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Tottenham fans hit out at Daniel Levy taking £3m bonus before increasing season ticket prices

Tottenham Hotspur fans hit out at Daniel Levy taking a £3m bonus before increasing season ticket prices, according to reports.

The fanbase have criticised Daniel Levy following the disclosure of his bonus in the club’s most recent financial report with results for the year ending June 2023 announced on Wednesday morning, showing a loss of £86 million over the 12 months.

Despite Chairman Levy’s attempt to maintain a positive tone in the accompanying statement, he mentioned that the club is actively seeking new investors, even though it is not currently on the market.

Levy’s salary increased from £3.265 million to £3.581 million during the year, but he also received a £3 million bonus, leading to fans express their anger after Tottenham announced in March that season ticket prices would increase by 6% for the 2024-25 season, with the most affordable adult season ticket costing £856, up from £807 this season.

They are also removing the concession for new senior season ticket holders – for those aged 65 and above – from 2025-26, and we saw fans protesting in the stadium mid-game.

As a result of the price rise, the cheapest adult season ticket at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is priced at £856 and the most expensive, the 1882 season ticket, comes in at £2,367. The most expensive junior season ticket is £606, with the cheapest junior season ticket at £428.

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust said the decision was “unacceptable” and “cannot be justified”, but the club have said the increase in season ticket prices is because they have only raised prices once in the last five years – by 1.5% – and there had been a “significant increase in matchday costs”.

“Following a ticketing review and with fans asking for the club to confirm season ticket prices at the earliest point in the season, the renewals window is now open. As fans also requested to leave renewals open until after the last fixture of the season, the deadline to complete payment and retain your seat for next season is 5pm on Monday, May 20,” said the club when explaining the price hike in a statement regarding season tickets.

“Football is not immune to the rising costs of goods and services across the board and we continue to look at all options to minimise ticket price increases, while absorbing the vast majority of costs. In the five years since the stadium opened in April, 2019, there has only been one season ticket price increase of 1.5%.

“There has, however, been a significant increase in matchday costs outside of our control such as utilities, rates and consumables, along with the need to continue to operate on a sustainable basis. For 2024/25, season ticket prices will increase by 6%.”

“Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust is dismayed by the club’s plans to increase season tickets by 6%,” said Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust in a statement. “We oppose any season ticket increase and the removal or reduction of senior concessions, both of which are also opposed by the Fan Advisory Board.

“THST Board members met with the club on February 21 when we were presented with the season ticket proposals for the first time. During this meeting, we disagreed on several areas and as a result of our input, changes were made.

“We do, however, remain hugely disappointed to see season tickets increase by 6%. Discounts for senior season ticket and matchday tickets remain unchanged for 2024/25 but lead to the complete removal of new senior concessions from 2025/26 – this is unacceptable.

“The club does say new senior season ticket holders who are turning 65 for next season will receive the current 50% discount if they are in a concession area, but this will be of little comfort to those supporters impacted by these changes from 2025/26.

“The discount for senior season tickets will also be reduced by 5% each season for the next five years meaning that, from 2029/30, senior season tickets will cost senior supporters 25% more than today. This increase cannot be justified.

“The club’s justification for the 6% increase are two-fold: 1. That it has only raised prices once before in the last five years by 1.5%. 2. Because there has been a “significant increase in matchday costs”. In our opinion neither justification holds water.

“The club says the number of senior concession season tickets has risen to almost four times the number at White Hart Lane and says the increase is not sustainable. We say these changes pull the rug out from under the feet of pensioners after years of loyal support.

“THST Official believes a fuller discussion at the beginning of this process with the club would have led to more effective input and increased the prospect of an outcome with wider support.”

The Football Supporters’ Association wrote via Twitter: ‘This is Spurs’ new policy for OAP ST holders: The older you get the more you pay! Unless eligible by 2024-25, you’ll never get an OAP ST discount. Ever. Doesn’t matter if you live til 100. Spurs are the 8th richest club in the world.’

Paul Newman of the Daily Mail wrote: “The timing, as it always seems to be with Daniel Levy’s Spurs, could not be worse.

“Just as we are told one of the most expensive season tickets in football is going up six per cent next year comes news that the best paid administrator in English football has just seen his enormous salary rise from £3.3 to £3.6million.

“And, get this, Levy also received a £3million bonus last year which even my ‘O’ Level maths tells me is pretty much exactly the same amount Spurs will recoup next season by fleecing long suffering supporters, many of whom just cannot afford to go any more. Truly, you could not make it up. Truly, it is contemptible.

“What exactly was that pay increase and bonus for? It was also revealed in Spurs’ financial results released on Wednesday that the club made a loss of £86.8m last year. Levy got a bonus for that?

“Or was it for giving that chancer Antonio Conte £15m a year to produce some of the worst football we’ve seen in years, completely denigrate the club and then put a metaphorical bomb under the whole operation before scarpering back to Italy with his loot?

“It was all going so well this season, too. Levy, either by luck or judgment, finally alighted on the right man to lead our club in the outstanding Ange Postecoglou and what he has achieved this year, irrespective of our final league position, is close to a miracle.”

Read more on what he said HERE.

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As mentioned, Tottenham fans hit out at Daniel Levy taking a £3m bonus before increasing season ticket prices…

@Katspur71: Taking money from pensioners while awarding himself a £3m bonus? The absolute front of our Chairman and Board. Turn that dial up to ten. Let the games begin. @SaveOurSenior66

@nad_THFC: The biggest scumbag in football by a country mile. The fans think turning there backs for a few seconds will change things. The man has the biggest ego in world Football. The trophy cabinet is empty under him. The bank balance is swelling to record levels per year.

@ElCapitain82: A £3 million bonus you say?! How much extra cash will the season ticket price hikes bring in?! Yep, you guessed it. They are laughing at us.

@liamwp: Over 60,000 loyal spurs fans, paying more money to watch their team, so that the rat levy, who has failed this club for over 20 years, can have another bonus. Scum bag.

@MartinCloake: This says all you need to know about our Club board.

@MonacoRebooted: Completely tone death by the board for Levy to take that, with the price increases

@Joshgracey1998: The season ticket hikes are literally to cover the mans bonus he gave himself. Jesus christ. Fans will still worship the clown though. He’s pissing himself laughing at us.

@TemptacixnXIX: Oi he actually gave himself a pay rise & a £3m bonus after finishing 8th & selling our greatest ever player, bloke is actually mocking us.

@IrishBrian30: 6% rise in season ticket prices to cover Levy’s £3M bonus he paid to himself. Some man.

@Beno_Hotspur: this is pathetic. Stealing from the poor to have more himself!!! #LevyOut

@EPCFC91: This is exactly it. And this is basically why our economy is horrific and can only get worse. When the rich people only want to get richer at the expense of the working class. Big faults in capitalism.

@THFC_Fletch_: Taken a 3 million bonus and 200K pay rise. For an 8th place finish. Daniel levy everyone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

@1882spurs1: Won no major trophy in 23 years. Sacked every manager he has ever employed. Not backed any manager fully he has employed. Has no plans to win the PL. Pays himself a £3m bonus & gets fleeced fans to pay for it whilst pissing on seniors. Disgraceful but predictable #THFC

@1882yidss: Loyal fans seeing their season ticket prices rise by 6% during a cost of living crisis. But don’t worry, Daniel Levy has only taken a £3 million bonus. He told you all ‘we’ve got our Tottenham back’ and you CLAPPED.

@WorldofHotspur: So our illustrious leader sells our greatest ever academy product. Increases season ticket prices by 6%. Slashes senior and disabled concessions. Pleads poverty every window. Then hands himself a pay rise + a *£3m bonus* for doing fk all 💰 And fans still laud him 🥴🤦‍♂️

@SussexTottenham: Yet fans defend them…..still defend them. It’s over. We’re just an entertainment company now with a bit of football on the side.

@mattpage2000: So basically the 6% increase has paid for levy’s bonus. Complete fucking pisstake.

@andyhotspur14: Levy is an absolute disgrace #LEVYOUT #ENICOUT

@AshGCOYS: Bet he paid himself that quicker than he does clubs for players.

@THFCMYTCH: 3 million bonus for coming 8th 🤣

@Gangstaswag1: Now we know why the concessions have stopped and why ticket prices have gone up, he has basically rewarded himself for finishing 8th last season. And fans tell me he genuinely cares about the club and not just making money. My love for the club is dying minute by minute.

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