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Tottenham fan gets attacked after his chant sitting in the Chelsea end

A Tottenham fan gets attacked after his chant was heard whilst sitting in the Chelsea end for Wednesday night’s pre-season friendly.

A video of what played out is currently going viral, with many rather disappointed that the stewards standing nearby didn’t bother dealing with the matter.

It is alleged that the Tottenham supporter got attacked after shouting “come on Spurs”, with some taking offence and wanting rid of him.

The clip was uploaded and has so far gone on to have over 300,000 views with the clip retweeted over 500 times and it brought in a huge number of comments, mainly of people laughing at it.

Whilst many are rather confused at how a Spurs supporter ended up in the Chelsea end, the game itself finished 2-2, with Chelsea losing a two-goal lead to their rivals as they welcomed spectators back to Stamford Bridge.

The Premier League stadium so much of last season and the year before with games played behind closed doors, or when there was crowds it was a very small amount.

We’re now seeing grounds close to full capacity again, which is fantastic to to see, what are matches without atmosphere right? And we’ll no doubt see more of these kind of scenes.

As can be seen in the clip, it didn’t escalate into an even bigger brawl, majority tried to watch the game, and others could be heard laughing in the background.

The clash was broken up quickly before anyone was seriously hurt, however with some of the punches thrown, I’d high doubt anyone would have.

Tensions were already high inside the ground with Chelsea fans heard chanting mockingly about the absence of Tottenham’s Harry Kane throughout the match.

The player himself didn’t play in the game, with the 28 year old going AWOL this week, failing to report back for training numerous times in an attempt to force through a move to Manchester City.

He believes he has a gentleman’s agreement with chairman Daniel Levy to move on this summer, however Levy is standing firm as the striker digs his heels in.

Before kick off in Wednesday’s friendly, Blues supporters inside the ground could be heard chanting: “Where the f*** is Harry Kane?”

Fans reacted as a Tottenham fan gets attacked after his chant sitting in the Chelsea end, see what they had to say below…

@livinlifegrande: Willian there also back amongst the Chelsea fans having a chuckle!

@Terrylynch1609: And not a steward to be seen!!

@bardo_8: The guy sitting down got the best whack in anyway

@DavidRiggy80: Grow up!!! It’s a game

@la_tarrant: At a friendly 😭😂 Fucking caveman.

@s_andr87: Waits 18 months to get back to a football game – starts fight at a friendly. Get him banned. Clown.

@StutsFlow: It’s a pre season friendly. Grow the fuck up

@kajethaCelt: What a fucking bellend

@chrismoy99: Terrific work by the steward seemingly stood behind the wall watching…..

@RulesGorgie: Would you get involved in a fight when you’re getting paid £7.50 an hour?

@ParkLaneBlock40: Fair play to the fella actually stepping in to stop it.

@AltuKop: My favourite bit was the guy in the middle of it calm as you like “no, you don’t get to do that! Don’t you dare!”, like he was talking to a pair of 5 year olds 😂 fair play.

@EmenaIo: Fair play to the onion for getting in between. That guy hammering away is a colossus.

@OneMorePoint1: If you stand up and shout for your team, the stewards are over in a flash. Have a bit of fisticuffs and they’re nowhere to be seen.

@joshccfc: Sorry but if your an away fan in the home end shouting then expect to get bounced. No sympathy for them at all from me

@joe_pv2896: Why’s it always the ones that can’t throw a punch

@SebCottrell: Getting lairy at a fucking friendly hahahahaha banned by the time the proper season starts

@tylerbwfc: What did he expect if he’s gonna mouth off in the home end the tit

@27LWab: Hahahaha that bod at the end

@SW6LionsTV: Don’t condone violence at all. But don’t sit in a Chelsea end shouting ‘come on Spurs’ simple

@Rhys_Maynard: Grown men can’t go to a football game and be civil because they support different teams. Genuinely ashamed to be English, so many violent cunts around

@Robbo_87_: Fair play, can’t be shouting that expect to get away with it.

@leedsinfidel: It’s a friendly lool these guys need to get a grip

@CPFC_Curt: What a helmet. Have no sympathy for away fans in the home end…quite simple really, keep quiet!

@ShedHender: Simple – don’t sit in your opponents stand and shout for your team. Unless of course you have gone in there to have a fight

@MagpieKit: Willian in the back loving it

1. The bloke should get banned.
2. Why was the Spurs fan in the Chelsea end. That’s asking for bother.

@smatic7_: Fuckin have it lads

@michael_looker: I hate the fact you can’t go the game with your mate who supports another team.

@ChristianEagle0: Big love for the chap in the white tee. Decent human that.

@NeilB__: Watched loads of Spurs games in the home end at away grounds including A***nal and Man Utd. Just sit and be respectful to your hosts, watch the game and don’t sing. It’s not hard.

@selhurstpaw: In a perfect world, you should be able to support your team in any part of any ground. We don’t live in a perfect world. Total lack of commonsense by the Spurs supporter. He was lucky it was only one Chelsea supporter who had a pop.

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