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@TheKitFactor stuns fans with three concept kits each created for all 92 clubs

Twitter user @TheKitFactor stuns fans on social media with three concept kits each created for all 92 clubs in the Premier League and EFL.

Over the past few years, the freelance bespoke football kit designer has been receiving many requests from supporters to do their team’s concept shirts.

Concept football kit designing is growing in popularity, so we take a look at some of the most talked about ones on the web, today we look at ones made for 2021/22 Premier League and EFL clubs.

More and more of these graphic designers are launching social media accounts in their spare time and accept requests by supporters of various clubs.

Many of them look so good that fans can only dream that their club would bring it to life.

@thekitfactor said to their followers back in April 2022: “Over the last 5 months, I have created concept kits for all 92 England and Welsh league clubs.

“Please retweet and like. It’s been a labour of love and I can’t begin to imagine the hours involved in creating 276 designs in total.

“Here they all are. Let me know your favourites!”

The Kit Factor specialises in bespoke football kit design. They have worked with a number of professional, amateur and international teams as well as various leading sports manufacturers. They also create and update club crests and design football merchandise, graphics and clothing.

So without further-ado let’s check out plenty of unique, stunning and retro designs. Fair to say club could take note of these and turn them into something official…


As mentioned, the @TheKitFactor stuns stuns fans with three concept kits each created for all 92 clubs, see what everyone said on them below…

My favourites are:
• #THFC (third) 💛
• #NUFC (third)
• #SaintsFC (home)
• #WAFC (third)

My favourites are
Watford third
West Ham third
Coventry away
Middlesbrough away
Preston home
Oxford away
Bradford away
Oldham third

Home = Wycombe
Away = Newcastle
3rd = Crewe/Cambridge/Newcastle/Man U
Very well done Mr. @thekitfactor – fantastic work everyone of them, front and back too!!! 🤩 👕

@BaileyVernon02: That Plymouth home one is nice

@statto99: The yellow third would sell out in five minutes. #lufc

@imranp78: I would DEFINITELY buy all 3 👍👌 #htafc

@ForeverAYellow: genuinely amazed by the work you do, so many amazing kits designed that i would just list way too many haha well done 

Paul Fletcher: The only one I’d say is rather disappointing is the Sunderland one, the other 91 are class!

Ryan Wilson: This is literally one of the best things I’ve seen on Twitter, the commitment, effort and passion put into what you do is deservedly applauded by so many, keep up the good work

Tim Riley: By far the best concept kit creator on social media, never seen anyone as committed as you. Pretty much every season you do all prem and efl clubs

Ollie Atkinson: I really like you consider most clubs’ more popular classic retro kits

Eddie Sutherland: Got so many of these these spot on!

Will Foster: Don’t understand how you’re not being approaching by more clubs to make kits for them, some absolute belters in there

Aaron Darcy: Should be absolutely proud of what you’ve produced here

Tim Harper: Absolutely smashed it for my team Plymouth

Stacey Fletcher: These are absolute beauties! Credit to you for this

Wayne Foley: Now this is just incredible, I want these made official now!

Simon Wainwright: hey @OUFCOfficial, erm, any chance this can be next season’s kit please?!

Omar Reilly: I cant believe how many different styles, colours, retro looks have been taken into account here, what a job you’ve done here

@footballkitbox: Seriously epic project Well done @thekitfactor 👏

@button123456: If the Red and Black stripes are our away kit I will definitely buy that and the last time I bought a shirt was 2007 when I moved to Scotland… #itfc

@80tribalcolours: Some brilliant designs… better than the real shirts pretty often

@Itfcross90: They’re excellent! Especially the away! #itfc

@hughjanus696966: The away is 🔥, if that isn’t made into an actual kit I’m giving up #itfc

@RhysSAFC1973: You should be making the kits for sunderland!!

@MangaKimundo10: This reminded me of the @Everton home shirt 86-87 (champions) through 88-89 season 💙 great job!

@TGITGP: Strong Hibs away from that FGR away shirt – absolutely love it!

@GorseGeek35: That orange kit 😍😍 #itfc

@stfcjosh: Them swindon kits are beautiful

@JRBulman: These are really really smart #cufc.

@Nathancufc : Much better than this years selection good job 👍🙌

@SeanWynLewis1: Those Swindon Kits 🔥🔥

@AndyPBurton: Love the home… not sure about away & 3rd….. #cpfc

@cddbass: Love the blue away kit 👍 #safc

@JC95SAFC: @SunderlandAFC we need kits like the blue and gold. Take notes! 🙏 #SAFC

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