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“That says it all” – Sheffield Wednesday legend in disbelief after Chansiri comments

“That says it all” is what Sheffield Wednesday legend Carlton Palmer said as he was in disbelief after Dejphon Chansiri made some comments.

In an exclusive interview with Football FanCast, the former Owls midfielder has criticised the club’s owner for his decision not to hire a director of football.

Chansiri recently reiterated to the fan engagement panel that he has no intention of appointing a director of football, adamant that the manager should have the final say on recruitment.

Yet we’ve seen quite the managerial merry-go-round at Hillsborough this season, so these comments may wonder if there is any point in giving a manager total control over transfers when he could be shown the door the next month.

Wycombe, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham and Derby, are separated by only three points going into the final round of games – in which Derby and Wednesday play each other at Pride Park.

Wycombe would need an enormous swing in goal difference to stay up.

Sheffield Wednesday legend in disbelief after Chansiri comments

On the topic, Palmer told FootballFanCast: “He keeps reiterating he doesn’t want to get a director of football. He’s put a shedload of money in the football club and he’s on the brink of being relegated to League One when he should have been in the Premier League. And he’s saying he doesn’t want a director of football at the football club? That says it all.

“As far as I’m concerned, whoever is advising him… I’m not knocking the chairman. I get grief for not supporting the chairman and whatever, but I’m just a realist and call it as it is.

“He has put a lot of money into the football club, that there can be no arguments about. But he’s been badly advised, hence why Sheffield Wednesday are in the position they’re in this season.”

As things stand, Wednesday are set to lose a 14 of their players this summer due to expiring contracts, though some have an year extension option.

Ciaran Brennan, 20, defender (club have one-year option)
Kadeem Harris, 27, winger
Alex Hunt, 20, midfielder (club have one-year option)
Elias Kachunga, 29, forward
Tom Lees, 30, centre-back
Moses Odubajo, 27, full-back
Joey Pelupessy, 27, midfielder
Matt Penney, 23, defender
Adam Reach, 28, midfielder
Jordan Rhodes, 31, striker
Osaze Urhoghide, 20, centre-back
Joost van Aken, 26, centre-back
Liam Waldock, 20, midfielder (club have one-year option)
Keiren Westwood, 36, goalkeeper

You can see the full list of Premier League and Championship free agents for this summer by clicking HERE.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Darren Moore is yet to set a timescale for his return to the Sheffield Wednesday dugout as he battles with Covid, but says: ‘I am gutted, really gutted, because I want to be there. I want to be there at the heart of it, but I have to rest.’

“I keep fit, I am active, but this got hold of me very quickly and that was the alarming thing.

“I went downhill rapidly but over the past few days, I do feel my body is getting back to where it should be as an individual. That’s a big positive because my body has not been my own.

“By resting I am building my strength and energy levels which will allow my body to strengthen.

“I am champing at the bit to get back but I have to listen to the medical advice.

“I would like to say a big, big thank you for the unbelievable support I have received. I have been overwhelmed and touched by the love.”

As Sheffield Wednesday legend Carlton Palmer is left in disbelief with the Chansiri comments, the club’s Supporters’ Trust seek a response from the owner over yet another unpaid wages issue.

A report in the Telegraph suggested that players have not been given their latest pay packets and that some are still awaiting payment from March.

If true, it is not the first time the Owls have failed to pay their players in full or on time after squad was not paid during June last year when the 2019/20 season was resuming following the three-month Covid-enforced hiatus.

It then emerged in November too that players had only received a percentage of their salaries and the PFA were called in to mediate the situation. Players received a maximum of £7,000-a-month of their wages, with the rest promised later.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A statement released on the Trust’s website read: “The Trust is very concerned about media reports today in the Daily Telegraph regarding SWFC players not receiving their wages for March and April immediately before the crucial game against Forest on 1st May.

“Whilst this story has not yet been confirmed it comes on the back of previous instances of players not being paid, or only being part paid, first reported as occurring by the Sheffield Star in November 2019 before the current health pandemic led to lockdown.

“That the journalist involved is usually very well informed, leads to significant concern that this latest reported incident of non-payment of wages may be real.

“In the context of the club’s position in the league, and the importance of the week ahead, the last thing that is needed is more negative stories and team morale being undermined.

“If the story is not true we call on the club to immediately deny it. If it is true, we expect the club to immediately explain to supporters what has actually happened and what is being done to put the problem right before next weekend.

“The club should confirm if wages will be paid in full, or in part, before the game against Derby County. They should also explain why the club has not paid wages correctly at such a critical phase of the season.

“Silence and a refusal to comment is not acceptable – Sheffield Wednesday fans deserve to hear directly from the club on what is actually happening at our club.”


@50johnf: Ask him also where my 2019/20 season ticket refund is, oh and what about this seasons refund?

@jabjcb: Excellent statement from @SWFCTrust we need answers and we need him gone.

@Jonathan_1867: Question’s I have for Mr Chansiri are. Why is it time and time again that a story comes out that the players have’nt been paid? Does he have a problem with finances? And how does this effect the clubs future? #swfc

@WednesdayRetro: CHANSIRI OUT #swfc

@NottinghamGupta: Not the best way to prepare for a massive final game

@fonforest: I’m starting a go fund me to pay them double if they win next Saturday

@Bellamyswfc: Biggest game in years and he fucking does this! #ChansiriOut

@SheffieldGrad: Sheffield Wednesday are capable of fighting & winning, but because we are not in control we are all sweating on Rotherhams results this week and next weekend. #swfc have been badly run by our own club Chansiri, & badly treated by the EFL

@ShaneLevitt11: We are a car crash of a club #swfc

@wannao7: Praying we go down tbh. If we stay up, that wanker in charge will only buy himself another 6 months. He’s rotten and it’s spread through the club. Need to follow man utds lead on this and make a stand. #swfc

@udrivebarnsley: HMS Skint as Fuck

@SteelCityLewis1: I’m so ashamed of this football club, the sooner Chansiri leaves the better. Relegate us now #swfc

@mmitchell1980: This idiot who is in charge at Hillsborough has got to go!! He’s making our club a laughing stock!! Multi millionaire and can’t pay clubs wages and not for the first time!!!

@Laminypie: I know for a fact if I didn’t get paid from work I’d be pissed off….

@ClaireKingswood: The only people that suffer in all of this are the fans. These players will move on and more than likely continue to earn in a week what most of us get in a year. While the working class fan still waits for their season ticket refund and pays over the odds in League One.

@TomBrig30279192: Not the first time and probably not the last time this will happen under chansiri. And I thought he was supposed to be a successful businessman…

@spadger09: How about fans have yet to be reimbursed for last years season tickets and not a word about this years…..not a word in any media platforms about this injustice, apart from on social media by disgruntled working class fans!

@LifeIsPeachy82: Chansiri is absolute scum. Get out of our club now!

@desertowl_13: I feel bad for the players. Yes, they’re rich, but still…. Anyone who has a job deserves to get paid in a timely fashion. The fact that they’re not is just wrong.

@RobertEBonser: Shocking Chansiri, absolutely shocking…but.. why are we surprised.., what an absolute mess!

@webbie13: @swfc get out of this club, you don’t deserve it! Chansiri you are an embarrassment to the badge

@JaseRBennett: #chansiriout This all falls on the CROOK of a chairman we have.

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