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Three arrests made in away end for discriminatory gestures during Tottenham v Burnley

Three arrests have been made in an away end for discriminatory gestures which were made during Tottenham v Burnley on Sunday afternoon.

A statement, albeit brief, has been released by both clubs following the incident in the stands with video footage catching the culprits in the act.

Tottenham at first wrote: “The Club can confirm two visiting supporters have been identified and arrested following discriminatory gestures at today’s match.

“We shall be supporting the police with their investigation.”

Burnley then said to their followers: “We can confirm there have been three arrests in the away end today following reports of discrimination.

“This is now a police investigation and, collectively, we will work with Tottenham Hotspur, Met Police and Lancs Police on this matter.”

The game itself saw Harry Kane’s penalty boost Tottenham’s top-four hopes, and damage Burnley’s Premier League survival bid as victory means Spurs move above Arsenal into fourth place ahead of the North London derby later this month; Arsenal face Newcastle at St James’ Park on Monday.

The decision to award the spot-kick was a controversial one, with Barnes having little time to react to the ball, though his arm was outstretched. For Burnley interim coach Jackson, his fury was clear.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “To stay until the end with a possibility to take a place in the Champions League – we’ve done a really good job. My players are doing a really good job. To imagine this possibility in November was very, very difficult. I am here to thank my players, because they followed me from my first day at Tottenham, showed great desire to change the situation and fight for something.

“A Champions League place is very important in England. It’s like getting an important trophy in another league. Arsenal play tomorrow, at this moment they are two points below us. If they don’t win, the ball is in our hands – but at this moment the ball is still in their hands.

“You know very well that we face maybe the worst team to test our nerves. Burnley are fighting to avoid the relegation zone. It was positive, another clean sheet and we showed great stability. We are a very stable team. I’m always repeating that it’s not simple to play against us.

“We have to continue in this way. The last game will be very important for us. There is no easy game in England, so we need to go to Norwich to be strong and get three points. We’ll see what happens at the end of the season.”

Tottenham goalscorer Harry Kane, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “It was a tough battle, but it’s what we expected. We knew they’d make it difficult. Getting a goal just before half-time was vital for us. The last five or 10 minutes is always a bit nervy when you’re only 1-0 up.

“The pressure was on. They made it difficult, pressed a little higher at the beginning of the second half. Nick Pope made some good saves from Sonny in the second half.

“Full credit to the boys, the manager and the staff. It’s never easy coming in mid-season and trying to turn things around. We’ve given ourselves a chance [of a top-four finish]. We just need to keep working hard.

“We missed the fans during the pandemic. It’s so good to see them back and enjoying their football. The noise is great. We’re working hard for the fans and hopefully we can have one last push next week.”

On next Sunday’s game at Norwich: “We can’t take it for granted. Norwich will be playing their last home game in the Premier League this season, but we have a full week of preparation. We feel like if we play to our abilities we should win the game.”

On the penalty: “Obviously they feel a little bit hard done by, but we’ve had decisions go our way and not go our way this season.”

On Arsenal’s trip to Newcastle: “I’ll give Kieran Trippier a text. It’ll be a tough game for Arsenal, but we’ve taken care of what we needed to do.”

Burnley caretaker boss Mike Jackson, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: “I have seen a lot of positives today. We came with a plan and we executed that well apart from a decision. I’m really proud of the group – I saw that fighting spirit and character. They didn’t get overawed by the atmosphere or the situation.”

On the penalty: “I’ve just watched it back and you’ve got to take it in the context of where it is. It’s in the 18-yard box and his arm has been pulled before it and then you naturally keep your arm out for balance. Nobody in the 18-yard box has appealed for the penalty. I don’t understand how far they go back for each corner or free-kick. It just doesn’t make sense.”

On Ashley Barnes: “I thought he was terrific today and led the line really well. I’m not going to blame him for anything to do with that penalty whatsoever. Another lick of paint of the post and he comes away with a goal today. He was excellent.”

On the rest of the season: “We’ve scored quite a few recently and on another day – Maxwel Cornet went through and a bit more quality with the final ball – we might have come away with more chances and something from the game today.

“We know what’s in front of us and we only need to get points from them. It is very simple – if you try and mask it as something else then you’re not being real. It is about trying to win the next game – we won’t be looking past that. I enjoy being in these situations because it keeps you alive and keeps you going. I’ll keep going, fighting and attacking anything I can. We haven’t spoke about my future at all.”

Twitter users reacted with three arrests made in the away end for discriminatory gestures during Tottenham v Burnley…

@mandy166: Hi from a Burnley fan. The vast majority of us think this is disgusting and we would join you in condemning and reporting it. It doesn’t define us as a fan base

@blthfc: They’ll blame us for inviting it, watch.

@Marc_Arns10: Good. Doing the nazi salute, enjoy relegation.


@pjbaxi86: This is disgusting and can only apologise, doesn’t represent the vast majority of Burnley supporters, we condemn this and call for the worst possible punishment

@hall_mj: Good. Bans for life

@ClaretFPL: They don’t speak for us, we don’t want them. Throw the book at them

@MillwallTT: Burnley fans doing a Nazi salute and Everton fans racially abusing family members of Brentford players. What the actual Fuck is wrong with people?

@Somuchpaint: Glad to see that two arrests have been made following the disgusting burnley supporter doing nazi salutes absolutely no place for it. From a Jewish hammer I hope everyone at the match who was affected by it is alright 🇮🇱❤️⚒

@RN_Claret: Good! We don’t need fans like that

@joeyh84: Burnley fans resorting to the Nazi salutes and quickly booted out. Hope they go down now. Fuck them and their anti football. #COYS

@DailyCannon: Brentford players subjected to racist abuse at Everton and Burnley fans arrested at Tottenham for making Nazi salutes. This is not a ‘football’ issue. It is a societal one in a country where racists and bigots have not only been emboldened by press coverage, but spurred on

@Kurt_Leeming: Good to hear and I hope they never see inside a football stadium again.

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