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Top 10 Worst Owners in English Football As Voted For By Fans

In the last few weeks, over 3,000 supporters of 139 different clubs voted which they thoughts was the best and worst owners in English football.

The fans were asked by Against League 3 to give an overall rating as well as a grade for communication, finance, football operations, stadium development/upkeep, treatment of fans and transparency.

Check out which owners were placed from 10th to 1st as the best and their ratings below and on the next few pages…


Overall rating: 10.29/100

Communication: 1.14/10

Finance: 2.29/10

Football Operations: 1.71/10

Stadium development/upkeep: 2.86/10

Treatment of fans: 1.29/10

Transparency: 1.14/10



Overall rating: 10.16/100

Communication: 1.33/10

Finance: 1.90/10

Football Operations: 1.77/10

Stadium development/upkeep: 1.30/10

Treatment of fans: 1.46/10

Transparency: 1.31/10


Take a look at 8th to 5th by clicking on the next page.


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