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Top six favourites to become new West Brom manager as club finally sacks Steve Bruce

The top six favourites to become new West Brom manager is to be revealed as the Championship club finally sacks Steve Bruce.

The Baggies held lengthy talks with Bruce over the past week as pressure continued to rise regarding his role at The Hawthorns.

Fans had already seen enough though and used the 0-0 draw to voice their opinion, with Bruce and Guochuan Lai in the firing line of the protests.

But after 8 months in charge, the 61-year-old ex-Manchester United defender left following the home draw with Luton Town on Saturday.

That kept them in the Championship relegation zone, in 22nd, their lowest league position in over 20 years.


West Bromwich Albion have today parted company with Manager Steve Bruce.

Backroom staff Steve Agnew, Stephen Clemence and Alex Bruce have also left The Hawthorns.

The club would like to place on record its thanks to Steve Bruce and his coaching staff for their efforts since arriving in February.

Under-21s coach Richard Beale will oversee first-team affairs on an interim basis, assisted by James Morrison and Gary Walsh.

The process of recruiting a new Manager is now under way and an appointment will be confirmed in due course.


Sky Bet – 10am, 10th Oct ’22
Sean Dyche – 5/1
Scott Parker – 6/1
Michael Carrick – 8/1
Rob Edwards – 9/1
Carlos Corberan – 10/1
Mark Robins – 14/1

Sky Bet – 11am, 10th Oct ’22
Chris Wilder – 4/1
Roy Keane – 4/1
Sean Dyche – 6/1
Scott Parker – 8/1
Rob Edwards – 12/1
Mark Robins – 14/1

Sky Bet – 3pm, 10th Oct ’22
Roy Keane – 5/2
Sean Dyche – 7/2
Chris Wilder – 4/1
Scott Parker – 10/1
Rob Edwards – 12/1
Carlos Corberan – 14/1

Sky Bet – 10:30am, 11th Oct ’22
Sean Dyche – 2/1
Roy Keane – 3/1
Chris Wilder – 9/2
Leam Richardson – 5/1
Carlos Corberan – 6/1
Scott Parker – 7/1

Here’s how fans reacted with the top six favourites to become new West Brom manager revealed as the club finally sacks Steve Bruce…

@Blackjack42B: Potentially good news for young reyes cleary. Brilliant news for a Monday morning #wba

@robbie_tyas: We all told you Baggie fans that Steve Bruce is utter clueless at his job. Hopefully he doesn’t manage another club again, no matter how much experience he’s got.

@uber_foods: Never underestimate the power of a bed sheet and spray paint. Huge decision facing the club now. We have to get it right. You feel this is the last chance saloon. #wba

@King_Kevs_Rant: 8 months and he’s conned his way into another pay off. Alex should go back to defending his auld man on TalkSport since they love a tall tale and the Steves should never work again. Prepare yourselves #WBA fans, you’re about to be slandered for his treatment.

@darrenmchale4: About time let’s be honest we are spiralling down wards under his lack of ideas we need fresh training fresh approach instead of keep ball in the back line #wba

@lukemills94: I feel this a huge moment in our clubs recent history. These next decisions will prove vital. #wba

@WAFCRob: Between Pardew and Bruce I think #wba should stay well away from ex-Newcastle managers in the future

@JonathanWBA: Bruce going is great news, but only the beginning. #LaiOut always is the main issue and will be until he’s gone. #wba

@Andy_Ebs4: What a disgrace. He’s had over 1000 games in management. He’s an icon. Arteta said he’s the most important English manager in the last 100 years. And most importantly he’s such a nice bloke. What a horrific and heartless decision by #WBA. Psych, well done Baggies! 👏

@Tomwba98: Thank god that’s over. This team despite its clear weaknesses is 10x better than any results we’ve had under Bruce. I do worry about Gourlay choosing a successor but he can’t be much worse than Bruce #wba

@James_Morrall93: Whilst it’s great news that Bruce is gone and I’ve now got a lob on that won’t go down. we now need to look for a new manager now and there’s not 1 footballing brain at the club, Keane rumours says it all. This appointment will make or break our nxt 10/20/30 years. Worrying #wba

@AzCalledAndrew: Can’t believe #WBA fans hounding that nice family man Steve Bruce out of their club!!! How dare you criticise a man who has managed over 1000 games!

@johnmedds: Take your fucking time and get it right. Step 1 in a huge process of getting our club out of this huge mess. Must say I feel sorry for the bloke, hung out to dry by the owners but it was never gonna work. #wba

@JonD09: The next appointment is probably the biggest in the last decade. Would quite happily leave with with Beale for the rest of the month to make sure we get the right person.

@leeirv14: Well, another manager gone. He wasn’t the main problem but he was definitely not the solution either. And he was begging for the sack with the last few games’ performances/tactics! Glad they got it done relatively quickly, the season is still saveable! #wba

@KarlNewcastle: See that absolute cretin has held out for another 5 million by being sacked. How can anyone defend him he’s an absolute disgrace! #bruceout #wba Hopefully the baggies fans can enjoy the rest of their season.

@iainbate: Disastrous appointment. Took us from the playoffs to the relegation zone. Need somebody who can inject some energy into this side #wba

@DoodWBA: Bruce got what he wanted. Full pay off fair play to the greedy bastard. He’s been asking for that pay off with his subs and his interviews after games. Gourlay head needs to be next on the chopping block. Roy Keane did have talks with us, but we are also speaking to others. #WBA

@Chloe_Lane_xoxo: Christmas has come early 🤩 now get the other lot out #wba #wbafc

@Jay89R: We cannot get this next appointment wrong #wba

@MartAndSoul: I like this. But I do NOT like the rumours of Roy Keane as his replacement. But it is exactly the type of appointment we will make. So, whilst I’m relieved Bruce has gone, I remain very apprehensive about the rest of the season… #WBA

@_the_a_bis: I mean, we solve one problem now there’s a massive appointment to be made. I don’t trust them one bit to get it right. This appointment could see the future of the club decided 😬 #wba

@lewis_botfield: About time, might be a nice bloke but in footballing terms I wouldn’t wish him on anyone. Next appointment will be crucial #wba

@guesty_14: Glad he’s gone, but not looking forward to the anger and confusion towards the appointment of the next manager. We’re not an attractive proposition for a lot of managers, so please realise that and bear it in mind #wba

@dannyw_92: I’m not cheering that Bruce has been sacked like many seem to be. He had to go, of course. But it’s depressing that every single appointment we make goes this way now. We’ll stop firing bad managers as soon as we start hiring good ones. Fed up of this cycle #WBA

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