dubbed as the ‘first football tycoon’ video game and it’s simply incredible.

This week, Copa City has been announced and in the game, set for release in 2025, players will be able to organise high-stakes football events. Fair to say this looks extremely promising.

You will have to get the surrounding areas and inside the stadium ready, make sure safety measures are in play, and provide fans with a good matchday experience.

However, every decision you make will not only influence the city but also the emotional rollercoaster for football fans.


Copa City write via their website: “It’s only up to you and your decisions to provide people with emotions that will resonate long after the final whistle. Keep in mind that beyond meticulous planning and logistics, the true heart of football event organization lies within the emotions that happen during the match. So make it fun.

“Organize matches in three distinct, real-world cities, recognizable by their landmarks and legendary stadiums.

“The matches will showcase six licensed football clubs, an elite and diverse selection, which includes Premier League club Arsenal FC as well as Bayern Munich and Flamengo. They come along with unique colours, chants, features, and behaviours for their fans, creating an authentic atmosphere. But nothing comes easy. You need to ensure both safety and fun for spectators, taking into account the challenges that come with each club.

“You will need to prepare the city to host the match by adapting its infrastructure to meet the needs of football fans. This involves building and developing temporary structures such as fan zones and food courts in all city districts.

“A high level of satisfaction is achieved through the availability of accommodation facilities, catering services, and the quality of the sports event. It is also essential to ensure safety and security throughout the event.

“Installing advertising materials can generate additional income. However, a key aspect of this mechanic is maintaining the right balance between advertising exposure and fan satisfaction. Additionally, don’t forget to sell tickets for the game!

“Designate expected routes for fans to move from communication hubs to the stadium. This involves installing barriers, signposts, and information points along the routes, as well as strategically positioning security personnel.


In Campaign Mode, your task is to organise matches of varying levels of importance by accepting orders to coordinate these events. Your objective is to successfully manage the organisation processes to gain access to more challenging game loops. This mode is designed for players who are new to tycoon games but have a keen interest in football.

In Challenge Mode, you will select a scenario that lets you experience the game from start to finish within a maximum of one hour. This mode is ideal for players who do not have time for a full game but still want the satisfaction of completing a distinct stage with a specific problem to solve. It is tailored for players who are familiar with tycoon games and are accustomed to this style of play.

Single Match Mode allows you to choose any host city, competing teams, and economic setup to play a single full game loop. You can also showcase your final economic result on the leaderboard. This mode is designed for experienced tycoon players.

This is what fans had to say on Twitter to the trailer and gameplay drops for Copa City, the ‘first football tycoon’ video game…

@CulturesPassion: I love concept 😍

@JimmyJambo51: looks good btw

@gt_888_: This is the biggest me game ever

@UnRayao: Love it. We need more ⚽️ games for mobile. This one looks unique. Will definitely check it out

@TomFM_YT: Interesting game concept. Sounds like you plan out a football tournament which is pretty unique. But I have questions about the replay ability of the game, once you’ve planned out one or two tournaments I wonder what brings you back to the game.

@JordanAR1995: If done right this could be a very good game but I’d need to see proper gameplay to be sold on it.

@TheKitmanUK: This looks like this could be an amazing game! 😍🎮

@fmnatics: Very interesting! I’ll have to check it out once it’s released.

@IAMLUXHILL: Yeah this is cold. They just need to get licensing from more clubs and this could be something big.

@chrissBFC: looks fire lowkey

@SFCJames__: this looks unbelievable

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