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Tonbridge Angels leaves fans split after revealing their brand new crest

Tonbridge Angels leaves fans split after revealing their brand new crest, some not keen, while others thinking it’s better than the current.

After a long consultation process that included fan surveys and listening sessions, a new proposed badge for Tonbridge has been unveiled.

A vote took place whether or not the club should adopt a new badge going forward and as the club approached its 75th birthday, they thought now was the time to update the club’s branding.

Angels currently sit 10th in the National League South, with 67 points from 45 games played, just missing out on the playoff places.


Following a lengthy consultation process, including fan surveys and listening sessions, a proposed new badge for Tonbridge Angels Football Club was presented to Fan Owners last week. Owners were invited to vote on whether the club adopted this badge or not going forward. It was felt that, as the club approaches its 75th anniversary, it was the right time to investigate updating the club branding, to make sure that our off-field progress matches the brilliant work being done by Jay and his team on the pitch.

The vote amongst owners passed in favour of adopting the new badge, however this only tells part of the story. During the voting process, we received a significant amount of feedback from owners and the wider fanbase, much of which was extremely constructive. As a club, given the strength of feeling on the matter, and given that the badge will represent the club for the foreseeable future, we felt obligated to listen to that feedback, and make improvements where we could. Therefore, whilst the owners voted in favour of adopting the new badge, we have been in discussions with the designer over the course of this week to try and tweak the design to reflect the supporters’ feedback.

We are therefore happy to present to the fanbase the new updated TAFC badge, effective from the 2023/24 season. As a club we feel it makes us stand out and proudly shows off what makes us unique, and we can’t wait to see the players take to the field with this iconic Angel on their chests.


Tonbridge Angels crest

As mentioned, Tonbridge Angels leaves fans split after revealing their brand new crest…

@LRbix: What the fuck is that 😂

@stuartmrswans: Good job she’s holding a football otherwise, IMHO, it’d look a little paramilitary?

@LiamK1998_: Even as a neutral your badge from this season is much better imo

@stubberfieldkev: Who else thinks this is awful 🤮🤮

@DavidWR71: I quite like it. A nice clean design

@yaboij0shua: Honestly looks better and more professional than the old one, don’t really know what everyone is kicking off about 🤷🏼‍♂️

@erickabbs: This is 🔥

@BAFCMatty: Tonbridge have had a stinker here

@Peter34027959: Feel club has under estimated how strong many fans felt, also about how this process could have been handled differently and not more consultation during the process felt rushed, will I be there first home game yes , but do know alot of upset fans

@Amy_W197: “Only 24% of fan owners actively voted against the new branding proposal” Spin is King! So how many “actively” voted in favour? It would be useful to see the for and against numbers 🤔

@jaisra02: All the comments saying it’s rubbish but it’s still 100x better than the one they had before

@shrimperjon: Surely an angel is white. looks more like a witch 😂

@thegoodbyerose: Nice mix of tradition and relevance. Well done

@NaldrettJack: Got a lot of time for Tonbridge and the people but that’s about as bad as I think I’ve seen. WTF? Do not do this. Read the room… 🤦‍♂️

@shazzava: Starbucks fc 😂

@Buzzzaaa: Who designed this? Kevin age 7 Microsoft paint.

@Harryduke123: What the actual fuck is that

@tomd0312: The new Starbucks logo looks shit

@dtspurs: Are the board high on drugs!!!!! Absolutely awful badge and it will save me buying anything next season #boarddonthaveaclue

@UtdSeppi: The more and more you look at the current badge, the more it looks like a bit of a mess. But still I like the current style better. Not a big fan of modern badges

@moodybastardo: It looks pretty shit in all honesty. Especially the “TA” bit

@RussWWFC: I must be in the minority thinking it’s not that bad

@BillPunumana: Not a fan of the club – but this just came up and I think it’s a good looking badge compared to most re-vamps!

@MainStreetMatt: That stylish you haven’t even changed your profile pic with it? 🤦‍♂️ Swing and a miss from me IMO!

@miserablefatgit: Dear god change it back, that’s absolutely awful.

@davealucas: Not a fan of that badge. By the way you were not formed in 1948. That club went bust.

@curtiz58: That is appalling 🙈🙈

@hmsstrongbow: I’ve bought the new 75th anniversary shirt. Can I have the old badge on my shirt please?

@philhurst55: I think it’s awful.

@JackA171293: Dover might be going down but at least we haven’t done this

@MattWatts96: It isn’t perfect but, in my opinion, it’s a lot better than the current badge.

@TractorBoyCCFC: Aside from the fact that I am with those who preferred the old badge, could someone explain why 1948 is shown on the ball? The History on the Club Website says that Tonbridge were formed in 1947 and I read they were nicknamed The Angels in 1949.

@AndyMills07: Not a fan preferred our old badge personally.

@StevenV67: Take a look at Facebook. Just a handful do not mind it, whereas the majority think it’s terrible. How is this going to work on the merchandise sales?

@stephen_dimmock: That badge looks horrendous, how can someone look at that and think that’s the best graphic for the club to present itself.

@lukeoafc_: christ on a bike what is that

@Milesleaburnfan: April 1st was almost a month ago

@TrevB58: So be it, but there’s no FC on the shirt badge ☹️

@AlfieMartine: Seems it’s only me who quite likes it

@IanThomas1234: This is the improved version??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@DanMedhurst11: Such a massive fan of this.

@thismightbezach: I respect the originality, but why is it staring deep into my soul? 😳

@owen__ffc: am i the only person that actually quite likes this badge?

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