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Tony Mowbray questions referee’s decision-making and time added on as Sunderland lose to Ipswich

Tony Mowbray questions referee’s decision-making and time added on after defeat to Ipswich in the Championship on Sunday evening.

Jobe Bellingham missed a sitter for Sunderland before Ipswich’s Nathan Broadhead found the net in first-half added time against his former club.

George Hirst scored that second and Trai Hume saw red for hosts, who managed to pull one back late on through Dan Neil.

Despite having a player advantage, the Tractorboys panicked during 13 minutes of the added time in the second half, seeing substitute Freddie Ladapo spurn a good chance and then Hladky kept out Neil in the 114th minute.

Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna was pleased with his players, who were able to hold out their hard-fought 2-1 win against Sunderland.

“It was a good, hard game. In the first 20 minutes we certainly felt the step up of the level and also first game of the season with 40,000 here, it was always going to be tough.

“I’m pleased we stuck at it, we kept trying to play our football, we tried to stay brave on the ball and as the first half went on we improved.

“The start of the second half was really good. All that was missing was a third goal. We hit the crossbar and I thought it was a penalty which then has to be a red card.

“When you don’t get that you know you’re in for a long 20 minutes. They were bringing good quality off the bench and we had to dig in. It took everything we had to keep the ball out of the net but, in the end, a really good win.

“That was a big test and we came through it in a lot of ways.”

Tony Mowbray said: “We started really bright, we were on top. We were the better team in the first half and yet they scored right at the death with a deflected shot. They were always a dangerous team. They’ve got momentum and gone a lot of games unbeaten in League One. A well-coached team.

“We have to take it on the chin. The reaction of the team and the fans getting wrapped up in the match is what this club is about. We finished pretty strongly.

“We’re disappointed with the sending off of Trai. It’s going to be so interesting to watch, having 40 years of experience on the touchline, what is happening in the world of refereeing.

“I’m not blaming that for us losing the game but surely we’re not going to go through the whole season like this? It’s got to calm down at some stage. I think they feel the spotlight is on them and they feel they have to get every decision right.

“The positive is the game didn’t just die a death. Whether that’s the ridiculous amount of added time, and there’s no one complaining more about timewasting than me in this division, but 13 minutes and then the craziness of three subs, cramp, a head injury and he plays 50 seconds more. What about the extra time on top of the extra time?

“The referees will sort it all out. I feel sorry for them.”

Sunderland: Patterson, Hume, Ballard, O’Nien, Cirkin (Huggins, 90+10), Neil, Ekwah (Gooch, 87), Roberts, Bellingham (Pritchard, 59), Clarke, Hemir (Ba, 59). 

Subs: Bishop, Rigg, Triantis, Bennette, Batth. 

Town: Hladky, Donacien (Ball, 90+6), Woolfenden, Burgess, Burns, Morsy, Luongo, Davis (Leigh, 90+6), Chaplin (Hutchinson, 76), Broadhead (Harness, 73), Hirst (Ladapo, 76).  

Subs: Slicker, Evans, Taylor, Jackson 

All but two matches in the English Football League opening weekend go beyond 100 minutes.

The Premier League average was 55 minutes, the Championship was three minutes fewer, League One came in at 50 minutes and League Two matches averaged just 48 minutes with the ball in play.

The game’s law makers – the International Football Association Board (Ifab) – said the change was to “create fairer conditions for both teams in terms of the amount of time available in a match” and those guidelines form the basis for the EFL’s initiative.

“In line with the most recent Ifab guidance, the EFL and PGMOL (Professional Game Match Official Limited) are committed to ensure a more accurate calculation of additional time alongside an improvement in the amount of time the ball is in-play from the start of the new season,” the EFL wrote in a statement.

Goals, substitutions, injuries, penalties and red cards will be taken into account with time added on.

The EFL add that match officials will take a more “robust approach” to dealing with players time wasting.

Yellow cards will be issued to those delaying the restart of play or not retreating the necessary distance at a free-kick.

Weekend’s longest EFL matches (via BBC)

Northampton v Stevenage – League One – 112 mins 36 secs
Shrewsbury v Cheltenham – League One – 110 mins 47 secs
Accrington v Newport – League Two – 110 mins 47 secs
Sutton United v Notts County – League Two – 110 mins 41 secs
Barnsley v Port Vale – League One – 110 mins 33 secs

This is what fans said as Tony Mowbray questions the referee’s decision-making and time added on as Sunderland lose to Ipswich…

@JonCouch_NLP: Love Mogga, but what rubbish. Would he be complaining that there should have been 16 minutes added on if the scores were reversed?

@Grahamo_Keogh: It’s easy peasy don’t time waste during the game

@123claire123: It’s simple don’t waste time

@LesleyMosarwa21: I welcome the lengthy additional time

@MadGeordie3: The mackems tears flow 😭

@laurenkenny1993: He’s not wrong tbf but bet he gets fined for the refs comments

@thewallbank: Love you Mogga but no way was there 13 minutes of lost play in that 2nd half. 8 or 9 at most so you already had more than you should have.

@antoneee_x: He will get pulled up and punished for these comments & most fans will just say he’s crying but he is spot on. All players & managers should be calling out poor officiating. Hume shouldn’t have been sent off & Ipswich had a stonewall penalty denied.

@roobster123: Football needs to read the room – supporters who are working bloody hard pay their hard earned to see 90 minutes of footie – time wasting is the no. 1 piss off for most of us – STOP BLOODY TIME WASTING

@rossinhosmith: Fucking hell man give over, way your speaking then we might aswell start games at 10am so we can still get home at a sensible time

@liam_fowler: What about the penalty to Ipswich that 100% should’ve been given after Chaplin hit the bar?

@CeriTravers: Tone deaf! All clubs, Mgrs, coaches agreed to the approach around time wasting, cautions and time added on at the start of the season and already the moaning starts.

@fionduffield: We were all told before the season started, because lots of teams were wasting time managers using subs at the end of games especially

@OwenH04: Why don’t they just play until 5 o clock tomorrow Tony see if you can get a goal then hahaha literally gave you 20 minutes on top of 90 to score

@joffbrown: Suck it up. Stop players time-wasting and celebrating excessively after goals, and the problem will go away.

@kevlennon1: The irony of Mowbray moaning about players diving. Shame you didn’t have the same view last season hey Tony…

@tomxrawle: He’s got a good point

@Jordrl66: Ref in this game was abysmal all game long in terms of consistency so don’t blame Mowbray for saying it.

@danlukeashby: I agree with Mowbray here. If your adding on 13 minutes you have to probably play 15/16 as there is time wasting during injury time 😂.

@Alexjm05: Tony is in for a shock this season

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