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Tottenham vloggers mocked after filming themselves celebrating as goal gets cancelled out

Tottenham vloggers were mocked on social media throughout Thursday after filming themselves celebrating before a late goal gets cancelled out.

From wildly dancing on the touchline to suddenly shouting in despair, Antonio Conte went through all the emotions in the final minutes of Tottenham’s Champions League game with Sporting Lisbon.

The Italian was jubilant after what he thought was a dramatic injury-time winner by Harry Kane, one that would have sent his side through to the last 16.

However the celebrations were put to a stop as the referee consulted VAR and, after a lengthy wait, the goal was ruled out for offside.

A furious Conte was sent off as he reacted and instead of winning 2-1, Spurs drew 1-1.

“This decision creates a big damage. I hope the club understands this. The club has to be strong,” he said.

The reaction on the fans’ faces as the goal went in showed just how big a victory would have been in Tottenham’s Champions League campaign – they now face Marseille next week in the hope of avoiding defeat if they are to reach the knockout stages.

Conte is expected to serve a touchline ban for Tuesday’s fixture at Stade Velodrome and wouldn’t be allowed to contact his players before or during the game and would have to sit in the stand.

As you can see above, the goal was huge, it was all going off, but then it was ruled out. Showing his emotion to the moment and how annoyed VAR has left them, benspurs21 uploaded the clip and has got over 300,000 views in the first 12 hours or so of publishing.

@HLTCO wrote: “There are multiple clips floating around on here of Spurs fans filming themselves celebrating Kane’s goal last night, followed by the crushing disappointment moments later.

“If I’d filmed that, I’d delete it without even watching it back, not upload it for the world to see.

As mentioned, Tottenham vloggers were mocked after filming themselves celebrating as the late goal gets cancelled out, here’s what was said…

@arseblog: Same, I don’t get it (along with not getting the filming yourself during a game thing). But it’s like when you see Fail compilations and someone does something stupid they’ve filmed themselves but somehow it’s on the Internet. It’s almost like a disorder.

@russweller: The day var got it right 🤣🤣

@TweezerGeezer: The day you might stop recording yourself at a football match 🙄

@gjm339: Killed football long before last night mate

@nathanielmead: But VAR is fine when it’s benefiting Tottenham most weekends??

@Sean_Quigley17: Football began to die when gimps started recording themselves at matches

@PiusAFC: I’m in TEARS lol. At least you would’nt worry about seeing silverware with those teeth of yours

@Den_AFC: Cheers for this Ben. Great start to my day. Serves you right for filming the whole bloody thing, live in the moment

@baileyk120: So is filming yourself at a football match 🤷🏻‍♂️

@kevinlowe12345: Things you love to see ⚒

@JackPlomer24: Changed my opinion on this after seeing how many whoppers in the ground were filming themselves watching their team go for a late winner. Get it right up the lot of them, freaks deserve it. Great use of VAR

@MarkyB1985: VAR killed football by getting a decision right…….banter fc, banter fans! What an amazing video, never stop being spursy please 😂😂😂😂😂

@MPontoCastanho: The day you almost won with an irregular goal and then went mad that they applied the rules of football.

@kevpeck1987: Why on Earth we’re you filming yourself at a football match – you’ve ruined your own experience not a correct offside

@AndyRobins_PSRB: Serves him right for recording “scenes” on his phone

@tazzy_boy23: “there’s pandemonium in the stands”

@drewst_: No doubt. Right or wrong decision, waiting to re-celebrate is turning this game more robotic by the day.

@LDJAFC: The upside to VAR is watching things like this.

@AFCJosh9: Imagine sitting near someone doing this all game, whatever team it is, I’d be fuming if the guy next to me did that at the carpet – just watch the fucking game!

@Mezatron3000: Objectively speaking though… this is quite funny

@_Grimanditweets: Was worried the old fella was gonna keel over for a minute..

@datguysadz: I’m not willing to sympathise with anyone who films themselves during anything

@doc11886: This gives me a lot of joy

@agent_gonz: Sucking the joy out of it yourself by living in your phone and not the moment

@BarryShawkins: “absolute pandemonium in the stands”, he says, as he films absolutely no pandemonium in the stands.

@SakaNelli_AFC: Hold that 😂

1. Films self celebrating
2. ‘Pandemonium in the stands’
3. Massive spot on nose
4. High pitched screaming
5. And Hahahahahahahaha

@CHalsall1: Rivalries aside, we have to admit attention seekers filming themselves at football games is completely sucking the joy out of footbahahaha

@neil_hannam: Now show a video of the Sporting end when the decision was made and see if VAR has completely sucked the joy out of football. Or the Spurs end when that Sterling goal was ruled out in the quarters. Bet there was zero joy amongst Spurs fans then.

@JReadingAloud87: I don’t know, it made me pretty joyous. In all seriousness, it’s farcical. Football is meant to entertain the crowd, & VAR is taking the live element out as more is being decided when no action is happening. Yet, fans are paying more than ever for tickets and TV subscriptions

@geoff_walker123: Dont know what’s more sad, filming yourself at football or supporting Tottenham, pretty much go hand in hand i suppose

@ShaolinMunkeh: This whole ‘his hair follicle was offside’ rubbish that’s happened because of VAR and then the subsequent 4 minutes of checks really is killing the game. very team has benefited from these awful decisions, as well as had them given against them.

@DannySkelhorn: You don’t deserve the joy of football if you’re filming yourself in the stand

@WetSpamFan: These are just getting better

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