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Tom Huddlestone hits out at talkSPORT for ‘lazy and misleading headline’ about him

Tom Huddlestone hits out at talkSPORT radio station for the ‘lazy and misleading headline’ they came for an article about him.

talkSPORT’s caption for their Twitter post was ‘Tom Huddlestone announces Man United exit without playing a senior match’, while the headline of their article, written by Callum Vurley, was ‘Forgotten Manchester United player announces exit without making a single appearance’.

He took issue with this and wrote: “Quite a lazy headline guys. For people who have had me on the station to explain and give insight in the role I have been doing, it’s quite a misleading title wouldn’t you say?”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

It comes less than 24 hours after Huddlestone expressed thanks to Man Utd for having him at the club…

Writing on social media, Huddlestone, 37, announced his departure: “Today marks my final days at this incredible football club.

“Over the past two seasons, I have experienced remarkable growth and invaluable learning, both on and off the pitch.

“Every day, I have had the privilege of learning from amazing people, gaining insights into all aspects of player development and well-being.

“Entering an office environment for the first time was daunting, but from day one, I was made to feel welcome and at ease.

“I am and will remain forever grateful for the smooth transition.

“For any senior professionals considering a coaching career, I highly recommend taking on a ‘playing coach’ role for a season or two at the end of your playing career.

“These efforts are often taken for granted as a player, so witnessing and participating in this side of the game has been truly remarkable.

“I wish the club every success in the future. Special thanks to everyone in the academy, both players and staff, especially Trav, Demps, Nick and Macca, for affording me this incredible opportunity. Best of luck in the future.”

His tweet condemning talkSPORT has at the time of writing gone on to get over 8,000 likes, with talkSPORT subsequently deleting their tweet amid the backlash.

This is how fans reacted as Tom Huddlestone hits out at talkSPORT for coming up with a ‘lazy and misleading headline’ about him…

@sidlowe: Extraordinarily polite and understated response too.

@OddAlerts: What do you expect from TalkSHITE

@AcademyScoop: Wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

@Matt1Bailey: That’s talk sport for you. No morals.

@woody44z: Worst radio station in existence mate.

@TKosmo: They have little to no integrity with headlines like that. Thank you for everything you have done for the club!! 👹⚽️❤️

@JDenman9: Shouldn’t expect anything less from these lot 🥱

@kanefromthelane: Wonder if they will run a similar headline when Ten Hag leaves – he also hasn’t played a match

@THFC_cf: 🤣 dont worry Tom, nobody takes Talksport seriously. They waffle on about shit they know nothing about

@bennymufc: Classic Talksport mate. Absolutely toxic that station

@ahkay2011: Tom the reds that know appreciate & respect u. When youth players like Kobbie establish themselves in the 1st team u will have played your part. The pass u played 4 the winner at Fleetwood was class & me & my son had a great night stood behind the goal with 100s of reds.

@matt021208: Talksport is shocking mate they just make stories up regarding man utd

@LakkisGavriel: Come on Tom, it is Talksport, what else do you expect.

@IrishTiger2122: You deserve a lot more respect Tom, far too many lazy journalists and media people these days. Good quality ones are hard to find. Thanks for all the wonderful memories at Hull City, good luck in your next venture 🫡🐯🇮🇪

@Silverfang2021: Well said. Thank you for your service and good luck with your future.

@1875MJ: Good old TalkSpout

@Keane16Ben: Talksport making stuff up and putting misinformation about, who’d have thought

@MarkhamAlex: Talksport level of reporting nowadays

@Adam_Mac_85: That’s TalkSHITE for you. Love to sensationalise everything. Maybe an article on how you supported the numerous academy players who have moved to the first team would have been a better story.

@DarrenKeighley1: Nothing surprises me with these. They do anything to grab the headlines, especially when it involves United. Thanks for the role you have played in helping the youngsters. It looks like a few have already learnt a bit from you. Good luck in your new job 👍🏼

@cianosulv: Wouldn’t expect any different from talk sport

@jdunster86: Standard gutter level stuff for this lot. They love to post negative stuff about united even if it is completely fabricated

@johnsweeneyact1: They deleted it 🤣😂

@coach_dooneyr: Such lazy journalism as always, what did they actually expect your role to be with the club. Fair play to your commitment and work done with the youth players 👏🏻

@quaku_afriyie: You lot are disgrace @talkSPORT

@craigmorraies11: Very poor from @talkSPORT

@jay_upa: That’s talksport for you..

@L3ggo: Well said @Huddz8 👏👏👏

@liamcoffey19: I wouldn’t expect anything less from that lot

@BioIogist: Congratulations to @CallumVurley for producing one of the worst headlines of the season.

@NiallRyan21: No prizes for guessing why talk nonsense deleted this.

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