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Thrilling League One encounter gets halted for TEN MINUTES

A thrilling League One encounter gets halted for TEN MINUTES following an injury suffered to one of the players late on in the game.

Doncaster Rovers took on Hull City in the third tier of English football, however some worrying scenes on the edge of injury time left those inside the stadium concerned.

Elder swung in a beautiful free-kick from the right and Mallik Wilks rose highest to nod the Tigers ahead on the 19th minute.

The travelling side found themselves two up when Docherty delivered a sublime cross into the box and Wilksy headed home again.

Doncaster pulled one back on the 33rd minute through Reece James, coming from a better period for the hosts which also saw a header from Omar Bogle cleared off the line.

Six minutes later, J Greaves was there to power the ball past Balcombe for a much-deserved goal, making it 3-1 to Hull.

The second half started and the goals kept coming, though to the disadvantage of Grant McCann’s side.

The 67th minute saw Omar Bogle getting Doncaster’s second and back in the game, setting up for an exciting finale.

With one minute of the ninety remaining, an injury occurred, which was then followed by a long break in play here as George Honeyman received treatment from medical staff.

After 10 minutes, he ended up being stretchered off, with initial concerns over his neck and head.

The game resumed, only for there to be a surprise late equaliser, coming at the death, and the scorer was no other than James Coppinger.

The 40 year sealed Donny’s comeback from two goals down to take them 4th in the League One table with 49 points, Hull sit 3rd with 53 points.

Doncaster played in a kit that was specially designed by the veteran midfielder, wearing a gold shirt he chose to commemorate 17 years at the club.

“I just think it was a great opportunity and a fantastic gesture from the club.

“When they asked me about it I didn’t think twice.

“Players who I’ve worked with, when the new kit and the new training kit came out, everybody wants to have a look at it.

“It’s a huge part of a footballer’s life. It’s like their uniform.

“To have that opportunity to design it and put something together, it’s unique and I really enjoyed it.

“The gold was more of a celebration of my 17 years at the club. I’d never had a gold kit or worn one. I really liked the kit itself.

“The 26’s in the fabric, the side sash we had on the blue Avec kit that I really liked and some bits and pieces on there suggested by other people.

“I just think its a really well put together kit. Obviously I’m going to say that because I helped design it.

“I just think when I look at it, I’m really proud of it.

“You’re never going to please everyone and you’ll get people moaning about the colour or the collar.

“But I just think it’s a really good collectors item.”

The kit also his highlights the mental health charity CALM, a cause close to Coppinger’s heart, with sponsors LNER giving up their space on the front of the shirt.

“LNER have been brilliant,” Coppinger. “Every year they pass that over to CALM for the sponsorship.

“I think the club have done a fantastic job in promoting it over the years.

“We’ve had a kit designed by a young school member and seeing that come to life must inspire so many people. It’s unbelievable.

“There’s a hidden message in just doing that with mental health and helping people along the way.”

Fans reacted as the thrilling League One encounter gets halted for TEN MINUTES…

@AntNorthgraves: Thoughts to George Honeyman though. Hope it isn’t serious. Could be the end of our Promotion push if he’s out for the rest of the Season, so fingers crossed it’s just a precaution and a brief sideline spell

@eleywrites: This will feel like a defeat for Hull but more worrying will be the serious looking injury to George Honeyman. Greg Docherty also limped off and without Richie Smallwood, Hull’s midfield will be down to the bare bones. A nightmare half for City.

@JofraJones92: Best wishes to George Honeyman who has had to be stretchered off with his neck in a brace after a nasty collision. Hopefully not serious an injury for a really nice lad and highly thought of by all at #SAFC

@old_punky: Hope George Honeyman is ok, decent player for us and wouldn’t wish a bad injury on anyone.

@HullTransfers: Most important thing – hope George Honeyman is ok. More points dropped there again and shouldn’t be throwing away leads like that #hcafc

@callumrjb: Looks horrible for George Honeyman that. Hope he’s ok and it’s not as serious as it looks

@gatopretosafc: Hope everything turns out to be alright, really good lad is George. Puts results into perspective.

@RunGMC16 : Praying for Honeyman tonight.

@jennysafcx: speedy recovery George

@sunderlandafc11: Hope honeyman is ok

@AL_SNR58: Hope the lad is ok

@DRFC_ITEN: It’s either his head or neck but the severity of it means they are taking their time and making sure everything is dealt with properly. Spinal board under George Honeyman now and a clutch of people around him.

@Black_Bank_DRFC: All the best to George Honeyman, nasty looking injury that

@WhatTheFalkPod: Hoping George Honeyman is okay. Concerning that.

There was more tweets as the League One encounter is halted for ten minutes…

@leedolman9: @grantmccann11 Please send George Honeyman our best wishes for a speedy recovery. He has been an inspiration this season. Our Iniesta / David Silva.

@MattyHC5: Shocking, this will hurt us big time, referee and officials once again massively incompetent by the sounds AS PER USUAL.

@MattyDicksonSR: Shame to see this from the lad, he’s been good this season for you lot. Hope he recovers soon

@RyanHansen255: Fingers crossed for Honeyman, hopefully it’s just over precaution.

@SAFCsharpy: Hope Honeyman is alright #SAFC #HCAFC

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