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Tottenham v Blackburn U23s ends in chaos as players and staff clash with three red cards

Tottenham v Blackburn U23s ends in chaos earlier this week as players and staff clash with three straight red cards issued.

Spurs were able to continue their unbeaten run with a draw during the feisty encounter at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, but the result was put to the back of everyone’s minds with the late brawl getting everyone talking instead.

Footage has gone on to get over 100,000 views, showing the Premier League 2 fixture play out to a violent scuffle which saw Kallum Cesay, Tobi Omole and Jake Garrett all being given marching orders.

Both sides boiled over as the final whistle blew with referee Gary Parsons forced to take drastic action and members of staff getting involved.

With two Tottenham youngsters shoving an opponent in the chest, both sets of squads and their substitutes began to push and start throwing punches.

After around 30 seconds of anger, it all calmed down with the teams making their way to the dugouts.

However, referee Parsons was keeping a close eye on the events that played out and decided to punish Cesay, Omole and Garrett.

Following that game, Tottenham sit third in the Premier League 2 table with eight wins from 16, behind only Manchester City by four points and West Ham by six.

Blackburn sit bottom of the table with two wins from their 16 games, drawing on six occasions and sitting a point behind Derby County and four points behind Leeds.

Spurs: Oluwayemi, Cesay, Matthew Craig, Lyons-Foster (Michael Craig 9), Fagan-Walcott, Omole, Clarke (Santiago 85), White (c), Scarlett, Devine, Mundle (Bennett 68). Substitutes (not used): Lo-Tutala, Muir.

Blackburn Rovers: Eastham, Brown (Haddow 72), Gent, Wharton, Pratt, Phillips, Durrant (Leonard 79), Garrett (c), Vale, Harlock, McBride (Brennan 83). Substitutes (not used): Stergiakis, Batty.

Goals: Spurs – Clarke 15; Blackburn Rovers – McBride 65.

Yellow cards: Spurs – White 64, Scarlett 89; Blackburn Rovers – Vale 21.

Red cards: Spurs – Cesay 90+5, Omole 90+5; Blackburn Rovers – Garrett 90+5.

Twitter users reacted as Tottenham v Blackburn U23s ends in chaos with players and staff clashing and three red cards being dished out…

@CowenGrc10: Least they’ve some fight and passion more than the first team

@justinsteichen: I wish our first team cared this much and had that much fight in them

@Kam38451801: Good passion well done boys

@Jordankirkness1: Got to his head he’s playing at the stadium with 5 fans lol

@JoeJcoys: U23 showing more fight than first team

@Chun_ky: the number 2 threw about 8 punches

@AaronSm52619924: Who’s number 2? He’s having a right go

@alex_harris9: Our number 6 is 16 years old, your number 2 swinging has absolutely lost his head and made himself look stupid here

@popeyedoyle_: I’m not defending our no. 2, but he’s 19. Stupid behaviour of course. Don’t what caused this, even though you shouldn’t do this anyways. We had an incident last year where Drinkwater (30) went after Devine 16 vs Chelsea after a hard tackle from the latter.

@Treborf67: Can the number 2 be promoted to the first team squad and then bring him on with 5 minutes to go

@H_aSmith: Atleast the U23s have a bit about them

@ParkLaneYid_: Get these in the first team ASAP 😂

Garry Freeman: Haha those boys lost their cool big time there

Paul Riley: Imagine getting that angry because you haven’t won a game of football

Dean Neville: Number 2 has absolutely lost it there lol does he think he’s in a boxing ring all of a sudden or something?!

Terry Taylor: scenes you like to see

Ollie Gardner: Love to see it even the staff are getting in the scrap

Will Phelps: Nothing like a bit of passion and a flare up that end there cant beat it

Paul Burgess: Hardly a good advert is it, the need to show, exactly why???

Liam Jones: Watch the tottenham number 2 , does everything he can to get free like he’s going to knock everyone out n then just pushes a lad 🤣what a sausage

Andrew Owen: More lively than the 1st team games some fight take no crap them players

Colin Faulkner: For what it’s worth. I think the officials were bang on it. There as arbitration and not to stop what was happening, just observing, I wish some referees displayed the same ability and decision making with VAR decisions and go with their own gut feelings.

Paul Rye: Tottenham get battered everywhere they go 🤣🤣😍

Stuart Watson: All with the chance of a lifetime to become professional footballers and all they want to do is act like little gangsters

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