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Ten Hag’s face says it all during awkward ‘drunk’ singing at Munich Air Disaster tribute

Erik Ten Hag’s face says it all during awkward ‘drunk’ singing at Manchester United’s Munich Air Disaster tribute this week.

In 1958, 23 people, including eight Manchester United footballers, died in the Munich Air Disaster.

On Monday the 6th of February, Old Trafford hosted a moving tribute to the 23 victims with 2,000 people paying their respects in front of the Munich plaque, which is located at the East corner.

Thousands of others watched via streams, with Munich58, a fan-led organization that has been hosting remembrance events since 2001 to keep the memory of the Busy Babes, and all those who lost their lives, alive forever, hosting the tribute.

Supporters added their own bouquets of red and white petals to the collection, flowers, flags and scarves were displayed on the wall.

Erik ten Hag attended his first remembrance event since taking over as club manager. 

 After Pete Martin sang “The Pride of Football”, Kady Cavanagh and Steve Douglas, Adrian Keenan took the mic to read a selection of poems they had written.

Wreath were laid, powerful and emotional renditions of “The Flowers of Manchester” was sung.

The proceedings ended with Kady Cavannagh leading the crowd in a passionate chant of “We’ll Never Die”, however, it hasn’t gone down well on social media…

This is what fans said, some claiming Ten Hag’s face says it all during the awkward ‘drunk’ singing at the Munich Air Disaster tribute…

@LFuller57: Jesus christ, at least show some respect and get a proper performer to sing on this special occasion, embarrassing. Even ETH trying his hardest not to piss himself 🤣🤦‍♂️

@lufc_dan: Imagine trying to rest in peace for 65 years only for your spirit to be disturbed in such a brutally violent fashion

@frostyjr88: Ermmmm what have I just watched!! I thought I was watching a skit. Just dreadful to kill a great Newcastle song like that. Oh my actual god 🤣

@StuartChadwick6: Oh my, I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds 😬😬😬

@Lukef1878_: Can’t stop creasing

@TomWalkerMUFC: Is there a backstory to this?! Who is he and why is he murdering a memorial? Is Frank Gallagher singing next year?

@BananamanBrady: Why would we mark such an occasion to let someone up on the podium to yell, badly?

@olly94649571: Ten hag defo biting the inside of his cheek 😭😭

@ThomasClay3: Who let this happen..

@the_haffman11: Sorry, but this is embarrassing

@laurrrreeennnn: The word performs is doing some heavy lifting here. Just no need is there. Ten Hags wondering if he’s been pranked ffs

@_dmc_dmc: I see the word “performs” is being used very loosely here

@CurtHicks5: Nah this has to be a piss take? Serious last pub of a all dayer karaoke vibes🤣

@foreverayellow: it’s as if they pulled some random guy out of the pub to sing at a tribute event, so very odd. you ain’t gunna let this guy sing the national anthem before cup finals are ya?!

@AllEnglandFlags: For such a tragic event that is horrific.

@mpecky61: This is a piss take surely!! It’s an absolute embarrassment of the highest order, but what would you expect

@__JS98: I applaud anyone who managed to keep a straight face there.

@SamuelAdams89: Respect to the Busby Babes and this isn’t a dig at United at all but what the absolute fuck is this?

@mattylufc_: That is absolutely sensational, even their gaffer is pissing himself

@goatersmotors: What a bizarre decision to make this the tribute to such a tragic event.

@mufczak_: Erik can’t even hide it 😂

@DannyBoss69: This can’t be real 😂

@Mallysis: Well… if he wasn’t famous before, he is now! But not necessarily for the right reasons 😬 #lufc

@growupdan: Wish they’d recorded for another 15 seconds so we could all witness the complete silence after he finished

@Oduro12Oduro: The look Erik’s face😂😂

@wallymac0309: Seriously, it’s embarrassing, it is a Geordie song, just saying

@NUFCgallowgate: Why is he signing a Newcastle song?

@nickhobson86: Imagine looking in the mirror in the morning and thinking dressing like that was appropriate for the setting.

@andrewjr1989: Thought I was gonna click on this to hear the voice of an angel

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