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Top 10 English football clubs with highest levels of crime by fans since 2014

As report has emerged, revealing the top 10 English football clubs with highest levels of crime by fans since the 2014/15 season.

This comes off the back of a number of unsavoury high-profile incidents in recent years, including last year’s European Championship final at Wembley and the Champions League final in Paris last month.

As many will know, a total of 86 arrests were made ahead of England’s clash with Italy, while Liverpool and Real Madrid fans were subjected to distressing scenes, tear gas and worrying levels of violence as they were attacked by locals and police at the Stade de France.

Now findings from a report commissioned by Odds-Comparison.com, states which English clubs have the most reported crimes in the country.

The report tallies up the number of football-related crimes and general crimes within the ground itself since the 2014-15 season.

1. Portsmouth

OddsComparison.com said: “Portsmouth’s most common crime was antisocial behaviour, with 1,454 instances over the past eight years. According to Crimestoppers, antisocial behaviour means stuff like shouting, swearing and fighting, as well as vandalism, abusive behaviour and harassment. Basically, what we all think of as typical football hooligan behaviour.

“Of course, there’s going to be a bit of shouting and swearing at any match, but attendees will find themselves in a spot of trouble if they’re harassing, intimidating or fighting other people. And we all know how crazy football fights can get.

“Don’t be too devastated though, Portsmouth fans. We aren’t saying you’re football hooligans – you actually have zero recorded instances of ticket touting or possession of offensive weapons in the last eight years. Kudos!”

2. Millwall

OddsComparison.com said: “Coming in at number two is The Den, home of the formidable Millwall Football Club based in South East London.

“They have a score of 7.53 out of 10, and have a pretty high score when it comes to violent disorder, with 69 instances in the past eight years.

“They also came out as having the highest instance of crime overall during the 2015/2016 season.

“In terms of violent disorder offenses, The Den comes second only to Birmingham City’s stadium, which has a pretty scary figure of 91!”

3. Blackpool

OddsComparison.com said: “We’re taking a trip down the M1 next, to the home of the Blackpool Tower.

“We’ve given you a pretty big clue about which club takes the third spot- but in case you haven’t guessed, it’s Blackpool’s Bloomfield Road, which had the highest overall crime rate during the 2020/2021 season.

“Overall, the Tangerines had the most offenses for criminal damage and arson, with 1,233 instances over the past eight years- these fans are certainly adding some fuel to the fire!

Don’t hang up those orange scarves yet though, The Seasiders didn’t have any recorded instances of possession of weapons or ticket touting during the whole eight-year span.”

4. Birmingham City

OddsComparison.com said: Next up, we’re in the Midlands, with Birmingham City’s St Andrew’s stadium coming in fourth place, with a score of 7.38.

“Although not in the top three overall, Birmingham City did have the most crimes committed in the 2016/17 season, the 2017/18 season, and the 2019/20 season. C’mon, Brummies.

“We love ya, but your team also comes top overall in missile throwing and public disorder. Yikes.”

5. Burnley

OddsComparison.com said: “It’s turf luck for Burnley’s Turf Moor, who just managed to sneak into the top five, with a crime score of 7.36.

“Though they didn’t score the highest for any specific crime, or during any particular season…

“…they did come in the overall top three for criminal damage and arson, and in the top five for burglary over the eight-year period.”

6. Wolves

OddsComparison.com said: “In the sixth spot, we’re back in the Midlands with Wolves at their Molineux stadium.

“They just missed the top five, with a crime score of 7.24.

“They did, however, have the highest overall crime score during the 2015/16 season.”

7. Chelsea

OddsComparison.com said: “Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge was the tiniest sliver behind the Wolves, with an overall score of 7.23.

“The Blues came in the top five for criminal damage offenses, ticket touting and burglary.

“They were also number one for vehicle crime- so lock your car doors if you’re off to see The Pensioners!

“Things get a little more civilized as we make our way down the list, with none of the clubs in spots seven to 10 having a crime score above seven.”

8. Queens Park Rangers

OddsComparison.com said: “While supporters of Queens Park Rangers may have some way to go to match the debauchery of their noted fan Pete Doherty, that did not stop the Loftus Road club taking eighth spot with a score of 6.48.

“Although their figures are tame compared to some of the other London clubs on our list, The Hoops did find themselves in the top five for antisocial behaviour and drug offences.”

9. Leeds

OddsComparison.com said: “Taking the ninth spot is Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium, with a score of 6.41, Leeds actually has the highest overall incidence of pitch incursion, with 46 instances in just eight years!

“Guys, we know you want to show some love to Kalvin Phillips, but you could just follow him on Twitter instead.”

10. Newcastle

OddsComparison.com said: “The best-behaved footie fans (comparatively) are Newcastle United’s fans whose base is the St James’ Park.

“They score 6.16, and come out on top for antisocial behaviour – by far!

“They have 7,124 reported incidents of this type, that’s over 2,000 more than the team in second place for this type of crime, which is Blackpool.”

Stadiums with the Most Crime Rate
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