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Tottenham cheekily mocked by fans for trialling a drummer to improve atmosphere

Tottenham have been cheekily mocked by fans for revealing that they will be trialling a drummer to improve the atmosphere on matchdays.

Spurs have been in their new home since 2019, but little didn’t they think they’d end up having to do something to get it rocking all these years later.

One of the main features of their old home, White Hart Lane, was the bumper electric atmosphere that was produced, so now they’re trying to find ways after their new home failed to live up to expectations.

In an email sent to their supporters, Tottenham issued a series of recommendations put into plan throughout the 2023/24 season…

In the letter, it reads: “Dear Supporter, the club recently consulted a number of supporter groups and conducted a survey of matchgoing supporters about a range of subjects relating to matchday atmosphere at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

“The survey found that 64% of supporters in the South Stand felt that a drummer could help improve matchday atmosphere — something that worked well in the past at White Hart Lane. Feedback was that a drummer could prompt and maintain a rhythm for singing throughout the stadium, allowing new songs to be more easily adopted.

“As part of our work with the Return of the Shelf group to relocate 50 like-minded fans who are particularly focused on creating atmosphere to Block 324, we will be trialling a drummer within that group of supporters for the coming season.

“We have taken into account the views of those who were not in favour of a drummer – please note. the drum would only be used intermittently to prompt Spurs songs and chants, it would not be used repetitively throughout matches as is seen on the continent.

“If you have any questions relating to this trial please contact as here. Kind regards Tottenham Hotspur.”

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As mentioned, Tottenham were cheekily mocked by fans for trialling a drummer to improve the atmosphere…

@StatesideCoys: How about they working on creating a better match day atmosphere by signing some central defenders

@thfckizza: Just terrible news. Gonna be so cringe

@Sunny_THFC: “Better atmosphere”… how about reducing ticket prices so more of our grassroots fans can attend to help create a better atmosphere!

@scottishflopped: Atmosphere is so Shite that you need to pay a little drummer boy to come help you out…. #THFC

@GaryLanigan1: Atmosphere was brutal last year…just like the football… we don’t need a drummer… we need a team that plays attractive football and doesn’t leak goals like a sieve

@Little_Blue84: How about trying to win stuff? That’ll get the crowd going 😂

@HotspurHooked: How about not ripping off fans?

@jessbakersmith: “Who’s the wanker who’s the wanker who’s the wanker with the drum ? Who’s the wanker with the drum” all season long please 😂

@JordanBrown91: I’d absolutely hate this

@JacobHorsfall_: Most spurs thing ever.

@sufcben: If you need a drummer to get a better atmosphere crowd ain’t doing their job

@StuddEwan: Imagine needing a drummer for an atmosphere

@Bird_of_Reeve: Mad idea this but they could always try making the team that plays on the pitch competitive and attractive to watch and the atmosphere would sort itself immediately without the need for any of this nonsense.

@kanefromthelane: Will go well with the “we want levy out” chant

@StansburyDarren: Sort the shit out on the pitch. That creates an atmosphere. I guess a drummer is cheaper though 🤣

@salter_tom: We don’t need a drummer. Play the right football, and we have some of the loudest supporters going. It’s exciting football that gets the crowd on their feet singing and chanting. Speaking for myself, I find the incessant sound of drums very annoying.

@TeddyFella: How about trialling a competent defence. That will improve the atmosphere, having an attacking team who don’t concede a goal every time somebody has a shot

@MadAbtActresses: 98% supporters feel a half decent center back would improve the match day atmosphere immensely. Any chance?

@thfc3yid: Couldn’t care less if there was a drummer at the old place. Its completely different now

@gloryglorytott: Does he know ‘we want Levy out’?

@GDTHFC_: Have they thought about signing good football players the fans can get behind?

@andyhotspur14: I tell you what would improve the atmosphere. Some decent players that can actually play the game and challenge for trophies! It won’t happen though, we are owned by money obsessed clowns #LEVYOUT #ENICOUT

@T_LO_7: Signed a drummer but not a CB. Laughing stock #coys #thfc

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