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Torquay fans to make protests louder as they hit out at ‘awful’ statement from club

Torquay United fans say they are to make protests louder as they hit out at an ‘awful’ statement coming from club late on Wednesday night.

Supporters of the National League South club were surprised to come across what they described as the ‘first piece of communication for a while’ but feel this ‘should have been the sacking of manager Gary Johnson’.

It’s thought, via TorquayFans.com that ‘despite not attending the fans forum, they had someone reporting back and from what ive read of those going this evening this is not what was said!’ while another supporter adds ‘Incredible isn’t it we often have to wait hours for a match report but within an hour of the TUST meeting ending the clubs puts out this incredibly misleading information on what was said. If only the club issued a statement about their real ambitions (?) for the club it would help us all. This “statement ” answers nothing of the fans concerns of what is happening to our club.’


Torquay United AFC wishes to issue the following statement to supporters.

Having been aware of a fans forum held this evening, the Club is concerned to learn of a directive issued by Nick Brodrick, Chairman of the Torquay United Supporters Trust, encouraging supporters of the Club to partake in a planned protest during the forthcoming home match against Tonbridge Angels at Plainmoor on December 2nd.

Whilst everyone at TUAFC recognises that football is a passionate sport, and fully appreciates that all supporters are entitled to voice their own opinions, the Club strongly condemns the instigating of disruptive, anti-social, or criminal behaviour, such as pitch invasions and the throwing of missiles, which puts the safety of players, staff, officials and fellow supporters at risk.

Torquay United AFC has worked hard to establish itself as a family-friendly Football Club, and we are proud that Plainmoor is now regarded as a stadium where home and away supporters can watch matches in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Club will not tolerate any action taken by groups to threaten or intimidate others, and appropriate action will therefore be taken on all individuals caught participating in any such activities.

Everybody at Plainmoor – Chairman, Directors, Management, Staff and Players – are determined to bring success to this Football Club and return Torquay United AFC back to its rightful place in the EFL as soon as possible.

It comes just days after Torquay played out a 3-1 defeat at home to Yeovil Town, putting extra pressure on the manager while anger also was aimed at the running of the club.

The result made it made it 12 consecutive wins in all competitions for the Glovers, who quickly put themselves in control, Frank Nouble making it 1-0 on 23 minutes before a beauty of a strike from Sonny Blu Lo-Everton doubled their lead on 34 minutes.

Despite trying to spark some sort of fight-back, Brett McGavin pulling one back for the hosts, Jake Hyde sealed the win with a header from a corner just five minutes after coming on as a substitute in the latter stages of the second half.

Torquay fall down to 8th place, ten points behind Yeovil.

“We were second best,” said Gary Johnson, as per Torbay Weekly. “We were beaten by the better team on the day, no doubt about that.

“Yeovil deserved to win. We have to hold our hands up and get ready for the rest of the season.

“You can’t gloss over it. They dictated most of the first half – we weren’t able to keep the ball long enough.

“They passed the ball well and were moving well, and we weren’t.

“It’s not the end of your season by any stretch of the imagination, but people (players) have to realise the quality that you need to win this league – that’s what we’ve got to keep striving for.

Johnson spoke of the number of players injured – including the likes of Aaron Jarvis, Tom Lapslie, Kevin Dawson, Mark Halstead, Dan Martin and Finley Craske. But adds: “You would expect to play better than we did today with whoever was out there.”

They also lost loanee Callum Dolan and defender Ross Marshall to a ‘dead leg’ – Dolan coming off with just 24 minutes on the clock. Dolan has had some stomach issues in days prior the game, but he declared himself good to play.

“He’s a young player who is learning about this league,” said Johnson. “I have promised Lee (his son is the Fleetwood manager) that I will help him (Dolan), and that was a big lesson for him.

As mentioned, fans say they are to make protests towards the handling of Torquay louder as they hit out at the ‘awful’ statement from the club…

There was options for TUFC:
1) Attend meeting, take the criticism, defend your regime and earn a little credit from fans
2) Make it clear you understand the concerns, make an effort to meet with @TUSTCOYY to discuss
They chose
3) Abrupt statement antagonising fans further #tufc

@SaintsDanSFC: So we can’t protest or we get banned 🚫 Wow.

@Byehorse: There was no directive. He was quite reluctant, I think, but there was a big vote in favour. Stop threatening your loyal and long-suffering customers #tufc

@danastingregory: A protest is not only a fundamental right, it is necessary when all other modes of communication fail. In this instance the club has refused to engage with supporters so it is evidence that fans are left with no other choice to make their views heard for the sake of the club

@jjskeffington: Straight from the Braverman handbook. Pathetic. Embarrassing and counterproductive

@capitalgull: I used to be proud to call myself a TUFC supporter (you can stick the A where the sun don’t shine) but the current regime led by the less than affable Mr Edwards has turned me from apathetic, through disappointed to angry. I truly don’t care what happens any more. I’m done.

@Rio_Doherty: As a Chester supporter, I’m behind your protest as it’s clear that you loyal supporters are becoming increasingly disillusioned towards your Manager and Owner. Sorry to hear about your current predicament as you deserve far better. Hope things pick up for you and we meet again.

@IFaustus: Thanks for removing any last shred of doubt from people’s minds about you actually being well intentioned, competent custodians of our football club.

@tufcalfie: watching your club slowly fall apart <<

@jamiepikeonline: George got his spies out and is now running scared??? This club just keeps sinking lower.

@gullsgullsluke: I’ve seen some rubbish in my 20 years of support but this really takes the biscuit – those involved in putting it together should take a long hard look in the mirror.

@MarkAHirst: A massive OG here – the fans show that they care, but the club has just trundled on from one disastrous result to another over the last 15 months & for some unfathomable reason thinks that the manager should retain his job. That wasn’t the ‘club statement’ we were all hoping for

@richymills: I wasn’t at the forum but I’m pretty sure nobody was condoning pitch invasions or missile throwing. Your statement hasn’t done you any favours

@CestrianJames: As an outsider looking in, surely releasing a statement like this is only going to add more fuel to the fire? Pretty unforgivable to attempt to undermine supporters through official channels – sad to see yet another club resort to the old ‘divide and conquer’ techniques.

@ChrisBrook3r: This is what you choose to break silence on? There is no evidence that the management want the club to do well, the match day experience is down to the bare bones. We’ve been sold promotion for the last three years in which time we have become a midtable NLS side…

@andygulls: There’s a lot of problems at the club I’ve loyally supported for 45 years, but George Edwards is clearly the biggest problem. I look forward to ‘voicing my own opinions’ to him in a ‘non intimidatory’ manner, as requested.

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