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Thogden causes huge backlash with video caption on fan taken ill at Newcastle

Thogden causes huge backlash on social media with a video caption he had wrote on the fan taken ill at Newcastle on Sunday.

The Magpies saw their Premier League game against Tottenham suspended in 40th minute after referee Andre Marriner’s attention was alerted to an incident.

Tottenham duo Sergio Reguilon and Eric Dier were named joint men of the match for their part in alerting match official and medical staff to the severity a spectator collapsing in the East Stand at St James’ Park.

Both sets of players walked to the sidelines as emergency crews attended the person while an eyewitness has told Sky Sports that a female Newcastle fan went to the aid of the ill supporter in the stand and gave him CPR.

After consulting police, the referee took the players off the field with play having been suspended for around six minutes.

12 minutes after the game had stopped, an announcement was made that the teams would be returning to complete the first half, for which seven minutes of stoppage time had earlier been signalled.

Newcastle confirmed that the fan had been stabilised and was on their way to hospital as the players re-emerged to warm up.

After the resumption in play, Tottenham extended their lead in first-half added time through Heung-Min Son, with the match finishing with a 3-2 win for Spurs.

Newcastle later said in a statement: “The club would like to thank fans for their swift actions in raising the alarm and praise those who provided immediate chest compressions, as well as thanking the on-site medical professionals who swiftly administered emergency treatment using a defibrillator located close to the incident.

“Newcastle United club doctor, Dr Paul Catterson, also attended the incident to offer additional support with an additional defibrillator.

“Our best wishes go to the supporter and their loved ones and we hope for a swift and full recovery.”

Speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Tottenham left-back Reguilon said: “I saw the fan lying down, and one man [giving him CPR], I was very nervous, I went to the referee and said we cannot play, stop the match. The fans say: ‘Stop, stop!'”


Tottenham’s Harry Kane added: “First and foremost, we want to say best wishes to the guy in the stands. It wasn’t a good sight to see, and we hear he might be stable now, so we’re thankful to the medical team and the fans. Hopefully he is OK, and we wish him all the best from Spurs and the players.”

Whilst all of this was going on, it would seem that much loved YouTuber Thogden causes huge backlash with a video caption on the fan taken ill at Newcastle. The video then saw it’s thumbnail and title changed, before it got taken down.

@ForeverAYellow: Whilst this was no doubt a big mistake on his part, it’s a shame he STILL hasn’t said sorry to those offended or put his hands up to it all.

@RyanFelton17: Disgusting thumbnail that

@jack_trotter17: Have some shame @Thogden

@MlKER0SS: mfs these days will get their phones out and record anything man…

@Joshginnellyth1: I think we want an apology theo

@RichardWye: I’ve called this fella out loads of times, gets tickets to loads of game on the cheap/free, Champions league finals etc, just talks dross and is a condescending idiot! Can’t believe the video, adverts etc, considering what he said about Eriksen!

@thefuzzball40: I can’t even. That’s next level low

@AldoScrim89: What a shambles, hope he sees sense and changes the thumbnail & title, that’s just in really poor taste just to get some views… Shameful

@_IrufcI_: How’s someone his age think that’s alright to post?

@AdamOliver07: Knows exactly what he’s going with that title. Absolute low life man

@whubxn: He’s had a mare

@LestahSam: Always liked theo, he’s a good guy and him and his dad have always reminded me of me and my dad. And for those who don’t know his and my dad are step-brothers (yes, really). But the way he’ll clickbait literally anything, even this, is really disappointing.

@JoeeyDx: @Thogden unsubscribed and unfollowed. Disgusting video upload yesterday.. you should be ashamed of yourself

@FabinhoSEASON: Put out an apology tweet for your appalling action man

@mcfcgeorge15: Title was in terrible taste, deserve the backlash. Putting ‘FAN COLLAPSES’ to gain clicks is despicable.

@southcitizen284: They surely can’t just brush this under the carpet. Come out and admit your mistake and apologise for it. That’s the least you can do. @Thogden

@pdderrr: Watch @Thogden a bit for his content, goes to a lot of games across Europe and provides great insight but this is just ridiculous, as if your down that bad for views man. Probably secured the life bag already, cant understand how he thought that title/thumbnail was a good idea

@JakeFUT__: you’re a cunt lad. you put it in the title to get views, then you have the decency to ask if they’re ‘alive’. you’re a person people admire, you inspire people and you’ve fucked up. give your head a shake lad. this is absolutely horrific from you.

@AwayArmy: Can argyle just thump Bolton Tuesday because of @Thogden

@Versaishot: @Thogden please address this and apologise for this expect better from you since youre a public figure to many children please respond make an apology before its too late

@JHovell9: There was fans who would of loved to get a ticket for today’s game, including myself, and you get disgusting no shame cunts like @Thogden doing this

@WillBrindley2: Never had a problem with thogden, now i think he’s an absolute cunt for this✊💦

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