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Tottenham slammed for ticket price to attend final home game of the season

Tottenham Hotspur have been slammed by fans for the ticket price to attend their final home game of their frustrating Premier League season.

It has been confirmed that only home fans will be allowed in to stadiums for the final two weeks of the season.

Matchweek 37 was purposely moved back to after the 17th of May – the date the United Kingdom enters its next phase of the Government’s roadmap plan for the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions – in order to allow teams the chance to host one home game each.

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Away fans have been banned from attending following the initial discussions but there was hope the Government would relax their stance and allow a small number into each fixture.

However the Premier League have since announced that will not be the case, with home fans’ attendance also dependent on Government approval.

Now Spurs have been accused of ‘breathtaking incompetence’ by demanding £60 a ticket to watch their last home game of the season – with rivals Arsenal charging half the price.

Tottenham have decided on a flat-rate charge for the upcoming fixture against Aston Villa which kicks off at 6pm on Wednesday the 19th of May, with some seats costing more than they are usually priced – plus a £1.75 booking fee.

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It comes after the club sparked fury from their fanbase by joining for the European Super League, and to anger them even more, they set the prices for the game without consulting any supporters groups and opted to charge one price for general admission no matter where the seats are located.

Arsenal have come up a range of ticket pricing for their final game, against Brighton & Hove Albion on the 23rd of May, with adult seats ranging from £25.70-£35.50.

Though, Arsenal’s game is a ‘Category C’ match while Spurs’ clash with Villa is ‘Category B’ so some difference in pricing could be expected. Nonetheless, it’s still angered many.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Martin Cloake, co-chair of the official Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust told the club in a tweet: “The first ticketing decision taken without talking to your fan reps in 8 years and you’ve made a total shambles of it, and turned even more loyal supporters against you.

“The sheer incompetence is breathtaking.”

Tottenham have four games remaining this season, and they will be hoping of finishing up in some sort of European qualification place, with a spot in the top four looking unlikely.

They trail Chelsea – who occupy the final Champions League qualifications spot – by five points. Plus there is plenty of competition for the Europa League place.

The first round of fixtures due to take place with fans will be on the 18th and 19th of May, with the final day of the season scheduled for the 23rd of May.

Up to 10,000 fans, or a quarter of each stadium’s capacity (whichever is fewer), will now be able to watch their team before the 2020/21 campaign draws to a close.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

An official statement read: “The Premier League has today confirmed that the final two Matchweeks of the 2020/21 season will be limited to home fans, subject to the Government easing lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom.

“Supporters are expected to be able to return to stadiums from 17 May in a reduced capacity, pending the final Government decision on planned Step 3 conditions, which will be announced no later than 10 May.

“The Premier League last week confirmed fixtures have been rescheduled to provide an opportunity for each club to host one home match with supporters before the end of the season.

“Matchweek 37 will now be played on 18-19 May, with the final matches of the season kicking off at 16:00 BST on Sunday 23 May as planned.

“Following consultation with clubs, it was agreed matches would not be open to away supporters due to varying operational challenges across the League and the need to deliver a consistent approach, while maximising the opportunity for home-fan attendance.

“The safety and security of supporters is of paramount importance. Clubs have a proven track record of providing COVID-safe environments and have operational plans in place ready to safely welcome supporters back to their stadiums.

“Fans have been greatly missed at Premier League matches and this marks a key step towards full stadiums, including away fans, from the start of the 2021/22 season.”

As mentioned, Tottenham have been slammed for their ticket price to attend the final home game of the season, others had something else to say on it…

@MichaelLofthou5: Got to pay back that 170m Govt Covid loan !!

@Statesidepete: They have to pay Jose compensation some how

@kaizer747: Football is for the fans. Lol

@jamese9930: There’s a surprise.

@billytheyido: Worst thing is you just know that people will pay it and the 10k will be filled easily.

@Spursylad10: Exactly those people are even more of the problem. They give justification to the owners actions..

@mrbradleygrant: Imagine being asked to pay £61.75 to watch Tottenham vs Villa at 6pm on a Wednesday.

@mdjv83: @SpursOfficial embarrassing

@Brad_Flange: By this point Levy is just giving more and more reasons to hate him/the club and to protest on the 15th.. after the last 4 weeks with how bad relations have got with the THST and fans in general and they do this. These lot aren’t budging they couldn’t give a f*ck about us fans.

@DanBryan18: Club is a shambles at the moment. Fans being treated like 💩

@therealdamianb: Shameless. Profit before everything #thfc #COYS #ENICOut #LevyOut

@CraigWeeden: Levy is the problem!

@niallkissick: @SpursOfficial this is just wrong…..

@Ramz6Up: This has got to be a joke

@lgriffiths200: @SpursOfficial disgusting #enicout #levyout

@GeorgeGreen_7: Scum

@Beno_Hotspur: @SpursOfficial disgrace of a club!

@Luke_thfc19: Not apologising for the Super league. Increasing ticket costs. How else do you want to piss of the spurs fans Levy & Lewis? #ENICOut

@theotheodorou: @SpursOfficial #enic #levy you need to take a long hard look In the mirror. Ripping your fans off after the month you have given us is not a good look.

@benjones85: @SpursOfficial another own goal for us. Disgraced yet again!

@SpursVersus: Criminal!

@ThfcChaz: This club is an actual joke

@thfcniaa: they’re scamming us #ENICOut #LevyOut

@ShanetheSomm: ENIC out, Levy out

@jackburns27: Enic out @SpursOfficial and also why charge 1.75 booking fee when it’s digital? Absolute scammers you have no shame!

@moojim: I would ask everyone to think long & hard b4 applying for a £60 ticket for the Villa game. It’s outrageous & very sad that our club treat us soooo badly. As much as it pains me I will not be applying

@TottenhamOld: If you enter a ballot to be robbed of £60 as a season ticket holder for a 6pm Weds eve kick off after recent events…… YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. BOYCOTT THIS MATCH. #ENICOUT #LEVYOUT

@midzo1882: At £60 a ticket? You can fuck right off… Typical Tottenham, don’t care about the fans, just your greed.

@ParkLaneBlock40: A torrid year for everyone, an abysmal season and an embarrassing few weeks for the Club. What an opportunity to give something, just something, back to ST holders. But, no, £60 and booking fee please.

@glenboddle: 6pm on a Wednesday night? Some of us don’t knock off till 5pm. Also, you speak of loyalty. Not a single mention of the One Hotspur members who paid £50 to be a member and get absolutely nothing from it this season.

@Katspur71: Hi. Any chance explaining why it’s a flat £60 price when fans are literally selecting their own seats? Why are they not paying the actual price for that actual seat? £60 is WAY higher than the average B cat in MANY areas. Disappointing.

@ParkLaneBlock40: £60 + booking fee for a 6pm kick off? It’s over lads, I’ll watch on TV.

@SpursStatMan: There used to be a football club here.

@DeanFaccini: £60 for category B fixture. You know what. It just isn’t worth it.

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