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Tottenham chief Fabio Paratici banned by FIFA hours after leaving fans angry with video update

Tottenham chief Fabio Paratici banned by FIFA hours after leaving fans angry with a video update through the club’s social media.

Paratici, the Spurs’ managing director of football, is being forced out of his position with the Premier League club.

Fifa has placed a worldwide ban upon the 50-year old after Juventus was found guilty of false accounting.

Paratici received an initial ban of 30 months from Italian football, but Fifa confirmed Wednesday that the ban has been extended to all countries.

Tottenham now find themselves in further in crisis following the departure of boss Antonio Conte on Sunday.

Cristian Stellini is to now step up as head coach for the rest of the 2022/23 season, with former midfielder Ryan Mason his assistant manager.

Julian Nagelsmann – 11/10
Mauricio Pochettino – 4/1
Roberto De Zerbi – 7/1
Arne Slot – 8/1
Cristian Stellini – 10/1
Brendan Rodgers – 11/1

A Fifa statement on Wednesday in response to the Guardian said: “Fifa can confirm that following a request by the Italian FA (FIGC), the chairperson of Fifa disciplinary committee has decided to extend the sanctions imposed by FIGC on several football officials to have worldwide effect.”

Serie A giants Juventus were deducted 15 points back in January, with Paratici among a number of chiefs to be banned after a hearing at the federal court of appeal.

Paratici spent 11 years at the Italian outfit, including spells as head of technical affairs, sporting director and managing director.

Both he and Juve are reported to have appeal the decision.

Speaking via Tottenham’s social media channels, Paratici explained the reasons as to why Conte’s reign ended so badly.

“About Antonio, we know how difficult this season was for him personally. Gian Piero died, Vialli and Mihajlovic [died], the surgery, the club supported him a lot about this and everyone was close with each other. But we arrived to this mutual agreement, and I think the decision we made was the right decision to everyone,” Paratici said.

“So Cristian managed the team even when Antonio was sick this season and was good. He has a lot of experience as a second and even first coach in the past. We have Ryan Mason who can help him a lot because he’s been part of this club for a long time, he knows everything about this club and this kind of group of players. So I think we are really, really confident that these two persons can do a very good job,” Paratici continued.

“The players doesn’t have to change a bit, the style of training. So change everything when you have just 10 games to go I think would be really difficult to the players.

“I would like to see, not just this season but even last season, when we came here we speak about ‘rebuild’ a bit. We started to play Conference League, starting not so good. Then at the end of the season we achieved a big result to get Champions League.

“Then this season, we played Champions League, we passed the group, it was a good achievement for us. And then we get out against Milan.

“I think about growing up, the team and the club. The pathway for the club was good about results in that way. And then of course we are disappointed because we can be better in the FA [Cup] against Sheffield [United]. Every time you lose one game, you regret it.

“Of course we are focused and looking forward about being better arriving at the end of the season and the next season better again.

“The Premier League always is tough, so we have a lot of teams and clubs [who are] really, really prepared…but we fight, we like that. So we will fight to achieve our target, we are prepared to fight until the end of the season. We have to be focused on the last part of the season.

“We don’t speak about other coaches or follow the speculation in the media because this is just speculation. We are focused and now concentrating on helping Cristian and the staff, the players.

“I think today we have to be focused on our squad and our manager because it’s an important moment.”

Forward Son Heung-min says he was saddened by Conte’s exit and feels responsible. “As a player, I am really sorry,” he said. “He’s a world-class coach, and we had a great journey together. I should have played better. I feel responsible for his departure, because I haven’t helped the club all that much.”

This is what fans said Tottenham chief Fabio Paratici banned by FIFA just hours after leaving fans angry with a video update…

@RB_THFC: Fans don’t care about top 4 mate. Is only a financial target. We want a club that backs the manager, has a clear view and philosophy and communicates with fans. And don’t even try to rise the ticket prices for the rubbish you serve.

@KiayaCoys: This aged well …..

@WeRTottenhamTV: Spurs putting out a video of Fabio Paratici talking vaguely about Spurs’s future a day before him having his ban extended is the most Spurs thing ever.

@FootballFlagsUK: It’ll transpire this video was from one of them swanky VIP prisons.

@liamfheath: The man trying to reassure us it’s all going to be alright getting handed a 2.5 year worldwide ban by FIFA the next day. Some club.

@nickty61: Lol 16 hours later a worldwide ban. Even by our standards this is incredible.

@joannethejenius: The club is an absolute embarrassment. Why did you get Paratici out in front of the cameras instead of Levy?

@MattWTate: As usual, truly outstanding timing from the world’s leading stand-up comedy football club.

@JMS78: Timed this well 🤡


@georgeachillea: So Levy gets Paratici to do an update rather than himself and the very next day FIFA extends Paratici’s ban to worldwide 😂 we are a circus at the moment

@LidlLevysTHFC: WHAT IS THIS ORGANISATION 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN NOW !!! Levy sanctioned this & how can he possibly not know the outcome, even I knew the outcome & I’m nobody 😳 #THFC

@leoiels: Daniel Levy is so afraid of addressing the fans he got a man who is now banned by fifa to do his dirty work for him. How anyone can still back Daniel Levy is astonishing

@tapintobs: Now he’s banned, are they going to delete this? Honestly he should’ve been gone as soon as the initial verdict was delivered. He’s signed us some good players tbf to him but I’ve never really taken to him. Goodbye 👋🏾

@james_h_g: Seriously what the fuck is this? Elite club? This looks like it’s been shot in a dingy hotel room on a Nokia. Can’t even be arsed to watch all of it as it’ll be total bullshit anyway

@CoMacDo: Only Spurs could put this out and have him banned worldwide less than 24 hours later.

@larsthfc: Might be the most embarrassing moment of this club

@JamieBCoys: Incredibly uninspiring. Cleared up pretty much nothing. The situation being fronted by a guy who won’t be here in a few months. What a mess this club is in…

@Jasonsnell17: Fancy letting Paratici do media duties 24 hours before a worldwide football ban . Is there anyone at this club who can organise a piss up in a brewery ?

@joelclements: Paratici surely a gonner less than 24 hours after the club put him forward to try and calm things down, you seriously couldnt make up the shit show that is Tottenham Hotspur Football club.

@StefanKingg: This aged horrifically

@ROTS1882: Can’t quite get my head around this. The fact it’s filmed on a phone, who signed that off? Are they trying to look approachable? The hot air he’s waffling, the fact that he views the CL run a success, Conte left because of a tough year not his ridiculous outbursts or performances👇🏽

@CheapPanini: If I was Tottenham Hotspur I would simply continue posting videos of our under-investigation Director of Football looking like he’s hiding out in a country that doesn’t do extradition treaties

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