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Top Scholarships to Receive the Best Education For Football Players

It goes without saying that football is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. Some people like watching football matches at home. Some others prefer to meet up with friends and spend time in pubs. There are also very dedicated fans ready to buy college term papers and reach hundreds of miles to observe the match with their own eyes.

England is known for its love for football. There are enough opportunities to get an excellent education for young and aspiring football players. Below is the list of scholarships that will allow students to combine their favorite activities – football and academia.

Core Eligibility and Submission Criteria

But before that, it would be plausible to answer two questions applicants ask most often. They are, “Do I qualify?” and “What should I submit?” Eligibility and submission criteria are critical. Knowing what is required from you will help you estimate your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Suffice it to say that every scholarship – be it public or private – has a unique set of requirements. An admission committee has its right to set the conditions every candidate should meet to qualify for the program.

Typically, though, there is a preliminary list of criteria along with submission requirements every applicant must complete. Regarding qualifications, they are as follows:

– Be of 18 years of age or above
– Have at least 50 U.K. module marks (3.0 GPA)
– Be a U.K. citizen or hold a permanent residence – Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

When it comes to submission requirements, candidates should attach the following documents:

– Application form
– Official transcript of records
– Personal statement

Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme

Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS for short) is an organization that tightly works with rising athletes, academic institutions, and national governing bodies. The primary purpose of such a cooperation is to spot the most talented students and provide them with all the necessary resources to study and exercise various kinds of sports, including football. But unlike other programs, this football scholarship focuses on female players only.

High-Performance Football at UEL

Offered by the University of East London, it covers students who play high-performance sports, like Basketball, Football, and Tennis. The University is proud to have such a program because – as it states – it has helped increase the number of college student-athletes.

Moreover, scholarship has fostered many students that managed to get into the Premier League. Although the program commonly provides no financial aid, exceptional athletes can get $2,000 or even more annually.

She Can Play

Since women’s football has become more popular, it is no wonder to see multiple scholarships for female players. She Can Play has been created to motivate women to release their willingness to play football, practice sports, and climb up the professional football ladder.

The program is available for professional players or those who play on an amateur level but have a solid academic background. Every recipient gets $2,000 as tuition fee discounts. Other than that, the program equips receivers with sports kits, offers travel support, and helps organize various meetups and events.

Elite Athlete Scholarship

Elite Athlete Scholarship is one of several programs offered by the University Campus of Football Business. It provides stellar opportunities for those who want to stand out in sports and academia. The great thing about the scholarship is that it welcomes every student who desires to play sports, from beginners to professionals. It is also open for students with disabilities. Elite Athlete Scholarship provides two scholarships – national and regional that differ in the award amount.

The University of Stirling International Sports Scholarship Program

The University of Stirling has long been working with skilled athletes. Since the scholarship’s establishment, the University has awarded around 1000 student-athletes, many of whom represented various countries in the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

The institution takes utmost care of athletes, providing A-level facilities and learning conditions. It supports students financially and mentally, makes their studies flexible, coaches on a face-to-face basis, provides essential equipment, and grants places in dormitories.

The main requirement is candidates must be part of the Stirling academic community and study or hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Besides, students must excel in football and meet specific criteria set by the sports department.

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