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Tottenham sack Stellini as Harry Redknapp confirms interest and Lloris speaks out

Tottenham Hotspur have taken the decision to sack Cristian Stellini as Harry Redknapp confirms interest and Lloris speaks out.

Those at the top of Spurs are discussing the future of the acting head coach after the club’s 6-1 defeat at Newcastle saw fans in the away end making their way for the exits after 20 minutes with the score 5-0 by that point.

When Conte left the club in March, Stellini made the step up from his role as assistant head coach until the end the season.

Tottenham’s hopes of finishing in the top four are quickly fading following the humiliation suffered at St James’ Park.

The club’s hierarchy were at the training grounds on Monday and discussing whether or not the interim manager should remain in the role until the season ends.


Sunday’s performance against Newcastle was wholly unacceptable. It was devastating to see. We can look at many reasons why it happened and whilst myself, the Board, the coaches and players must all take collective responsibility, ultimately the responsibility is mine.

Cristian will leave his current role along with his coaching staff. Cristian stepped in at a difficult point in our season and I want to thank him for the professional manner in which he and his coaching staff have conducted themselves during such a challenging time. We wish him and his staff well.

Ryan Mason will take over Head Coach duties with immediate effect. Ryan knows the Club and the players well. We shall update further on his coaching staff in due course.

I met with the Player Committee today – the squad is determined to pull together to ensure the strongest possible finish to the season. We are all clear we need to deliver performances which earn your amazing support.


Tottenham currently sit fifth in the Premier League table, six points behind Newcastle United and Manchester United who are fourth, but they have more games to play.

Sky Sports News’ Paul Gilmour said on Monday: “I told you earlier that I wouldn’t have been surprised if Tottenham was discussing the future for Cristian Stellini, and it’s true. They are talking about his future.

“It is unclear at this stage whether he’ll be in charge for the game with Man Utd on Thursday night. Ryan Mason would be the obvious candidate to step in.

“Those discussions are ongoing. His future as the acting head coach is up for discussion.”

Stellini had switched Spurs from a back three to a four-man defence for Sunday’s trip to Newcastle, whose top-four rivals they were visiting. His team conceded five goals in just 21 minutes.

He took full responsibility for the outcome, calling the first quarter of the match the worst in his footballing career.

Mason, the first-team coach of the team, took temporary charge of the squad after the dismissal of Jose Mourinho. He won four of seven matches in which he was in charge.

Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris to Sky Sports:

“It’s very embarrassing. The first thing is probably we should apologise to the fans who travelled, the fans who watched the game. Obviously we didn’t show a great face.

“We could not match the performance of the Newcastle players. We were late in all the aspects of the game. We completely missed the first part of the game. Obviously the second half is another story. It’s really painful.

“It’s not even about talking of tactics, it’s just we could not fight. Newcastle had a great performance, they were very aggressive, very offensive. Every time they got the ball they were looking forward and, I don’t know, it’s difficult to assess and analyse the performance. The first things was a lack of pride.

“To concede four goals in 20 minutes… you can get punched once, twice. But it was something strange, like we could not even react. We could not even bounce back into the game, into the performance. But Newcastle deserve a lot of credit. They started the game with power, they were very dynamic and they knew exactly what to do, with the ball and without the ball.

“We can try to find excuses and analyse the performance but the first thing is we miss the fight. In football, if you go on the pitch without the desire to show aggressiveness, to win duels, to win the battle it makes things very hard. Or you have to be very good with the ball technically and tactically. It was a big mess.

“We can’t hide behind the club’s problems. We are players, we are professional and every time we go onto the field we try to deliver the best but today there was too much lacking in all the aspects. Now there are two other very difficult games in the week and we have to bounce back.”

Tottenham boss Cristian Stellini said to Sky Sports:

“We were not prepared enough to play an important match. We have a good squad, but [on Sunday] no one showed how good they are.

“It was my responsibility to decide the system [for the game] and we decided to do it differently because we had many injured.

“It is my responsibility to take this type of decision, I took it and it was wrong.

“I have to take responsibility because after we changed system, the game was gone, we had to play better and we did. We scored and tried to fight, but it is very difficult to understand why the first 25 minutes were so bad.”

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Stellini added: “There are no words to explain a performance like this. The first 25 minutes were maybe the worst I have ever seen.

“We trained [in a back four]. I was surprised [at how badly the system worked].”

Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp, who managed Spurs from 2008 to 2012, told talkSPORT that he would be willing to take on the role, though he will not be waiting for a call from them.

Speaking to Laura Woods, who asked Redknapp if he would go back to Tottenham, he told talkSPORT: “It is very, very unlikely they will come knocking for me.

“But if they did, of course, I’d go back and take it.

“I am not here sitting by the phone waiting for a call, that is for sure.

“It was disappointing to see how it turned out yesterday.

“To be fair [to Stellini], I thought he did a great interview after the match. I don’t know him, I’ve never met him.

“But he took it on the chin, a bit, didn’t he? He did make a mistake, he went to a four [at the back], the left-back is a left-winger really, a left wing-back at best, the right-back was the same.

“They were very open but it still doesn’t excuse the performance of the players and the way they played.

“The lack of effort was abysmal really, it was scary. I could see at 5-0, if Newcastle keep pushing they could get nine or 10 here.

“Levy has brought in top managers hasn’t he, really. They have gone out and got the best managers; Conte, Mourinho.

“They have certainly had a go and brought players in. Richarlison cost £70million and he can’t even get in the team.

“The recruitment has been poor, you can keep spending money but unless you get the right players… look at Chelsea, spent an absolute fortune and don’t have a centre-forward. Can’t win a football match!”

Ex-Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara told talkSPORT: “I’ve been in better moods, let’s just say that.

“I’m sick and tired of watching Tottenham, I’m actually done this season with them now I’m not going to watch them again because they’re a disgrace. Yesterday was an absolute disgrace.

“Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of banter, we all love throwing shade to each other, but actually in the grand scheme of things, watching that yesterday was an absolute disaster and an absolutely disgraceful football team and they should be ashamed of themselves.

“I turned it off after 10 minutes! 3-0 down after nine minutes I mean what’s that? You’re meant to be professional athletes and have a bit of pride in your performance.

“Not one of them showed any pride, any passion for the football club. None of them deserved to put that shirt on yesterday and all those Tottenham fans that made the trip, they should be paying them fans back.

“To be honest with you, I’m just ashamed to be a Spurs fan. I’m all up for having a laugh and having a joke with Arsenal fans and all that,” O’Hara admitted.

“But do you know what, Arsenal fans and Arsenal players have got passion for their football club. They’ve got desire to win football matches.

“That lot that walked on the football pitch yesterday [at Newcastle] had nothing to offer in that Tottenham shirt and they shouldn’t be wearing it again.

“It’ll be the same old rubbish next week, I’ll come in here on Monday and be talking about the same old garbage.”

This is what Twitter users said as Tottenham sack Stellini as Harry Redknapp confirms his interest and Lloris speaks out…

@SpursArmyTweets: Disgraceful. I’m actually disgusted.

@JohnWumz: Hope they get their money back. Disgraceful.

@WSWanimal: Levy needs to go FULL STOP.. Does not matter who takes over, results will be the same.

@J3R3MY_n: Mason probably pushed for this system. Mason shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team like stellini. Levy again is responsible for this calamitous idea to keep stellini and Mason assisting. Club is washed.

@PantherKane: Classy spurs as usual. Probably the only team in the league that can do great things and achieve f£&k all. I was disillusioned months ago, now I’m just used to it.

@ShayTHFC: Let’s sack one coach and bring in another 3 who know nothing about coaching great one 👍🏻

@HazSpur92: Nah Levy needs to go, he caused this and must be held accountable

@Jaywheatley: Why stellini was kept on i do not know. Sack him. Get a manager in and sort this club out

@JW_2187: Crystal Palace went and actually appointed a new manager and went from spiralling into a relegation battle to chasing top 10. In the same time, we’ve just stuck in Conte’s number 2 and expected to get better. To get a change in results, you have to change things

@Craig_Pankhurst: Utter disgrace. Lack of leadership at every level. Lack of direction. Lack of a positive culture. It’s all on the Board. Every single decision has been appalling. Where is the accountability?

@MollyShep: If I’d travelled 570 mile round trip, taking 10 hours to see my team get slapped 6-1, only to watch the players swap shirts at full time, I’d be fuming. Shambolic.

@AnthonySJ: Worryingly I think Spurs might not win another game this season. In terms of the teams we have to play, the form they’re in and that something is really wrong in that squad. Stellini needs to go. Levy needs to take action. #THFC

@Lozzykinz: I’m gonna support Wrexham.

@darrellh59: A 19hr day and we stayed to watch the whole game. Don’t blame those who were eating after the 4th goal and hopefully the TV picked up on it. A lot of expense again to travel and we should get reimbursed as the players will still get paid. Utterly embarrassing but will still b TTID

@rachelgr11B: I have been watching Spurs since the 70s and can’t remember anything like this. Total mess.

@bellehb777: I’m so bloody sorry for all our away fans. What a total and utter embarrassment. I’ve seen it all now.

@J3R3MY_n: I’d never stay to watch that. Dont blame them. Should be asking the club for their money back for this game.

@big_tez73: To all the fantastic fans who made that long journey I salute you. The club doesn’t deserve you. That game gave me sickening mid nineties vibes. We can’t let #ENICOut be in charge of our destiny. This is OUR club. Vote with your pockets. It’s the only thing that matters to them 😭

Mauricio Pochettino was WRONG.
Jose Mourinho was WRONG.
Antonio Conte was WRONG.
Daniel Levy is always RIGHT.
He has been RIGHT for the last 22 years.

@adamdnathan: In Conte’s last game, we were one minute away from going third in the league. He had to be sacked, fine, but with ten games to go, Levy and the board sacrificed the whole season, with so much still to play for, by keeping Stellini. Cant think of a more stupid decision in the game

All you Conte out bitches.
You got what you wanted..
He’s sacked for telling the truth.
You still believe in the “it’s about taking part”.
Fucking loser club.
Loser mentality.
Sections of the fan base fucking losers too.
I’m done with giving a fuck.

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