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Thousands raised as Scunthorpe fan sends plea to Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to help ‘save’ club

Thousands have been raised on a donation page as a Scunthorpe fan sends a plea to Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to help ‘save’ his club.

Stuart Maw took to YouTube with his message and has since seen supporters of the Merseyside outfit spread the word and give his side the help it needs.

In the emotional heartfelt clip, it’s clear that the fan of the now National League North side is desperate, and has turned to those of Premier League giants to provide it. Yep, this is what it has come to, especially considering how many non league and grassroots clubs are struggling and going under in recent times.

In the video, he says: “Good morning Jurgen Klopp, this is a plea to you sir as a big fan of not just you as a football manager but how you are generally a great member of the human race a man with massive empathy and kindness.

“I’m trying to appeal to you just like the Liverpool fans who worship you like the legend that you are, what you’ve done for Liverpool, your kindness, your skills as a football manager are there for all to see the mighty club that you’ve made into this super football club.

“But for me what’s important I don’t know if you know but I a couple of weeks ago I was appealing to the Liverpool fans to help us, my club is Scunthorpe United and thousands and thousands of Liverpool fans were in touch with messages of support kindness donated into our club lottery one of the Liverpool fans actually won and donated it back to our club our club is really struggling with a mountain of debt left by the two previous owners and I’ve been just looking for ways that we can move our club forward.

“There was a club went bust another non league club in the week went under too many clubs are going, there’s issues about funding lower league football etc I don’t know what your thoughts would be on this but what I’m looking for is an avenue and a means for somebody in your position say to retweet our message to sport, we’ve got a JustGiving page, that’s to try and help pay down the debt by the end of the football season that’s how long it’s going to be running till but we’re looking for ideas.

“I’m just asking if there’s anything you can do even if it’s just re retweeting or sharing our message and perhaps sharing it with your players and if you just take a look and have a look what what the Liverpool fans have done, I’m sure like me you will be immensely impressed and proud of your Liverpool supporters.

“I’m sure you are anyway I’ve come to realise I’ve always thought of Liverpool as a place that are good moral people people that fight in justice people that stand up for their rights people that stand in solidarity with other people that are struggling that’s what makes them stand out from everyone else so yeah.

“I’m appealing to you cuz obviously and now understand why it’s difficult to get older people such as yourselves I get that but I hope I can get this message to you somehow and that you see it and that you can maybe do something like that even if it is just a reshare or a tweet you know.

“I’m told a lot of Liverpool fans told me some years ago when Wrexham was struggling they let the Wrexham fans go outside and do bucket collections etc anything along those lines, who knows organized a friendly with club Scunthorpe United in the pre-season, helping to fill Glanford Park and that would be a great sum of money for us to take a chunk of our debt and and give the directors and people that are running our club Michelle Harness the chance to sleep at night.

“They are working tirelessly the mess that these people left and again that’s another issue how the FA have let people like this coming to run football clubs it’s terrible and it’s not fair for football fans and communities such as ours to be put through this the importance as well for saving the football club it’s good for the local economy it’s the jobs go, the pride in your town etc, anyway it’s just a message to you Jurgen Klopp, please if you could help us it will be so much appreciated and now Liverpool are my second team I’ve got to say I watched you destroy Arsenal on tell the other night absolutely fantastic you really are a top man take care everybody thank you.”

The Scunthorpe fan said via his JustGiving page, which has raised nearly £3,000, reads: “My name is Stuart Maw and I’m a passionate Scunthorpe United supporter.

“For the last 5 years SUFC have been in freefall both in the football leagues and financially. The previous two owners have left the club financially crippled.

“The club has recently been saved by our new chairwoman Michelle Harness and a board of directors who passionately believe in this club and are doing their very best to make the future sustainable.

“The level of debt still owing is causing the club major problems, the FA have imposed a transfer embargo on the club until said debts are cleared.

“The point of this crowdfunder is to not only try to raise as much funds as we can to help clear some of the debt but to also raise awareness about how the FA funds the entire football pyramid.

“More money needs to filter down to smaller and grassroots clubs who form such an important part of the the communities they are in.

“Please donate what you can to help our club. I‘d like to say a special thank you to football fans around the world who have already joined our club lottery in an attempt to boost funds, we will be forever grateful. Stuart Maw @ironworld Youtube.”

Thousands of pounds have been raised as the Scunthorpe fan sends a plea to Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to help ‘save’ the non league club…

@philipwinn4216: Let’s get this man the help he needs to save his club. To all the redmen out there this is the club that gave us two of the best players we ever had in Keegan and Clemence so a massive thank you for that. Good luck in everything you do Stuart and keep the good work up you are a credit to Scunthorpe

@GazB54: I’m a Liverpool fan, also go to watch my local team too Warrington town who are in your league, sad to hear this there’s too many good clubs struggling these days, all the best my man 👍🏻

@ianprice6000: Have you contacted the non league paper with this effort? They might pick it up. There’s a decent readership and you will hit some fans (Bury, Chester, Hereford, Worcester, Scarborough to name just a few) whose fans will identify with your problems. Definitely worth a go.

@elusivegluejeff4980: With all of the money that Premier League clubs have, much more money should be filtered down to clubs who are in all leagues below the Premier League otherwise more clubs face bleak times ahead and in my opinion that is unforgivable. I hope Jurgen, the staff & players see your plea. Can you please also keep the donations link on all of your videos as I’ve donated once but I’ll give every month. YNWA

@grumpyget5023: Love the videos, keep them up remember to plug the just giving page but the lottery that the club do

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