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Thiago Silva confronts angry Chelsea fans but Pochettino blames Middlesbrough supporters

Thiago Silva confronts angry Chelsea fans after his side’s Carabao Cup defeat, but Mauricio Pochettino blames Middlesbrough supporters.

The Chelsea defender along with his teammates, made their way towards to a frustrated away end come the final whistle at the Riverside Stadium on Tuesday night.

Chelsea’s season continues to be a miserable one, with a 1-0 defeat to Boro in the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final ending a three-game winning run in all competitions.

Pochettino will be glad that there is still a second leg to play in order to try and turn the scoreline around and face either Fulham or Liverpool in the final.

Come full time, Chelsea fans made themselves heard, with booing heard from, leading to Silva making his way over and left on amicable terms. A number of videos have surfaced, showing what happened…

The game itself saw Middlesbrough pick up a 1-0 win over Chelsea thanks to Hayden Hackney’s first-half goal in the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final. Michael Carrick also lost two players to injury early on but take a lead into the second leg.

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino, speaking to Sky Sports, said: “Today the pressure was good and intensity, we cannot say anything. We made some mistakes in the first half, we gave them chances to scores and then they were so aggressive and tough. They play in the transition with the counter-attack and in a block really deep and it was difficult for us to break down. We had too many chances to score when we didn’t score, that is football. We are disappointed but it is the first half of the tie. We need to be positive.”

On whether his players lack self belief: “It is how we compete. We made some mistakes and we were punished for that, in football that happens. We have to be pushing. If you assess the performance, then overall we were the better side, we created more chances and had the clear chances. But, we didn’t score. That has happened this season and there has been a lot of games we have not won because we were not clinical enough. We have a lack of goals, but not creating chances. We are creating many chances but not scoring them and if you don’t score then it is difficult to win.”

On whether we’ll have players back from injury for the second leg: “We’ve got 14 days and we can recover some players. In the end, some players can help but we’ve got another game now and we need to recover. We are thinking Fulham and we’ll move on.”

On what he expects in the second leg: “We are going to expect a similar game to today. We’ve got 90 minutes to play and we’ll try and score goals and win the games. And if not, it’ll be our mistake.”

On the fans at full-time and Thiago Silva going over: “I didn’t see what happened. I cannot say nothing about that. We can understand that our fans will be disappointed but there are still 90 minutes to play.

“Don’t be confused because the fans were reacting to Middlesbrough fans, they were fantastic with us. Thiago and some players, they were trying to calm our fans because I think it was a problem between the fans. Be careful how you translate to the media or our fans. Don’t confuse our fans.”

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: “It is difficult to talk about our performance. We made some mistakes where we was punished and they scored.

“It was difficult to breakdown and we created some chances, but we were not clinical enough.

“Now we need to think for Fulham [on Saturday] and then prepare for the second leg.”

On Cole Palmer: “Good chances to score, but it can happen – we were not clinical enough.

“This first half of the season we have created some chances, but we have not won because we were not clinical enough – we must keep pushing.”

On the second leg: “The frustration is we are disappointed. We have 90 minutes at Stamford Bridge and we will be positive in two weeks’ time where we can change the reality.”

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Middlesbrough: Glover (7), Van den Berg (7), Fry (8), Engel (8), Jones (8), Howson (7), Barlaser (7), Hackney (8), Bangura (n/a), Crooks (7), Latte Lath (n/a).

Subs: Coburn (7), Clarke (8).

Chelsea: Petrovic (6), Gusto (6), Disasi (5), Thiago Silva (6), Colwill (5), Enzo (5), Caicedo (5), Gallagher (6), Madueke (6), Palmer (5), Sterling (5).

Subs: Mudryk (5), Broja (6), Gilchrist (n/a).

Player of the match: Isaiah Jones.

Middlesbrough manager Michael Carrick, speaking to Sky Sports, said: “The way they stuck together was very special and makes me proud to see that. It was great to see and a great feeling.

“I thought we managed the spaces well, they had some opportunities and we had to ride our luck a bit at times. We had to show a bit of everything and I’m buzzing.

“I know what it means to everyone, it was fantastic for me to see so many people so happy and it’s pretty special. We know the task ahead of us. We will enjoy tonight and we have another massive game on Saturday.

“We will be ready for the next game [the second leg] and attack the game and see what happens. Football is about dreaming and things happen like tonight which probably shouldn’t happen. We go there with our eyes wide open and know what to expect, but it won’t stop us trying.”

On injuries: “It is not ideal and you cannot plan for that.

“Emmanuel Latte Lath had a decent chance as he got injured and it is one of those.

“It was like for like substitutions in many ways, Josh Coburn and Matt Clarke settled into the game.

“They did not lose rhythm and the way they [players] stuck together as a squad was special and made me so proud to see them scrambling. Bodies were everywhere at the end – it was a great feeling and I am really proud.”

This is what Twitter users had to say after Thiago Silva confronts angry Chelsea fans but Pochettino blames Middlesbrough supporters…

@eatsleepchelsea: Fair play to him for going over need way more characters to go over and face the music. Saw Palmer walked straight off really hope others didn’t follow him.

@jamiecleverly: I might be very wrong but I feel Poch is bullshiting here. 👀

@AndrewTurmer: Oh no. Poch is now in delusional mode. The players aren’t listening to his messaging and he’s now ignoring fans telling him that losing to Boro’s B Team isn’t really good enough for Chelsea. This will end well.

@Haroldiinho_: They were booing you and the players due to yet another horrendous performance in a game we should run through on paper. You big fuckwit.

@Gemma_Manns: I’ll clear up your confusion Poch… Our fans were reacting to Middlesbrough SHIT SHOW, they were FUMING with us. Thiago & some players were trying to calm our fans because I think it was a problem between the CRAP FOOTBALL & LACK OF PLAN. I hope that helps 😖👍🏼

@Rbillionss: ☠️☠️ he’s clueless. He don’t even know what the fans were angry about

@JRobo17: We were booing the players 👍

@ChelseaHQ_: I was at the game, this isn’t true. The boo’s and the reaction was firmly at the Chelsea players.

@chelsreport_: Video evidence that this isn’t true.

@MattDebonoAC: I’m quite unsure why there is a need to tell lies here. This simply isn’t true.

@Tomoneill84: Worst fans on the planet that lot. Small London club bought by a Billionaire and now claim to be massive. Empty seats in the away end and didn’t make a noise. Maybe get behind your team? Nah, you’re entitled now and expect to win everything. Always nice to be humbled.

@mikeenglishcfc: Silva should get away from this club as soon as possible. He’s too good to be dragged into this shit. The bloke also can’t speak English so I wonder how this conversation went 😂

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