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Thomas Frank slams booing Brentford fans while Pochettino tells Chelsea fans to ‘blame me’

Thomas Frank slams booing Brentford fans while Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea fans to ‘blame me’ for recent bad results.

Mauricio Pochettino says while he doesn’t feel loved by the Blues fanbase, he prefers Chelsea supporters to direct their disapproval towards him rather than his players, who he believes deserve nothing but recognition and encouragement.

Pochettino faced chants, just before Axel Disasi secured a 2-2 draw for Chelsea on Saturday, with there being is a sense of frustration among the fans regarding the club’s trajectory, with co-owner Todd Boehly also becoming a target of criticism.

Additionally, there were chants in support of Roman Abramovich and Jose Mourinho at the Gtech Community Stadium as can be seen below…

“I think the performances have been very good, I’m so happy with the performances”, said Pochettino, via The Standard.

When questioned if that is his message to any disgruntled fans, he replied: “Yes, and if they want to listen, perfect. If not, what can I do? They’ll keep booing. I’m giving my best to this team.

“But we cannot blame the fans. My message is: Okay, they need to show their frustration – through who? I prefer to me rather than to the team. I prefer that, I am strong. I am sure that in time we will change the perception.

“I don’t want the fans trying to blame the players. Players need to feel backed by the fans and, to be honest, I prefer that I get the blame and let the players be free on the pitch. I don’t care. I am strong, I am 52 now.

“The players deserve credit and support from our fans. If someone needs to get the blame, that is no problem. That is why I am the coach.”

Chelsea are expected to keep Pochettino in charge until at least the end of the season, but reports state that hierarchy do not want a repeat of the dreadful end to last season, which saw Graham Potter sacked in April and finished the campaign with a dark cloud hanging over them.

Co-owner Todd Boehly, further angered fans after being seen at the Bahrain Grand Prix on at the same time Chelsea were held to a draw at Brentford, slipping back in the race for European qualification. The Blues are now 19 points outside the top four and six points off West Ham in 7th place.

Thomas Frank contended that those who jeered Brentford during their 2-2 Premier League draw with Chelsea were not showing support for the team, praising the team’s strong performance. The Bees earned a crucial point in their fight against relegation with the entertaining draw. Despite falling behind 1-0 at halftime and struggling to maintain possession in the first half, the team showed resilience.

Told of the boos, Frank replied, per The Standard: “I thought that as well. I would like to personally speak to the ones who booed, because, is that support?

“We’re talking about Brentford against Chelsea, one of the biggest clubs in the world. We’re down 1-0. I know I can’t swear but what the…?

“But I don’t think there’s any fans who don’t want the best for the team. Football is a lot about emotions.”

Reflecting on Brentford’s display which improved dramatically after the break, Frank said: “I would have loved three points and I think overall we played for three points. It was a relatively even game in terms of chances.

“But very pleased with the response from the players. I asked for a bounce back, especially after a bad performance against West Ham. That was not us. That was very rare.

“Today was impressive. I’m a very proud head coach because I think the players have been fantastic this week. I can create a culture but the last and most difficult ten per cent is from them.

“This is a very unique group of players. This was a proper Brentford performance.”

Twitter users reacted as Thomas Frank slams booing Brentford fans while Mauricio Pochettino tells Chelsea fans to ‘blame me’…


@callummaguire96: Personally see no issue with booing from supporters. Certain fans in the Brentford fan base despise of it and so does management within the club.

@J_BrentfordFC: I respect Frank’s opinion as he’s allowed it. Just like the fans who go week in week out can have theirs and if that means booing so be it. Because that first half was a disgrace. Frank should use this energy on his players instead of being proud of of them all the time

@GroBmisconduct: Maybe they need a history lesson

@charb009: This should go for every PL team. Booing isn’t supporting.

@FPLDummyTom: Can’t help but love this man! Never understood fans, booing get a grip.

@cforrest58: You have to earn support. He’s talking like Chelsea are still a team to fear as well

@BGenworld: Entitled to boo being at home with 27 percent possession and no fight in the first half. You can see the results are getting to TF.

@ChrisBull8: Only plastics and tourists booing Brentford at HT in any game. Even if we’re losing 10-0. Shoddy behaviour.

@thesoopabees: Poor from Thomas Frank. He should have this energy with his player’s not the fans

@TomFoy14: He needs to cut the fans some slack. It’s tough when you compare last years great team to this years team. Especially when the club spent £40m on players like Collins & Flekken. People got excited and it’s not panned out how everyone wanted.

@FFC_Ibz: Mentally he’s losing it. Snapping at journalists is always a sign… Brentford fans booing and his response was to punch back. #FFC #BrentfordFC

@jamestlynch99: I’d encourage a few people to take this in.

@jamiet1709: How about instead of talking about the fans like that maybe look at your own players that were doing nothing for the first 45, after all that is the reason they were booing

@ben366486451371: hes losing the fanbase, seriously overrated coach anyway. 5atb merchant.

@Harry19032010: Fans can do what they want, paid their ticket

@BeeCasual4: We are in a relegation battle and the players aren’t giving it 100%. If the fans boo take the hint!


@CFCHugh_: Leaking goal after goal, no structure, countless players out of position, teams not picked off form, neglected youth, 95% of the squad has regressed, bottom half in March, oversaw a humiliating cup final defeat to kids, no in game management and no proactive subs #PochOut #CFC

@LarsGaaskjenn: As long as Poch is our manager, we will see no progress and play horrible football. #CFC #Pochout

@cfc_ranger: I genuinely thought Pochettino could be the one to finally steady the club after a disastrous season last year. Unfortunately, it’s just gone from bad to worse and I really hope we can still salvage our season and turn things around quickly.

@willreyner: No progress. Bottom half. Time to make a change. Poch Out

@PrivacyGuy1995: Poch making it him vs the fans oh boy they longer he stay the more toxic its gonna get trust me when I say this things are gonna get very very nasty #PochOut #CFC

@Cai_CFC: We’re in big big trouble if we keep him until the end of the season. This mentality is awful because our performances have not been very good

@AMje200: He gave us 11th position from 12th what a progress

@MarleyR0sey: The players still need to get the blame, they are the ones performing and on big wages, they just can’t perform

@MG09123: There should be no booing the players during games. He has a point.

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