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Top 5 Pure Luck Samples in Online Gambling

Online gambling is tricky and addictive. Players can get high from online gambling if the winnings keep coming and if the account is getting red. Usually, luck is an essential factor for winning while gambling, but skills also play a vital part in winning. We would rate the importance of luck to skills at 70 to 30 percent, respectively. As a gambler, you have to realize that winning is you being lucky while losing means otherwise.

However, all the explanations above may be valid for most online casino gambling. Moreover, we will raise the luck to skills bar to 90 to 10 percent for sports gambling. As the common saying goes, ‘Anything can happen in football.’ We would otherwise say, ‘Anything can happen in sports.’

Three Types of Online Casino Gambling Games

In the general gambling sense, we have studied all the types of games in casinos online, and we have decided to classify them into three. The three classes are briefly discussed below:

● Table games. These games mainly involve cards or the throw of dice. They include Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker, among other available options. Having a vast experience playing this game certainly helps one’s luck while playing, but in the end, one’s pure luck is a significant determinant.

  • ●  Slot games and video poker. These games are straightforward to get a handle on. You need little or no experience to play and win big on these games, meaning your luck is an outright 99% determinant.
  • ●  Number games. Random number games have random numbers generated by an automated irregular number generator or a hardware device. Gamblers can play them live at a casino hall or online on mobile devices. Roulette games are found under this classification. Other random number games would require players to get paper cards or tickets to play. This category is inclusive of Keno and Bingo games. In the case of number games, you may require just the same amount of luck needed to win on slot machines. Can Luck Be Avoided in Gambling? Generally, specific amounts of luck are needed to get things done in everything we partake in. Life is partly a game of chance from birth. This goes onto every aspect of human life. Most significantly, if you do not believe in luck in online gambling, you may want to stick with traditional games like poker and other card games that have provisions for players’ skills and efficiency. Then, you can keep playing, gaining experiences every step of the way, and boosting your ego to become a winner. However, the other way is to quit gambling in general and look onward to something else in life. So, what is going to be your choice?

Luck Samples in Online Gambling

If you are still actively steadfast in the belief that luck does not amount to much in online gambling, below are five samples of luck that may forever change your stance.

Jackpot Winnings

Winning big on jackpot slots might even require more luck than anticipated. However, we can list tons of dos and don’ts on how to win big while playing jackpot slot online games, but the main headline is that you will need luck the most.

Online sports gambling and casino platforms are built on the win-some-lose-some rule; they are not just there to make gamblers rich. They are also there to bolster their accounts. So, to make big jackpot wins, you may need just pure sheer luck because the chances of making these wins are meagre.

Sports Gambling

As we have already stated above – ‘Anything can happen in sports. Imagine a football game between a top club and an underdog club; it is expected that the top club will win. However, there have been a lot of upsets by underdogs in the football world, leaving many football lovers to believe that anything can happen in football. Sports games, in general, are unpredictable, and winners can never be assured until the last blow of the whistle. In another sense of the situation, several betting options are available to bettors on the online sports betting platform. This further diversifies and increases how much luck is needed in these gambles.

Bonus Buys

Gamblers with deep pockets are allowed to purchase bonus rounds on slot games. Usually, these bonus buys can be costly as they can cost up to a hundred times the gambler stakes, with some reaching over 500 times. However, there is no guarantee for winning big by using these bonus options, as one’s success is still totally based on luck. The following are five slots with the best bonus buy features if you like your chances:

Slot GameSoftware Provider
Money Train 2Relax Gaming
Extra Chilli MegawaysBig Time Gaming
DeadwoodNolimit Gaming
1 Million Megaways BCIron Dog Studio
Rick and Morty MegawaysBluePrint Gaming

Several gamblers have walked away with next to nothing after making these bonus buys. A fail or lose in one step along the way, and the gambler’s entire fortune may be gone. However, gamblers that are faint-hearted are advised to stick to introductory bonus offers. For example, gamblers in the UK can have access to varieties of bonus offers on top-class free bonus no deposit casino UK platforms, which is the same for most of the rest of the world.

Winning the Lottery

Lottery games are state and national-based, with the state lotteries having a much better odds of winning. Therefore, most people can’t succeed in lottery games. Some of these lottery games include:

  • ●  Mega Millions;
  • ●  Powerball;
  • ●  Keno games;
  • ●  Bingo games. Lottery games like Mega Millions and Powerball have winning odds of 1 in over 3,000,000 and 1 in over 2,000,000, respectively. However, gamblers can access Keno games which are lottery-like games found on top online casino websites. This may, however, improve the odds of winning, but the winning possibility is still totally dependent on luck.

Incredible Wins by Amateur Gamblers

There have been exceptional cases of amateur gamblers winning big on online slot games. The first citation points to the NetEnt’s slot, the Mega Fortune. One of the highest wins in this slot game happened on the 28th of November, 2015, when a lucky player called Alexander from Sweden won a whopping sum of $9.57 million (€8.57 million). Talking about his enormous win afterwards, Alexander revealed that he was speechless when he realized he had won an amount that huge. NetEnt’s Chief Product Officer, Simon Hammon, didn’t fail to comment that the company had paid more than €13 million in jackpots in less than two weeks.

In another case, a young man from Norway was sleep-ridden and decided to play a few games at the Betsson online casino. That fateful night on the 24th of September, 2011, he became $13.47 million (€11,736,375) richer. However, the slot win sets a Guinness World Record for the

largest ever jackpot payout on Mega Fortune. Furthermore, the lucky winner said he couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night because he was still shocked. These citations further reinforce the fact that winnings at online gambling are primarily based on the pure luck of the gambler.


As we have validated in this write-up, most online gambling activities are based on the player’s luck. Of course, you can be lucky to win massive amounts on even your first try-outs, but there have been cases of gamblers’ wrecked finances due to irresponsible gambling activities. Therefore, we advise gamblers to take caution and gamble responsibly while playing online.

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