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The Champions League Last 16 and Europa League Last 32 draw live in full

Time to check out the much anticipated Champions League Last 16 and Europa League Last 32 draw now that the group stage is done with.

The UCL draw takes place on Monday, 14 December at 11:00 GMT and will be held at Uefa‘s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The 16 teams will be put into two pots – one for the seeded teams, who are the eight group winners, and one for the unseeded teams, who are the eight runners up.

Teams from the same national association cannot be drawn against each other meaning that Real Madrid cannot meet Barcelona or city rivals Atletico until the quarter-finals.

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Premier League sides Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City are all seeded after winning their groups so that means they will avoid tough ties against Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, Serie A winners Juventus and French giants Paris St-Germain.

Seeded: Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris St-Germain, Real Madrid.

Unseeded: The first legs will take place on 16, 17, 23 and 24 February, with the second legs on 9, 10, 16, 17 March.

Seeded teams will play away for the first leg before being at home for the return matches. Atalanta, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Borussia Monchengladbach, Lazio, Porto, RB Leipzig, Sevilla.

The first legs will take place on 16, 17, 23 and 24 February, with the second legs on 9, 10, 16, 17 March.

Seeded teams will play away for the first leg before being at home for the return matches.

The Europa League last-32 draw takes place at 12:00 on MOnday in Nyon. The two legs will take place on 18 and 25 February.

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All five British teams are seeded. Arsenal, Leicester, Rangers and Tottenham all won their groups, while Manchester United earned more points than any other side to finish third in a Champions League group.

That means they will all avoid tough ties like AC Milan, Ajax, Napoli and Roma.

Unseeded teams the British sides could face*: Benfica, Braga, Dynamo Kyiv, Granada, Krasnodar, Lille, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Molde, Olympiakos, Real Sociedad, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Star Belgrade, Royal Antwerp, Slavia Prague, Wolfsberger and Young Boys.

*Arsenal cannot face Molde, Rangers cannot play Benfica, Leicester cannot draw Braga, Spurs cannot be drawn against Antwerp.

The Champions League Last 16 and Europa League Last 32 draw can be seen live in full below…

Atalanta v Real Madrid
Atletico Madrid v Chelsea
Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain
Borussia Monchengladbach v Manchester City
Lazio v Bayern Munich
Porto v Juventus
RB Leipzig v Liverpool
Sevilla v Borussia Dortmund

Benfica v Arsenal
Braga v Roma
Crvenza Zvezda v Milan
Dynamo Kiev v Club Brugge
Granada v Napoli
Krasnodar v Dinamo Zagreb
Lille v Ajax
Maccabi Tel-Aviv v Shakhtar Donestk
Molde v Hoffenheim
Olympiakos v PSV Eindhoven
RB Salzburg v Villarreal
Real Sociedad v Manchester United
Royal Antwerp v Rangers
Slavia Prague v Leicester City
Wolfsberger v Tottenham
Young Boys v Bayer Leverkusen



Group stage
Matchday 6
Wednesday 9 December
Group A: Bayern 2-0 Lokomotiv Moskva, Salzburg 0-2 Atlético de Madrid
Group B: Real Madrid 2-0 Mönchengladbach, Internazionale 0-0 Shakhtar Donetsk
Group C: Manchester City 3-0 Marseille, Olympiacos 0-2 Porto
Group D: Ajax 0-1 Atalanta, Midtjylland 1-1 Liverpool
Group H: Paris 5-1 İstanbul Başakşehir

Tuesday 8 December
Group E: Chelsea 1-1 Krasnodar, Rennes 1-3 Sevilla
Group F: Zenit 1-2 Dortmund, Lazio 1-1 Club Brugge
Group G: Barcelona 0-3 Juventus, Dynamo Kyiv 1-0 Ferencváros
Group H: Leipzig 3-2 Manchester United

Matchday 5
Wednesday 2 December
Group E: Krasnodar 1-0 Rennes, Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea
Group F: Dortmund 1-1 Lazio, Club Brugge 3-0 Zenit
Group G: Juventus 3-0 Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencváros 0-3 Barcelona
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir 3-4 Leipzig, Manchester United 1-3 Paris

Tuesday 1 December
Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-3 Salzburg, Atlético de Madrid 1-1 Bayern
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 Real Madrid, Mönchengladbach 2-3 Internazionale
Group C: Marseille 2-1 Olympiacos, Porto 0-0 Manchester City
Group D: Liverpool 1-0 Ajax, Atalanta 1-1 Midtjylland

Matchday 4
Wednesday 25 November
Group A: Atlético de Madrid 0-0 Lokomotiv Moskva, Bayern 3-1 Salzburg
Group B: Mönchengladbach 4-0 Shakhtar Donetsk, Internazionale 0-2 Real Madrid
Group C: Olympiacos 0-1 Manchester City, Marseille 0-2 Porto
Group D: Liverpool 0-2 Atalanta, Ajax 3-1 Midtjylland

Tuesday 24 November
Group E: Krasnodar 1-2 Sevilla, Rennes 1-2 Chelsea
Group F: Lazio 3-1 Zenit, Dortmund 3-0 Club Brugge
Group G: Dynamo Kyiv 0-4 Barcelona, Juventus 2-1 Ferencváros
Group H: Manchester United 4-1 İstanbul Başakşehir, Paris 1-0 Leipzig

Matchday 3
Wednesday 4 November
Group E: Sevilla 3-2 Krasnodar, Chelsea 3-0 Rennes
Group F: Zenit 1-1 Lazio, Club Brugge 0-3 Dortmund
Group G: Barcelona 2-1 Dynamo Kyiv, Ferencváros 1-4 Juventus
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir 2-1 Manchester United, Leipzig 2-1 Paris
Tuesday 3 November

Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-1 Atlético de Madrid, Salzburg 2-6 Bayern
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk 0-6 Mönchengladbach, Real Madrid 3-2 Internazionale
Group C: Manchester City 3-0 Olympiacos, Porto 3-0 Marseille
Group D: Midtjylland 1-2 Ajax, Atalanta 0-5 Liverpool

Matchday 2
Wednesday 28 October
Group E: Krasnodar 0-4 Chelsea, Sevilla 1-0 Rennes
Group F: Dortmund 2-0 Zenit, Club Brugge 1-1 Lazio
Group G: Juventus 0-2 Barcelona, Ferencváros 2-2 Dynamo Kyiv
Group H: İstanbul Başakşehir 0-2 Paris, Manchester United 5-0 Leipzig

Tuesday 27 October
Group A: Lokomotiv Moskva 1-2 Bayern, Atlético de Madrid 3-2 Salzburg
Group B: Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 Internazionale, Mönchengladbach 2-2 Real Madrid
Group C: Porto 2-0 Olympiacos, Marseille 0-3 Manchester City
Group D: Liverpool 2-0 Midtjylland, Atalanta 2-2 Ajax

Matchday 1
Wednesday 21 October
Group A: Salzburg 2-2 Lokomotiv Moskva, Bayern 4-0 Atlético de Madrid
Group B: Real Madrid 2-3 Shakhtar Donetsk, Internazionale 2-2 Mönchengladbach
Group C: Manchester City 3-1 Porto, Olympiacos 1-0 Marseille
Group D: Ajax 0-1 Liverpool, Midtjylland 0-4 Atalanta

Tuesday 20 October
Group E: Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla, Rennes 1-1 Krasnodar
Group F: Zenit 1-2 Club Brugge, Lazio 3-1 Dortmund
Group G: Dynamo Kyiv 0-2 Juventus, Barcelona 5-1 Ferencváros
Group H: Paris 1-2 Manchester United, Leipzig 2-0 İstanbul Başakşehir


Matchday 1
Thursday 22 October
Group A: Young Boys 1-2 Roma, CSKA Sofia 0-2 CFR Cluj
Group B: Dundalk 1-2 Molde, Rapid Wien 1-2 Arsenal
Group C: Leverkusen 6-2 Nice, Hapoel Beer-Sheva 3-1 Slavia Praha
Group D: Standard Liège 0-2 Rangers, Lech Poznań 2-4 Benfica
Group E: PSV Eindhoven 1-2 Granada, PAOK 1-1 Omonoia
Group F: Napoli 0-1 AZ Alkmaar, Rjieka 0-1 Real Sociedad
Group G: Braga 3-0 AEK Athens, Leicester 3-0 Zorya Luhansk
Group H: Celtic 1-3 AC Milan, Sparta Praha 1-4 LOSC Lille
Group I: Villarreal 5-3 Sivasspor, Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-0 Qarabağ
Group J: Tottenham 3-0 LASK, Ludogorets 1-2 Royal Antwerp
Group K: Dinamo Zagreb 0-0 Feyenoord, Wolfsberg 1-1 CSKA Moskva
Group L: Hoffenheim 2-0 Crvena zvezda, Slovan Liberec 1-0 Gent

Matchday 2
Thursday 29 October
Group A: Roma 0-0 CSKA Sofia, CFR Cluj 1-1 Young Boys
Group B: Arsenal 3-0 Dundalk, Molde 1-0 Rapid Wien
Group C: Slavia Praha 1-0 Leverkusen, Nice 1-0 Hapoel Beer-Sheva
Group D: Benfica 3-0 Standard Liège, Rangers 1-0 Lech Poznań
Group E: Omonoia 1-2 PSV Eindhoven, Granada 0-0 PAOK
Group F: Real Sociedad 0-1 Napoli, AZ Alkmaar 4-1 Rijeka
Group G: AEK Athens 1-2 Leicester, Zorya Luhansk 1-2 Braga
Group H: AC Milan 3-0 Sparta Praha, LOSC Lille 2-2 Celtic
Group I: Qarabağ 1-3 Villarreal, Sivasspor 1-2 Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Group J: LASK 4-3 Ludogorets, Royal Antwerp 1-0 Tottenham
Group K: CSKA Moskva 0-0 Dinamo Zagreb, Feyenoord 1-4 Wolfsberg
Group L: Gent 1-4 Hoffenheim, Crvena zvezda 5-1 Slovan Liberec

Matchday 3
Thursday 5 November
Group A: Roma 5-0 CFR Cluj, Young Boys 3-0 CSKA Sofia
Group B: Rapid Wien 4-3 Dundalk, Arsenal 4-1 Molde
Group C: Slavia Praha 3-2 Nice, Hapoel Beer-Sheva 2-4 Leverkusen
Group D: Benfica 3-3 Rangers, Lech Poznań 3-1 Standard Liège
Group E: PAOK 4-1 PSV Eindhoven, Omonoia 0-2 Granada
Group F: Real Sociedad 1-0 AZ Alkmaar, Rijeka 1-2 Napoli
Group G: Leicester 4-0 Braga, Zorya Luhansk 1-4 AEK Athens
Group H: Celtic 1-4 Sparta Praha, AC Milan 0-3 LOSC Lille
Group I: Sivasspor 2-0 Qarabağ, Villarreal 4-0 Maccabi Tel-Aviv
Group J: Ludogorets 1-3 Tottenham, Royal Antwerp 0-1 LASK
Group K: Dinamo Zagreb 1-0 Wolfsberg, Feyenoord 3-1 CSKA Moskva
Group L: Crvena zvezda 2-1 Gent, Hoffenheim 5-0 Slovan Liberec

Matchday 4
Thursday 26 November
Group A: CSKA Sofia 0-1 Young Boys, CRF Cluj 0-2 Roma
Group B: Molde 0-3 Arsenal, Dundalk 1-3 Rapid Wien
Group C: Leverkusen 4-1 Hapoel Beer-Sheva, Nice 1-3 Slavia Praha
Group D: Standard Liège 2 -1 Lech Poznań, Rangers 2-2 Benfica
Group E: PSV Eindhoven 3-2 PAOK, Granada 2-1 Omonoia
Group F: Napoli 2-0 Rijeka, AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Real Sociedad
Group G: Braga 3-3 Leicester, AEK Athens 0-3 Zorya Luhansk
Group H: Sparta Praha 4-1 Celtic, LOSC Lille 1-1 AC Milan
Group I: Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-1 Villarreal, Qarabağ 2-3 Sivasspor
Group J: LASK 0-2 Royal Antwerp, Tottenham 4-0 Ludogorets
Group K: CSKA Moskva 0-0 Feyenoord, Wolfsberg 0-3 Dinamo Zagreb
Group L: Gent 0-2 Crvena zvezda, Slovan Liberec 0-2 Hoffenheim

Matchday 5
Thursday 3 December
Group A: Roma 3-1 Young Boys, CFR Cluj 0-0 CSKA Sofia
Group B: Arsenal 4-1 Rapid Wien, Molde 3-1 Dundalk
Group C: Slavia Praha 3-0 Hapoel Beer-Sheva, Nice 2-3 Leverkusen
Group D: Benfica 4-0 Lech Poznań, Rangers 3-2 Standard Liège
Group E: Granada 0-1 PSV Eindhoven, Omonoia 2-1 PAOK
Group F: AZ Alkmaar 1-1 Napoli, Real Sociedad 2-2 Rijeka
Group G: AEK Athens 2-4 Braga, Zorya Luhansk 1-0 Leicester
Group H: AC Milan 4-2 Celtic, LOSC Lille 2-1 Sparta Praha
Group I: Qarabağ 1-1 Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Sivasspor 0-1 Villarreal
Group J: LASK 3-3 Tottenham, Royal Antwerp 3-1 Ludogorets
Group K: CSKA Moskva 0-1 Wolfsberg, Feyenoord 0-2 Dinamo Zagreb
Group L: Gent 1-2 Slovan Liberec, Crvena zvezda 0-0 Hoffenheim

Matchday 6
Thursday 10 December
Group A: Young Boys 2-1 CFR Cluj, CSKA Sofia 3-1 Roma
Group B: Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal, Rapid Wien 2-2 Molde
Group C: Leverkusen 4-0 Slavia Praha, Hapoel Beer-Sheva 1-0 Nice
Group D: Standard Liège 2-2 Benfica, Lech Poznań 0-2 Rangers
Group E: PSV Eindhoven 4-0 Omonoia, PAOK 0-0 Granada
Group F: Napoli 1-1 Real Sociedad, Rijeka 2-1 AZ Alkmaar
Group G: Braga 2-0 Zorya Luhansk, Leicester 2-0 AEK Athens
Group H: Celtic 3-2 LOSC Lille, Sparta Praha 0-1 AC Milan
Group I: Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-0 Sivasspor
Group J: Tottenham 2-0 Royal Antwerp, Ludogorets 1-3 LASK
Group K: Dinamo Zagreb 3-1 CSKA Moskva, Wolfsberg 1-0 Feyenoord
Group L: Hoffenheim 4-1 Gent, Slovan Liberec 0-0 Crvena zvezda

Fans reacted as the Champions League Last 16 and Europa League Last 32 draw was made live in full…

@Quadwo_Yeboah: Arsenal are out

@Bau_CFC: Loooool Arsenal can’t even statpad in the Europa league anymore they’re getting destroyed by Benfica

@tovers98: Pizzi and Rafa will obliterate Arsenal

@HD17x: United potentially in trouble and maybe arsenal. Sociedad and benfica will make it hard


@05AgusRM: Easy win for Real Sociedad, Manchester United is a dead club

@pb70mcr: 4 Spanish teams in the champions league and we draw the league leaders in the dog and duck cup, bring it on

@benficaeazeite: In terms of football, right now Benfica is the superior team by quite a bit, but this is Benfica, so I’ll wait until the end before talking shit.

@kingpin4_20: Can we forfeit please? Give Sociedad the win they deserve

@officialLyghter: Real sociedad will disrespect and disgrace @ManUtd
even in the first leg

@CallmeDimpl3: Is there any other competition after the Europa league both Arsenal and Man Utd can drop into?

@callmewonu: Arsenal should not bother going for the match

@VonRoginald: Well arsenal and United are out

@CertifiedFreakJ: Any team here would beat arsenal

@lxcasama: arsenal are gonna lose against benfica

Jason Lee: Some tasty ties made during the Champions League Last 16 and Europa League Last 32 draw

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