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Torquay fans turn their anger on manager Gary Johnson after dismal defeat to Worthing

Torquay fans have took to turn their anger on manager Gary Johnson after his side’s dismal defeat to Worthing on Saturday afternoon.

The boss was unhappy last week after drawing away to Dover Athletic, and it seems the players weren’t up for the game this weekend with Worthing strolling to a 3-0 victory.

As per Richard Hughes of Devon Live, for much of the game, Torquay were ‘awful, the midfield was weak and lacked any kind of bite, while also lookng rarely did a ball look dangerous when it went forward’.

Ricky Aguiar headed home Wheeler’s delivery from close range to open the scoring on 30 minutes to put Worthing ahead.

Then mid-way through the second half, only on the pitch for a matter of minutes, Ollie Pearce slammed the Reds into a two goal lead.

It was 3-0 on 89 minutes as Reece Meekums finished a flowing move to seal the three points.

GJ: It’s very very difficult to take a game like that you know where the uh you know everything turns on you because you haven’t performed and we didn’t get anywhere we’re near what we’re after.

Of course that people know what we got but we can’t keep saying that and uh you know no one likes the stick but you know, it was directed at us, but I agree with it you know, I mean we’re the ones that are in in charge and we never gave our supporters anything on the day so we got a big chat in there which I apologise for keeping your waiting you know and uh yeah and we’ve had a good chat a few home truths, everybody spoke, everybody’s disappointed, everybody’s of one at the minute we know that only a couple of people perform with any sort of uh quality today and uh but we’ve discussed it we haven’t got a long time to be able to change anything on the training ground necessarily.

But uh with Tuesday on the go there’s a few knocks and things but um we’ve come out of there and you know we’re still of one as it were I told him what I felt as he told him what he felt like they told us what they tell and basically everything was uh the same so we’ve come out of there all agreed that it was a real poor performance

Interviewer: It must be even more frustrating some ways because you’ve come up on the back of a very promising pre-season so you know this team’s got talent and it’s been their evidence at the end of llast season as well

GJ: Yeah you do, you know like this moment in time people don’t want to hear that today, you know they’re in the moment and the moment’s been poor last game and a half really um

Yeah we’re not giving up as far as that’s concerned you can’t it’s not in my nature and it’s not in, in Downsy’s nature or in the players’ nature and that’s what we needed to find out there, yes we you know we there’s some that didn’t perform at all and we have to look at that to see whether they can handle the the good the better teams in the Conference South but you know we’ll still be doing our work hard to make sure that we you turn around that’s that’s all we can do but uh you know what they do but then you know we’ve got to put it into the player’s edge and we’ve got to get back to the thinking of a few weeks back 

As mentioned, Torquay fans turn their anger on manager Gary Johnson after the dismal defeat to Worthing…

@thomaspculley: #GaryOut

@AshtonVilla9: never his fault is it. 2 games in “some players might not have enough for this league”. I can name 2 or 3 that didn’t last season but a bit of coaching wouldn’t go amiss. should’ve gone last season! awful.

@RachelVillavox: worst performance in years; last season was bad and this is just a continuum. Johnson needs to go.

@1NeilWinter: Deja vu from Gary, this could have been an interview from pretty much any point last season. We are all together, injuries etc etc etc. At some point he may just look in the mirror and see where the problem is.

@Jordan_Stuart98: Aaron downs and Gary Johnson last week told me “if you moan when we lose then don’t support us, you lot aren’t supporters” the pair of them are a disgrace. Get the lot of them out, sick of them thinking this club is a payday.

@Jordan_Stuart98: @downesy8 come on then aaron, very vocal to a few of us fans last week who wanted to speak to you regarding a poor performance. You’re more interested in blaming others then you and Gary! Open your eyes, stop milking a club with no money.

@tomtom1976: Shocking. I can’t really say anymore. I have said it all before; seemingly it makes no difference 🤷‍♂️

@Stretch972: one of the worst game I’ve ever seen at Plainmoor beats Bromley 7-3

@thomaspculley: We’re going doowwnn, We’re going down, We’re going down, We’re going doowwnn!!

@GullsRosario: Johnson out!

@BOLTtees: Eyes down – it’s bingo time 👀⬇️🤨

@adders66: What an embarrassment!

@JamieHu64944267: This was genuinely one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen at Plainmoor. Worthing were awful but we made them look good. No rhythm or fight. McGavin is the worst player i have seen at this level. We need to go to 4 at the back. Got to win against Chippenham on Tuesday.

@meggaherne: Really should’ve been sacked end of the last season so he really should now because with a striker duo of Ash and Jarvis they should be scoring lots.

@thistimesurely: As usual, a lot of words to say absolutely nothing constructive. 2 games into the season, he’s questioning whether the players at the club can handle the conference south. It’s quite ridiculous. Needs to look in the mirror occasionally.

I wanted him out last October
I wanted him out at the end of last season
I want him out now
Shouldn’t wait to be sacked either #tufc

@Danbrant01: Gunna be a long season

@gtufc12: Nice to see Garry happy as always

@SamTQ4T: Owners don’t care, manager shouldn’t be working anymore, assistant manager should be no where near a football club. 2,700 fans deserve better, time to protest?

@adamburr14: Can’t be assed with this anymore

@democracyfirst6: We didn’t have our busy players…wow what a poor excuse & they have all had a talk again after the game – oh ok then 😳. Good to see Jarvis devastated in background as well. Reality check we have now lost three halves in a row and not scored a single goal & in relegation zone.

@TORQUAYTALK: Where’s the anger on poor performances we used to see from GJ, just sad acceptance these days. 😕#tufc

@alan_jersey: It’s time to get the corner flag photo and wish Gary all the best and thank him for his service

@JamieHu64944267: One of the worst games I’ve seen. No rhythm at all. Please please don’t play McGavin. He is genuinely the worst player I’ve seen at this level. We need to go 4 in defence with Martin and Crowe in. De Silva should start as well too. Need a win against Chippenham

@tibsashton: Absolutely awful performance, maybe the worst I have seen at Plainmoor. No tactics other than punting the ball long, no midfield, no effort. Over a season of being awful is way too long.

@ChrisHayes1975: Beggars belief how Johnson and Downes are still in a job. Are TUFC just a benevolent fund for past it managers and players these days?

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